Web Based Meeting

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A web based meeting takes place almost every business day in company conference rooms all over the world. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on travel expenses, businesses are finding that the investment in equipment to have company to client conferences through the Internet are not only costs saving, but also time saving. Many services from web based companies allow the user to just log in and begin a conference without any prior arrangements being made. In tough economic times, the ability to meet a client online for a conference or be able to collaborate with team members who may be spread across the country can save a company many thousands of dollars, perhaps enough for a small business to remain open for another year. And with a web conference being possible, corporate training companies can offer lower cost classes and more employees can take advantage of their services.

A conference on the Internet is possible through each participant having his or her own computer and then being connected to others that can be located anywhere on the Internet. Without a web-based application, each of the participants would have to download information and then listen by phone to a one-way presentation. There would be no opportunity for interaction among the participants. With a web based meeting, the participants can converse with one another and are able to all view the same screens together with the advantage of the presenter being able to point out specific issues on each slide. Some companies offer VoIP technology which stand for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is actual phone service over the Internet which would make the presentation truly an entirely web based meeting.

Companies that offer the ability to have online meetings by logging on to their website tout their services as being far more productive than people having emails flying back and forth. And with the ability to conference in real time, web based meeting technology certainly can trump the delay that emails can often experience. And in addition to the ability to present presentations such as Power Point to high numbers of participants all over the globe from the snugness of one's own office or cubicle, there are now many software and web based companies that provide white board technology. This technology enables, for example, a number of people being able to work on the same page together, let's say, putting together a mission statement. Cross out one phrase and put in another can be done by anyone from any location who is attending this web based meeting.

Of course, included in the discussion of online meetings has to be the possibility of video conferencing. The drawback to this technology is that both ends of the meeting must have the hardware to broadcast faces. When a person thinks about a meeting where important decisions are being made and the reality of not being able to read one another's faces during the decision making process is presented, even the best audio only meeting capability can leave a person a little cold. It certainly is a step up from just the phone and going over papers together, but the ability to see everyone and their reaction to various issues in the meeting is the most sublime of all considerations. If a company does web based meeting and collaborating every day or every week with team members from across the country or globe, then video conferencing ought to be considered if at all possible. With companies such as Skype offering low cost business video conferencing, it would appear to be a no brainer for many businesses.

If a business was considering sending a person overseas to do a presentation to a client, it might be better served to use the services of video conferencing service provider who can set up video capabilities at both ends of the call. Despite the large cost, the web based meeting with video may be less than sending that person across the country or around the world. And for less than forty dollars per employee, a quality video cam can be placed in very cubicle that participates in regular collaboration efforts. Many people take the committing of sin as a ho-hum kind of occurrence that is just a part of everyday life. But the psalmist didn't think so. Listen to these words, which need to be our words: "Have mercy upon me O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity and cleanse me from my sin." (Psalm 51: 1, 2)

While using an outside service provider for web based meeting capability certainly in an option, so is the option of using software that all participants can download. The latest software available on the market allows Power Point sharing, desktop sharing, document collaboration, remote control and multiparty audio and video conferencing. Often this software is not sold but leased to companies on a per month or per year basis. The prices will depend on how many users are expected at each end of the meeting. It would be important that there be excellent live tech support available for any failures that might occur, especially during a critical meeting. The future of the Internet based meeting is very exciting to consider. One can only imagine that in the next twenty years, holographic images of company personnel from around the world will be available as collaborative teams get together daily for creative purposes.

Websites To Meet People

Websites to meet people are as numerous on the World Wide Web as rainy days in Hawaii. The Internet has become the 21st century window shopping Mecca for finding friends, dating prospects, marriage partners and even business partners. The various types of websites to meet people bring together millions of people from around the world and no longer are oceans and country borders an issue or an obstacle. These various sites can be religious in nature, income specific, geographic, interest specific, gender, race and music specific or have other discriminatory components. The Internet is not a highly regulated arena, so discrimination is not banned, and may even be welcomed by many websites. But whatever one's tastes and desires are, somewhere on the five billion pages of the Web is a website that will help an individual find the person desired.

When a person thinks about websites to meet people, the first type of site that immediately comes to mind is the dating website. There are hundreds of various sites dedicated to helping a person find the right individual for a date or a long term relationship. There are free websites for dating, but there are drawbacks to these sites, because there is no investment in the process. Because there is no cost, often persons get on these sites on a whim, without a serious intent in mind. There are dating sites that have a cost, and often these sites may have specific income levels that must be met before a person can become a member. All websites have various ways to screen for potential dates, such as age and geographic location.

Matchmaking sites are also Internet places to meet individuals. Matchmaking websites to meet people are different from dating sites because these services take on the responsibility to find their clients persons who have similar temperament and interest matches. There are some very exclusive matchmaking websites that are by invitation only and do no advertising and costs tens of thousands of dollars, and some that run on television and cost fifty or sixty dollars a month. These websites use sophisticated testing tools to help match individuals up, and usually there is no opportunity to contact other persons in the service unless there is a potential match. Before ever using one of these websites to meet people for matchmaking, be sure and check out the site's reputation and ask about their success rate in matching that result in permanent relationships.

The biggest sites on the Internet that are places to meet individuals started out as social networking sites for college and high school students. Facebook and MySpace, two gigantic websites that host millions of profiles of individuals from a few years old to folks into their eighties come at social networking from different angles, but both provide outstanding opportunities for meeting other persons. Facebook is a very organized and structured website and MySpace is a frolicking and freewheeling place where more freedom is allowed in how the profile looks. But social networking, a new buzz word in American culture, is putting individuals together as never before. There is no doubt some very improbable matches that have occurred that would never have happened without the advent of websites to meet people.

Businesses in America are also discovering the power of social networking and websites to meet people in order to expand one's business contacts and to make sales are becoming more and more a part of mainstream commerce in the 21st century. These sites may use video conferencing, or may be quite similar to the Facebook and MySpace profiles that stress meeting people for strictly social reasons. When business persons set up these accounts, they typically add as many business associates and contacts that they already have to their profile, allowing for the opportunity for those individuals to also be contacted for business purposes. Many experts predict that in the years ahead, face to face business meetings may become a thing of the past as Internet meetings become more and more routine. It is not a stretch at all to imagine that video meetings in which introductions and business chit-chat that often are a part of local civic clubs will become routine in the years ahead. When a person truly meets God personally, not through video conferencing but through simple faith, there is always a moment of complete recognition and surrender. Take the folks who watched Jesus die over a period of hours: "Now when the centurion and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly saying, 'Truly this was the Son of God.'" (Matthew 27:54)

The sobering news about the technology that is meant to bring individuals together may be that it will also continue or enable many lonely persons to continue to be lonely. Websites to meet people also allow individuals to remain in their homes if they so choose, and allow folks to remain isolated, even if others want to meet them. Books have been written on the death of the American community in which great lament is made over the loss of the front porch and the evening walks where the neighborhood really did meet one another. If the future means that evening walks and front porches have been replaced by mouse clicks and websites, we all may be facing a very cold and austere prospect. Maybe 3-D holograms will be heralded as the answer to the cold.

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