Christian Radio Stations

Christian radio stations are a great way to offer wholesome entertainment and spread God's word to everyone. The programming offered by Christian radio ministries includes opinion, music, stories, Bible studies, and news. Getting access to Christian stations is not hard for those who do not get a local signal. Those wanting to hear the Word through their radios at home can call a service provider and get signed up for satellite broadcasts.

Satellite broadcasts are becoming a common occurrence in today's culture . It is easy and relatively inexpensive to set up. Plus the radio station service provider subscribed to most likely has equipment for sale and is not going to overcharge their customers. When shopping for a service, ask how much the equipment will cost and have them describe what all is entailed in setting it up. This will not only reassure customers in their decision, but will also offer a better idea of which service provider to go with. Much can be gained by tuning into a local broadcast. Local Christian radio stations have a lot to offer as well. It is important to hear local people talk about local issues in the Christian community. Christian radio ministries can offer local help and broadcast local events.

There are many reasons to listen to programs aimed at believers. First, God wants us to live our whole lives by his Word. What better way to live by the Word than to listen to messages and songs about Him all day long? Second, if you have children it is important to listen to Christian radio stations because they filter out a lot of language and news that little ears shouldn't hear. Thirdly, by playing Christian messages in our home, office, or car, we are ministering to any stranger or friend within earshot. "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord." (Psalm 118:17) Using the radio as a tool for opening conversational doors is a wonderful way to share the gospel.

Listening to non-violent music and messages can have a positive impact on many different situations. Having access to Christian radio ministries can enhance any environment. This would include work, youth group, outreach, and church. Playing programs during the work day will enhance productivity and mood if it's offered in the right environment. Families can be changed simply by listening and absorbing the information Christian radio stations have to offer.

Christian radio stations are an excellent way to get the Word out to many people in many different places. This is a rapidly growing and very popular way of ministering the good news. Many young people like to volunteer at Christian radio stations because it is exciting and (usually) a new experience for them.

First make sure to have all the equipment needed to cover the area the station will be ministering to. Lots of Christian radio ministries are not only on audio frequency, but offer live feed on the Internet as well. This is a very inexpensive way to reach the whole world. Granted not everyone has the Internet, but between a well running Christian radio station and the Internet the station is sure to reach a very large number of people.

It is not realistic to think that one person can run the whole show. Before getting too far into the process it would be a good idea to collect a group of people that would be interested in helping out with the responsibilities of Christian radio ministries and make sure each person has a specific responsibility. If no one comes to do a show, the station might lose listeners to the Christian radio station.

Most likely there was some financial support from someone with great knowledge or at least interesting perspectives on the area of business they are in. Ask if they would be willing to commit to doing a show for Christian radio stations... even just once a week. This will give them the opportunity to promote their business and continue to share their wealth of knowledge. Matthew 24:34-35 says "Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." This is a great motivation to any type of ministry anyone starts. It is important as Christians to keep ministering to all people until they all know God. Christian radio ministries are an easy way to start ministering.

Make sure that the types of shows comply with the Broadcasting Services Act, and know the rules before taking all the effort to put together Christian radio stations, so as to avoid getting shut down for some little thing that could have been easily avoided. Remember that only well planned and prayed for Christian radio ministries succeed in their goals. God will bless efforts and faith in Him with the completion of vision.

Ideas for Church Growth

Church growth is a consideration for all churches as they seek to find ways to attract new members for the sake of glorifying God and increasing His kingdom. As churches contemplate ways to expand on membership, they are seeking new and innovative methods to bring those who have never attended church into the family of God. As our society changes, the church is adapting to the culture, becoming flexible and caring, wanting to reach out to a hurting community. Ideas for church growth can help these establishments meet the needs of the people where they are in the environment they live in.

Pondering this topic immediately brings to mind numbers and dollar figures. But, without church growth, a congregation can become stagnant in their ability to adapt to our ever changing culture and its ever- increasing needs. When the membership increases, there is an exchange of ideas, spiritual gifts, and love, keeping God's house thriving and working as a living organism. When there is expansion, there is an indication of outreach, which is one of the most important objectives of any congregation. Because of the need for expansion, there is a greater demand for ideas for church growth.

When searching for ideas, a great place to start is with prayer. Seeking God's agenda first will help any congregation get their objectives and methods for expansion clarified. Having community meetings with other churches can also spring board ideas for church growth, evaluating the community's unique needs. Attending seminars and conferences is another option. The Internet can also be a valuable resource in finding for church growth, as pastors and lay people have written their own experiences for others to learn from. There are professional agencies available that will help evaluate each congregation and its needs too.

Whatever method a pastor chooses to gather suggestions for expansion, it is important that they remember to keep their focus on individuals and not numbers. Churches are full of people, and people are unique individuals with unique gifts and talents. These individuals also come with their own issues and needs. To grow as a body of believers is to increase effectiveness in a community, but it is also taking on new and challenging issues. A church should be prepared with adequate staff and training when there is an influx of growth. Pastors and congregations need to pray, dream, and expect God to bless them with new and exciting people that will increase their church growth. "Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase" (Job 8:7).

Christian radio offers anyone in the world the opportunity to hear quality programming. However, online Christian radio is still fairly new to society. With all the advancement with technology and the Internet, stations have been mainstreamed into cyberspace and become a part of the daily grind. This is a great way for even more people to have the opportunity to listen to content with Biblical basis.

There are a variety of stations available to listen to. There are online stations as well as regular AM/FM that cater to all types of styles of music. Each state probably has at least three or more stations that play this type of music. Some stations are networked and broadcast throughout the United States. This can be considered as a sister station because it is interconnected.

These stations broadcast a variety of music styles. Some Christian radio stations supply Gospel music and cater to the crowd who would tune into that. They can play anywhere from older hymns that date back to the beginning to oldies that maybe one's parents grew up listening to. Gospel might include more modern styles and songs that churches are used to singing and have become favorites as well.

There are stations that cater more to the younger crowd-teenagers and young adults. They play more modern music that includes an alternative style. The music groups that are played are usually more contemporary and upbeat. Usually the younger crowds are the ones who are more interested in technology and are more apt to tune into online Christian radio. If there are families that live in rural areas and do not have access to radio stations that play Christian radio, then they can check out online Christian radio. This is a better alternative than resorting to radio stations that don't promote wholeness and things that are positive. God wants everyone to hear His message. These stations are available almost everywhere and offer even homebound individuals can hear God's word.

There are also stations that try to meet the needs of the entire family. Nowadays, radio has messages that can be upsetting to parents and lyrics of songs have questionable and obscene items. Concerned parents do not want their families to be exposed to this type of music, and so they seek alternatives that will be helpful and uplifting. They want their fears to be at ease. Fortunately, there are Christian radio stations that seek to make safe programming and music played comforting to the families. They do not have questionable programs or lyrics and offer life changing scriptural invoice from some of the best experts.

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