Church Construction

Church construction began during Old Testament Bible times in the form of the Temple. While few church buildings today represent the temples from days of old, this building activity is still changing and developing with society. Before the 14th Century, it revolved around the arts and beauty. The arts were an expression from the people of their love for God and his holiness and therefore they looked beautiful. The stained glass, the ornate wood carvings and ironwork, the paintings adorning the walls, were all expressions of the Word of God.

Then, when the printing press was invented in the 1500's, this was radically changed as church buildings became more focused on the written Word of God because it was suddenly available to the masses. With less emphasis on art and beauty, and more on dissecting the teachings of the Lord, church construction reflected the change. They became more austere and more practical. It was at this point that the pulpit from which the teacher stood was moved front and center. The teachings became the focal point of a church service, and the surroundings were less relevant than in the past. :And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn over the dead, that in all things He might have preeminence." (Colossians 1:18)

It changed once again when culture, once again, integrated the arts, and churches became accustomed to the masses. Theater style seating was introduced in church construction as an attempt to make the gospel feel accessible to all people. Singing as a form of worship, with more musical instruments became an integral part. The feeling wasn't more or less formal, but simply reflected public building design at the time, which in turn lent the structures a more laid-back, easy-going feel. The idea was that the building itself didn't present a "holier than thou" expression of the congregant's sentiments.

Spiritual structures are sure to alter once again in the coming years. The changing technology alone has revolutionized the way they operate on a weekly basis. The worship experience in a church building can be as simple or complex as we make it. Following the return to the simpler structures in the 1970s and 1980s, many have become more "seeker friendly." In the 21st century, we're seeing construction and buildings that imitate the corporate world. Mega churches integrate book stores and coffee shops into their church buildings, similar to shopping malls. From there, who knows what's on the horizon for church construction.

Church supplies are a major part of the overhead expenses for any church budget and are a necessary element in the proper functioning of any office, or of the varied ministries within a congregation. Church supply requirements for any church include office software to keep track of the membership as well as Bible study software for the staff. Like all offices, churches also need a wide range of paper products such as bulletins for the weekly order of service, tithing envelopes, certificates, stationary, greeting cards, tracts for evangelism, books, and educational curriculum.

Companies that specialize in all sorts of materials for congregations offer a large selection of furnishings for platforms, stages, auditoriums and foyers that range from customized pulpits, comfortable pews and elegant candle holders to metal chairs, folding tables and pre-built information booths. Apparel such as choir, pastoral, and baptismal robes are a 'must' for many churches and are exclusively purchased from church supply companies. Popular and trendy apparel such as T-shirts, jackets, hats and ties displaying religious symbols, witty sayings and Bible verses for a Christian witness are also carried by these suppliers.

Decorative items such as pictures, crosses, candles, posters, and maps are also needed in every building that hosts believers to serve a variety of functions. Jewelry has become quite an item of interest among the Christian community as well. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, pins, key chains, earrings, and pens are found in all supply companies. Advertising and evangelistic campaigns require the particular use of church supplies that provide customized bumper stickers, brochures, or perhaps even candy with a Bible verse and church name on the wrapper!

Some worship items are indicative of a denomination. Church supplies are found through companies that cater especially to their own particular denominations. Churches can shop online for any church supply need they may have or contact a supply company for a catalogue or brochure. Materials can be purchased immediately with a credit card or by mailed check. An account can also be set up by the company whereby any designated staff or member of the congregation can charge ministry items purchased.

Most church supply companies are extremely helpful to the churches they serve because they not only desire to have a successful business, but they also view their business as an integral part of assisting churches in reaching others for Christ. "Oh give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples." (Psalm 105:1) Through the myriad products and ministry aids that are available through supply companies, a congregation can acquire more effective organizational materials, teaching tools, evangelism ideas, and spiritual encouragement products to help them succeed in their ministry goals.

Church Sign Manufacturers

Sign manufacturers are not hard to come by. Quality sign manufacturers are another story. When searching for a church sign manufacturer there are some key pieces of information you need to learn. Also, you must stay flexible in the type and style of sign you end up buying.

Unless you search out a church sign manufacturer before you design your sign, you may have to make some compromises in your design. The best idea is to work with your sign manufacturer to develop a design that is both cost effective and executes the ultimate goal of having the sign in the first place. There are many different styles and many different types of signs.

Equally as important as your flexibility in design is your knowledge about quality signs. Hiring an expert in church sign manufacturing can be a grueling process if you are depending exclusively on the company to educate you on the logistics of signs. Sign manufacturers are in the business of selling their signs, not educating you on products they don't carry.

If you are not familiar with the cost of signs you may be surprised at what a church sign manufacturer charges to have a simple sign done. Make sure you know what type of quality you will get from each sign manufacturer. Keep in mind that the average life of a sign is ten years. Think about the cost of the sign divided by ten to calculate the amount per year you would be spending for this kind of promotion for your church sign.

Ask each church sign manufacturer what their policy is for warrantee and ask for a list of previous customers you could call to get a feel for the work they do. Each church sign manufacturer will do business differently. If you contact sign manufacturers that say they include the warrantee with every purchase, know that you are paying for that in the cost of the sign. This is important to keep in mind when comparing prices of sign manufacturers.

God wants us to spread the word and keep people on task with their faith so they don't get lost. Advertising your church name so everyone sees it when they drive or walk by is a subtle way to make people do a reality check about where their faith is. Even if they don't end up attending your church, maybe they will return to their church. It pleases God to stay strong in our faith and proclaim it to others.

Signs for churches are a great way to capture people's attention as they stroll past your church or drive by with their families. These signs can be a great way to connect others with your church and get involved in the events that are happening in the neighborhood. Christian talent could be advertised and having these types of events can reach a world that is in need of hope. For instance, those who don't know Christ, living seems hopeless and provides no purpose. Fortunately, signs for churches can make it a point to share Christ with others in a variety of ways.

Church signs can share with people the serious trouble surrounding neighborhoods are facing: poverty, lack of nourishment, need for medical supplies, and disease. Additionally, these kinds of signs can promote organizations that assist in helping these underdeveloped areas. Some of these relief organizations help in the areas of medical, food supply, schooling, and housing and can work side by side with your church if need be. When a congregation's signs advertise them, their ability to provide help and a sense of hope to those who lack it can make a real difference.

Signs for churches can consist and advertise music groups playing concerts and the proceeds from their ticket sales and merchandise can go to raise funds for those in need. When the signs advertise the concerts, a specific Christian organization can also promote the way people can help get involved and help on the signs for churches. The one providing the Christian entertainment usually speaks about the organization as well and are an advocate to see that funds are raised for that given charity.

Church signs can also address the spiritual issues that plague each one of us. These church signs can focus on the need those in our neighborhoods have for Christ. This can be provided through information promoting evangelists on the signs who share sermons as well as other self-help groups relevant to a person's struggles.

Think about it, signs for a church can be a great asset to have! They allow a church's messages to portray something important and relevant to life. Christian Broadcasting that meaning by way of church signs can share the fulfillment and purpose in a relationship with Christ. Whatever your source of connection with God, the use of signs can show meaningful messages and allow the love of God to penetrate your hearts and draw you and others closer to Him.

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