What Is Craigslist

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The answer to the question what is Craigslist can be both simple and vast, like the website itself. It all began in 1995 when a man named Craig Newmark created what has become a massive source of classified listings. Anyone who is in search of a new job, an automobile, furniture or any number of other needs can often find their answer on Craigslist. Rather than offering a large collection of ads from around the nation, this website breaks the listings down into communities and geographic locations. For example, if someone who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana may be in the market for a dining room table and chairs, they will not want to pay to have it shipped in from Fairbanks, Alaska. Instead, this consumer might consult Craigslist's classified ads for the Indianapolis area. If a table can be found, it will be in the local area. The same principle applies to job and personal ads. This local touch may be just part of what has made the website so popular. There's no charge for reading ads on Craigslist, and often there's also no charge, or very little charge, for posting an ad as well. When a charge is assessed, it will usually be less than what may be charged in other types of media. There can be problems associated with the site, however. The ability to gain access to personal information makes these kinds of websites very tempting targets for unscrupulous individuals. If a user on the website comes across an ad that could be regarded as inappropriate or fraudulent, they can flag the ad to warn other viewers. If enough flags appear, the posting will generally be deleted. Learning what is Craigslist will also entail looking into the many forums that the site offers.

Exploring what is Craigslist can be relatively easy since the website itself offers a good deal of information on how things work. There are forums available in 450 cities across the world. Any moderating that might be done will be accomplished by the community itself. In addition to information on available jobs and material goods, announcements regarding local activities, and descriptions of locally offered services, and rental opportunities are also available. Even though the advertising rates that are charged are very low, the website is part of a for profit organization. Millions of people come to the website every month. Multiple discussion forums also welcome millions of visitors. Once they are familiar with just what is Craigslist, many users prefer this website to other similar sites because of the low or non existent fees and the ability to key in on a specific local area. With larger online auction sites, offerings come in from all over the country. If a purchase of an item occurs, both seller and buyer must deal with costly shipping issues. Also, personal ads tend to be more successful if they involve individuals who live in the user's general area. Activities that are scheduled within a local area can advertise for little or no money, a factor that can be very helpful to smaller organizations with tiny budgets. Additionally, if someone wishes to offer a specific service in a given community, they can generally advertise this service free of charge on Craigslist.

Another fact of life to consider when learning just what is Craigslist are the basic precautions that should be taken whenever it's necessary to meet with a Craigslist connection face to face. Meeting in a public place can be a good idea. If the individual that has purchased an item from an advertiser on the website and a trip to the seller's home may be necessary, the seller should make sure that they are not at home alone at the time of delivery. If possible, delivery of the item should be done without entering the home itself. The website began in San Francisco, California but quickly expanded to cities across the United States and to many other countries. Not only are ads offered at prices that are significantly less than what might be charged by other media such as newspapers and television, but it also manages to undercut the prices that are charge by other websites with a similar purpose. Craigslist also allows participants to barter and trade rather than limiting transactions to traditional payments only. Another answer to the question what is Craigslist may be that it is a self governed community. This has led to criticism of the site since not all communities manage to monitor content to the degree that might be appropriate.

An exploration of what is Craigslist will usually include an understanding of the kinds of posts that are prohibited on the website. Not surprisingly, any kind of illegal solicitation activity is not permitted. Harassment of any kind as well as engaging in any kind of prank will result in the removal of the posting in question immediately. Dishonest representations can be reported by users for investigation by local law enforcement authorities. The Bible instructs believers to show compassion and courtesy to one another. "Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous." (1 Peter 3:8)

Understanding what is Craigslist will also involve having a grasp on what it's not. It's not, for example, an auction website. Advertisers are required to set a specific price for any items that they place for sale through the site. No bidding on any items will take place on the website. In spite of these difficulties, the site is still very popular with users and provides a needed service.

What Is Bebo

Many people are asking what is bebo, and the very short answer is that bebo is another of the many social networking websites that are becoming the mainstay of Gen Y's everyday life. Whether YouTube, Face book, MySpace or now bebo, these sites have taken the place of almost every other networking tool to which this generation has access. Never before has a generation been so socially active as the GenY age, and bebo works quite nicely into its desire to explore, meet, experience and reach out to others. The answer to what bebo is can be a website that allows its users to post comments about favorite bands, groups, tattoos, videos and other visual subjects. Additionally, the site allows its users to express themselves in a room called white board, where people can draw to their heart's content. Quizzes and polls also abound on this website, giving someone hours and hours of continually changing entertainment. It's no wonder that this generation would gladly give up their television in order to keep their online identity and freedom to explore the Internet.

The point of a social networking website would be to get other visitors to visit you on your own profile. Social networking websites enable a person to build an interesting profile using photos, videos and applications that express who a person can be. The answer to what is bebo can be in part a website that gives a person over sixteen thousand different applications that can be added to a person's profile, expressing that person's unique style. The profile allowed on this particular website can be quite extensive in size, allowing a person to fully express as much as he wants to divulge about himself. Bebo allows a person to use the power of the Internet to become friends with millions of people, at least in theory.

One of the unique characteristics of this website, answering part of the question, what is bebo, would be the ability to keep visitors busy for hours on one's profile with the over sixteen thousand applications that a person can customize according to his own liking. For instance, take a young woman who has a number of different interests, and wants to keep those who visit her profile busy for a while. When the woman first found out the answer to the question to what is bebo, the girl loved the fact that while at her profile visitors could be amused with a number of games, quizzes, links to other profiles, and information that she had chosen herself. In fact, over one hundred different apps (bebo talk) that the woman had personally chosen out of over sixteen thousand choices, expressed who the woman was. Sometimes we look to outside sources to fill up a heart that can often be sort of empty. But Jesus offers an amazing promise: "...I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) Look to Christ for that missing something; He will not disappoint.

Here are some descriptions of some of the woman's applications that were chosen for the girl's website. The young lady chose myWall, a site where visitors could actually paint graffiti on a wall to send her messages. The young woman chose an app called Posse, where the girl could build a collage of all friends from past and present. The girl, a lover of poetry, added an application displaying excerpts from newly created poems for people to rate. The answer to what is bebo can also be found in music applications that can be placed on a profile. These applications enable a person to place all his favorite music in one place, enabling visitors to get a little bit of a window on that person's life. This particular young woman did exactly that, and in her choice of music displayed to her profile visitors something about her as a person.

The amazing and spectacular success of the social networking websites is due to the nature of the Gen Y. This particular generation has put a high value on relationships and often will not put work before their own personal lives. In fact, their personal lives are the most important thing to them, and displaying that life to the world may be their greatest joy. The answer to what is bebo can be found in its overarching intent to make socializing as easy as possible for all Internet users, but especially the generation that grew up on the Internet. What is bebo can also be answered in its many applications meant to give feedback to the owner of the profile. There are many different forms where visitors to a profile can tell the profile owner what their opinion of the profile owner. This is exactly where Gen Y lives; its need to get feedback on everything plays right into the hands of these opinion applications.

A final answer to what is bebo is a platform where Gen Y can share their opinions about world events and world trends. When visiting not only this social networking site, but the many others that are so popular, a person is struck by how many opinions about everything under the sun are displayed. Gen Y looks for opportunities to tell the world exactly what it thinks, and will not be intimidated by dissenters. This often can be a generation that must have fun built into its work, thus there are many games and quizzes on bebo that profilers can add to entertain its visitors. The world is changing as fast as technology allows, and bebo can be one of the expressions of that change.

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