What Is Orkut

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Someone may well ask, what is orkut and what does it mean, because the name sounds a bit odd to those who aren't in the know. Might the word be an acronym with the letters representing words of some unknown phrase? Or is it a foreign word and, if so, what's the translation? Well, the answer isn't that complicated. Orkut, interestingly enough, was named for the individual who created this social networking community website, one of several services offered by a major search engine company. A few of the other services provided by this company are free email addresses and blog sites, maps and directions, and photo and document storage. Individuals can create one account that accesses all these types of services. For example, a new user can visit this search engine's main website and, by clicking on the appropriate option, create an account by choosing a username and password. Though the user may only want the free email account, this email address will let the user access other features, such as the blogging option. With this feature, the user can set up a free blogging website and start writing posts on either general topics or for a specific target audience. (The free blog feature can also be used by individuals with other email addresses just by opening an account.) To find out more about the "what is orkut question," the account owner can easily access this social networking feature and give it a try.

Social networking communities are very popular with internet users. These websites provide an opportunity for individuals to easily stay in touch with numerous family members and friends at the same time. For example, a mom can upload photos and videos of the children on her web page. She can also post updates on the family's activities. Both her parents and the in-laws, as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, and interested friends who are in the mom's network are able to access the web page and see what's going on. This is so much easier and faster than sending out separate emails to everyone. The mom may ask, what is orkut, as she makes a decision about the best social networking community for her purposes. Most people want a network that has a fast learning curve, fun applications, and relevant privacy settings. Usually individuals choose a particular network because it's the one that their family members and/or friends use. After all, spending a lot of time creating a web page on a network that isn't used by family members and friends defeats the purpose of sharing news with one another. The best advertiser for a specific social networking community site may be the current members who encourage family members and friends to join. Indeed, the fastest growing demographic segment may be older adults who are setting up accounts at the urging of their teenage and young adult children.

Competitors may dismissively ask, what is orkut, because this particular company isn't the most popular networking community in the United States. Instead, it has gained most of its members from one of the large South American countries, Brazil, and India. Either because of this popularity or to capture these markets, the company offers multi-lingual options for its members. Even though the network's national popularity isn't at the top, it's in the top ten as far as global popularity. These rankings are based on the number of members and unique visitors as tracked by a well-known firm that provides this type of data. Of course, each of the major social networking sites wants to be in the number one spot. Because of this goal, the companies are motivated to provide quality service for their members. This means that a company that isn't managed well or whose service becomes slow or clunky may find the membership dropping as people switch to a company that pays attention to important details such as appearance, speed, and ease of use. The major networking sites will want to keep members happy so that they aren't asking themselves, what is orkut, and transferring to this competitor.

In addition to maintaining friendships and family relationships, social networking communities provide members an opportunity to develop new friendships and relationships. Members can usually do searches to find other members who have similar interests or hobbies. Or members can look up other people who share a common connection. For example, someone who graduated from a particular high school or college can join a group of other members who also are alumni or current students. Or a military veteran may find a group of others from a former unit. Doing searches for these types of connections can reconnect old friends who've lost touch with one another. This may be one reason to answer the question, what is orkut, by becoming a member and looking for long ago friends. About friendships, King Solomon said: "Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man's friend by hearty counsel. Thine own friend, and thy father's friend, forsake not; neither go into thy brother's house in the day of thy calamity: for better is a neighbour that is near than a brother far off" (Proverbs 27:9-10).

Just what is orkut, then? It's another social networking community competing with other, more popular sites, for members and visitors. Though the network is a feature of a primary search engine company, its popularity is much greater in a couple of foreign countries than in the United States. Even so, it's global popularity is respectable since the network is in the top ten of such sites in terms of numbers. A multitude of third party applications provide additional features for members so that web pages can be personalized and customized. The people behind the scenes are on the lookout for additional features, applications, and innovations to provide to the members. Such widgets and applications enhance the fun and means of communicating with others. Eventually, people might not be asking, what is orkut, because the network just may be as much of a household name as the two top competitors.

What Is Squidoo

On a search to find out what is squidoo, a person will discover that at Squidoo.com they can design, layout and publish a single page website. Squidoo offers a free and dedicated process that makes the internet accessible for anyone and avails itself to creating content on a topic he or she knows or cares a lot about. Typically, a lens pertains to one person's individual perspective on a subject. A web page made through the squidoo website constitutes a lens. Lenses are very easy to build. Each lens can link to a blog, an RSS feed, photos, maps, auctions, books, videos or any other linkable media or website. People will find information of interest on the lens and then the lens will often direct them to another source of information that may provide even more detail on the topic. The first thing a person does to get started is to register with this awesome service. There's no easier sign-up process. Completing a simple form, a person gives some basic information: 1) name, 2) email address, 3) password. At the bottom of the form, it's necessary for a person to agree to the terms and conditions of operating within the website. It's all standard stuff like: a person must be 18 years old in order to publish and a person must take responsibility for information published as a result of using their log-in information.

For an explanation of what is squidoo all about, there are dozens of resources on how to develop lenses. Lenses aren't really intended for in-depth content. This arena allows for a lot more emphasis being placed on pointing to other content that has been published on the web. Lensmasters are expected to promote personal agendas, talk about their expertise, champion causes, advocate products, and give their own opinions. In approximately 5 minutes, using the Lens Wizard, a person can set up an entire page. The building process has a progressive nature. Unique to what is squidoo page building; pre fabricated modules are constructed. The building blocks of lenses, the modules make it easy to point to other sites, videos, photos, blogs or related merchandise on eBay or Amazon. Specific modules are open and available for a person to put in whatever they desire. Certainly, a person can enter everything manually. Other modules simply snap-in. For snap-in segments, a person configures the inputs that draw information into the lens to update it. Another feature available as a snap-in for the lenses affords commerce. Amazon, eBay, and Google have provided neat little tools that allow a person to make a little pocket change.

Lots of possibilities, in fact, exist for creating an income via Squidoo. The largest potential lies in what is squidoo lens flipping. Basically, a lens constitutes virtual real estate. When a person develops something on that real estate, it becomes more valuable than it was before. Unlike most development investment, time, not cash is king. Just the thing for making money in this arena, a person with lots of individual brain power has unlimited opportunity to flourish. Even if the page only has a bit of information, that's okay. Because the lens ranking system rewards pages that are frequently updated. The buy and sell potential for these sites are just as great as they are for buying and selling domain names. As a matter of convenience, they have actually developed an internal marketplace for this very activity. Numerous marketers are taking advantage of this opportunity to promote their own products using pre-developed web pages. " For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye burdened: But by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality: As it is written , He that had gathered much had nothing over ; and he that had gathered little had no lack." (2 Corinthians 8:13-15)

A person might be wondering "What is squidoo doing about what people want to publish?" The great thing about the administrators of this service involves their socially responsible attitude concerning lens creation. Lensmasters are not allowed to abuse, harass, threaten, malign, flame or intimidate anyone using this service. Nor are they allowed to upload or post anything hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable, tortuous, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, libelous, or essentially, cruelty of any kind. Additionally, things that constitute what is squidoo invasive of privacy, or promote illegal dealings are also taboo. As long as a person's motives are positive in nature and not defamatory, a good chance exists that they will be able to publish pretty much anything they want. Of course, lensmasters must understand and agree that Squidoo.com cannot be liable for damages of any type that result from the using this service. People must also understand and agree that unauthorized access to or alteration of any information is their own responsibility. Since the possibility exists that Squidoo can, at its discretion, terminate an account, remove or discard a lens, for any reason; it makes sense for a person to know what is squidoo rationale for doing this. The most conceivable reason for terminating an account would be using false information on the registration form. The second biggest reason to lose a person's status as a lensmaster is if there is online harassment of any kind in connection with a lens. The powers that be also are repulsed by hacking, redirecting, and spamming. Ranking up there with those common offenses are illegal activities and general violations of the terms. A lens may be immediately shut down and earnings confiscated if termination of service occurs. The funds left in an account would, then be donated to charity.

Most people have an individual perspective on a subject. Web pages made through this process are very easy to build. If a person have developed a fondness for a topic area, then they can share with others by linking to a blog, pulling in an RSS feed, or post some photos or maps. Uncover for yourself what is Squidoo. Then, feel free to design, layout, and publish a free and dedicated website service makes the internet accessible for anyone to create content.

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