Bible Chart

Bible chart information will add vast amounts of understanding to your Bible study! As teachers present lessons, we are often asked historical questions about the material that we are introducing. Even if we have details that we have obtained from Commentaries, Bible Atlases, and Bible Dictionaries, it is difficult to relay so much information in a concise manner. In addition, so many individuals learn visually; therefore it is definitely helpful to have visual aids to assist us in our teachings. Bible charts offer all of the information that you need in order to provide a thorough lesson without bringing a stack of books into your classroom!

As Christians, it is our responsibility to teach scripture in the proper context. Unless we have background information about a particular book of the Bible, it is easy to make assumptions about the purpose for which the book was written. Bible charts can prevent such errors by offering a brief description about the history of each book of the Bible. Bible charts relay such information as the time, setting, content, author, and order of all 66 books. A Bible chart is a fantastic tool because it lays the foundation for every lesson that you will teach.

Since we know the importance of educating our fellow Christians about the history of our faith, we access many different tools to elaborate on the information that is given in our studies. This may entail doing much research and gathering many materials. Instead of displaying multiple maps and posters that take up much wall space (and may even confuse our learners), we can utilize an overview chart that will supply all of our information in a compact format.

There are several advantages for choosing to teach using a chart. Bible charts specify the geographical setting that correlates with each book of the Bible. By glancing at maps, learners can visualize where events occurred. Also an outline of each book's content as well as a chapter by chapter summary can be given. As you teach from a Bible chart, you can convey the chronological setting of the event in relation to other books in the Bible. As students learn about the writer, location, and time that each book was written, they will have a more comprehensive understanding of the material that you are presenting.

Bible charts are amazing learning guides for Bible studies, Sunday School classes, or even for personal study. If you want to broaden your knowledge about the greatest book ever written, purchase a Bible chart. As you employ it, you will certainly gain wisdom as you begin to recognize how all of the pieces of "the puzzle" fit so neatly together!

Bible tabs make searching for a particular book of the Bible so quick and easy! We all know how irritating it is to accidentally lose our page marker or allow our Bible to close while we are engrossed in teaching! It can be quite time consuming to thumb through the Book to find our reference verse. To prevent your class (or yourself) from being distracted by flipping pages, add tabs to your personal study Bible.

During quiet time, many of us search our concordances in order to find verses that relate to a particular subject matter. As we look up these verses, we tend to lose the passage that we were initially studying. By utilizing Bible index tabs, you can easily find your passage! You no longer have to get frustrated because you are using precious time relocating scripture! Tabs allow you to freely search scripture without feeling as though you have to mark a page in order to keep from losing your train of thought.

Have you ever been given the opportunity to counsel someone and you didn't have the verses marked in your Bible that you needed to give them guidance? You spent time turning pages that could have been used more productively. Bible index tabs will prepare you for these situations. If a friend is excessively worrying and you want to tell him what Matthew 6 says about worry, you don't have to guess where the book of Matthew is located in the Bible. Instead, you can locate your the tab labeled "Matthew" and turn right to the book that you need!

Bible tabs are very easy to use. All you have to do is press and stick them in place. Many don't even require folding or following alignment guides. Installation is so simple! Bible index tabs are made of clear plastic which makes them incredibly durable. They stay attached to the pages without tearing the pages as you turn them. Best of all, Bible tabs are very inexpensive. If you purchase a Bible that has a finger index, you may pay a pretty penny. Bible index tabs are less money and often easier to use than finger indexes because you can just grab the tab and turn!

When purchasing a Bible as a gift, consider buying Bible tabs to accompany the Bible. They will be a wonderful teaching tool for children, youth, and new believers who are not familiar with the scriptures. You can also add them to Bibles so that church members can easily locate scripture as you teach. Tabs are available in different sizes and different languages. You can even buy for both Catholic and Protestant Bibles. Just search online to find Bible tabs that are perfect for you or for your congregation!

Bible Verses

Bible verses are a great tool to implement for daily use and the memorization of them allows them to penetrate truth to the very core of our hearts.
Committing them to memory is the ideal way to put the truth into action. The Bible is God's Word to all mankind and is the basis for which we live life. Because God is perfect and so is His Word, we can trust that that Word is an essential resource to live our lives in accordance with.

For example, memorization of biblical passages will strengthen a marriage. If married, look up bible verses that focus on marriage and commit them to memory. This will help enable committing a marriage to God's protection and decisions as well as assist keeping the couple from tempting situations. Proverbs 6:32 states, "But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul." This verse from the Bible hits home in every relationship that was joined in holy matrimony. Those who don't protect their marriages and fall into adultery lack wisdom and end up destroying their lives. Those few moments of pleasure can demolish a marriage and the relationship with one's mate.

Another reason a person should read the Holy Scripture and commit it to memory is to avoid temptation no matter where they turn. Sin makes the world seem enticing by portraying the desire for beauty on television. The world advertises and shouts at young, impressionable girls the necessity to consider beauty as the world offers products to use and images to emulate. Many verses can be found to address issues such as this and reinforce the way God views women through the Bible. Girls who regularly memorize Bible verses will see that they are worth so much in God's sight without the world's approval ratings that they will be more likely to resist the world's temptation and seduction.

For men, young and old, one of the biggest temptations can be to look at girls lustfully. The world promotes the human body as something to be worshiped. Advertisers plaster beautiful women all over billboards, magazines, and television. It can be tough for a man to maintain any pure thoughts in their life when these things are in his face all the time. That is why it is important for men to commit Bible verses to their memory and thus to their decision making process. Verses throughout the Bible reinforces that men should look upon women with integrity and not lustfully. Doing so and keeping one's mind on spiritual things can help to ensure protection from temptation for men. Remember that God's Word is infallible. Commit to memorizing Biblical references to focus on God and to keep from temptation and struggle. It will make a world of difference.

Gospel tracts are small pamphlets detailing the plan of salvation in order to bring people to know Christ. This is one of the most effective tools in the Christian's arsenal of weapons in fighting for the kingdom. They can be found in most languages and many attractive styles. Some Christian tracts are even done in cartoon form to attract the attention of both children and adults, while others are concise and straightforward to quickly offer the message of hope and salvation. "As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love." (John 15:9)

There are many reasons why churches, missionaries, and others will use this tool to gain souls or teach people more about their faith. For some, this method of explaining the gospel helps them know what to say when sharing their faith. Some read through the gospel tracts with another person. This helps the sharer gain confidence when speaking to someone else about their faith. Other times, handing this information to someone works well, especially in places where conversation is difficult or there is little or no time to talk. Some people mail these pamphlets to friends who do not know Christ or these Christian tracts can be used in Sunday school to help bring children to salvation.

Many wars, including the Civil War, have been used to spread the Word of God through these short, but hard-hitting brochures. For the first time, during the time of the Civil War, millions of pieces of literature were distributed to the masses, resulting in many conversions. Groups found out that this literature could be an effective way of expanding the ministry of one person. Handing out gospel tracts to soldiers, and other individuals, give the receiver time to mull over the Scriptures and message. The small booklet allows the soldier or businessperson the opportunity to take the message along with them wherever they go in a pocket or briefcase. The information found in these Christian tracts is available for weeks or months after the first contact with a believer, and they can continue sharing the message with others.

These messages of salvation and faith can be easily translated into other languages, making them essential on the foreign mission field. Gospel tracts are also vital to mass evangelism events because they are so portable and inexpensive. Groups can leave tracts in public places, such in a doctor's office, at a restaurant table, or in a teenager's room to attract those who may not be aware of Gods love. Many times one tract will pass from one person to another, expanding the influence of a persons witness far beyond what was expected. These Christian tracts have the ability to bring thousands, if not millions, of people to know and serve God.

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