Church Insurance Companies

Church insurance companies offer an invaluable service to individuals, congregations and para-church ministries by providing a specialized, tailored form of policy to cover almost any special requirement most churches or ministry organizations may have that a typical business or group will not require. Church and ministries do not have the luxury of huge group policies and extended coverage provided through large companies with thousands of employs making it necessary for churches and ministry organizations to seek out a church insurance company that will provide adequate coverage for their particular needs.

For many years, some businesses have recognized the need for coverage that fits the particular requirements of religious institutions causing some businesses to form a specialized section of their company to address those needs. The need for religious institutional policies has exploded as a result of widespread growth in the evangelical community as well as non-profit groups and church insurance companies have been formed that cater exclusively to that particular community. A business that specializes only in services to the evangelical community tends to have a special recognition and solution for most coverage problems of religious groups.

Some offer unusual coverage for short-term missions trips, youth group trips or concerts and revival meetings sponsored by a church. Coverage for property such as sound equipment, musical instruments, vehicles, and various printing equipment also are offered. Church insurance companies offer an extended line of typical and special policies for every possible known or unknown scenario a congregation or ministry may face. Size does not limit qualification for most policies offered by any qualified church insurance company. Remember, coverage in the present can minimize future difficulties. "Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth." (Proverb 27:1)

These businesses have been formed by many denominational headquarters and service only their particular denomination throughout America. Other church insurance companies that offer coverage are general providers to all religious and non-profit organizations attempting to reach as many clients as possible. Some only provide coverage within their particular state while others offer their services nationally. Sometimes the broader the coverage status the more appealing the insurance because of special coverage needs by some itinerant ministries as well as common changes in personnel. Options include the standard coverage similar to other types offered by typical businesses such as whole life, group and individual polices as well as retirement plans, disability coverage and annuity plans. However, dealing with a church insurance company that understands church and ministry insurance needs provides the added advantage of services that only apply to religious organizations.

Baptistries allow individuals who have asked forgiveness of sins to be baptized in a ceremony of public confession. This is a very important part of any church because a baptismal service offers a place for people to share their love and faith in God with others. Manufactured baptistries are available and should be considered vital to the ministry. Since baptism is an outward sign of one's relationship with the Lord, declaring salvation publicly is a very important step, not only for the believer being baptized, but for those witnesses withing the crowd who may not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned." (Mark 16:16)

People have been baptized in a variety of ways, including in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and pools. The most common form is within the church and in baptistries. Most churches have manufactured baptistries and consider this an important part of the Christian life. Often, the congregation will decide upon the style of capacity of this type of fixture when the plans are made for a new church building. This may also be necessary when an older church has to replace a faulty baptistery or place one in a church that previously did not have this fixture.

Since believer's baptism is encouraged by Christian churches, making this public profession should be possible and with no limitations. It may be difficult for some individuals, such as those with physical disabilities to be baptized in a large body of water. This is the type of concern churches should consider when deciding on manufactured baptistries. There are companies that provide help to churches when it comes to purchasing baptistries such as safety concerns, dimensions, and technology. They want to provide the best product to churches so that everyone can benefit from the product and is not concerned with the technicalities of not being able to be baptized.

There are different types of products available and they can come in many shapes and sizes. Some are portable and easy to tear down or they can be placed in certain places using tub-like materials. Also, the design of the baptistries comes in different colors and surfaces. The cost of the manufactured baptistries can be a few hundred dollars or more, depending on the style that is chosen by the congregation. Other things to consider when purchasing this fixture is the extra features that may be needed. If the item is going to be installed, plumbing is going to be a necessity. Having access to a water heater will be essential, especially to control the water's temperature and make it comfortable for those being baptized. It is also important to make sure to have the correct surfacing so that the area around the baptistery is not slippery or would cause accidents. However, if the church decides to purchase a portable baptistery, plumbing will not be an issue. Access to a simple garden hose will work when it comes time for baptismal services.

Church Bus Sales

Church bus sales have become a booming industry as church ministries look for ways to reach further into their communities. When looking for these vehicles for sale, however, it is important to weigh many considerations including finding a ministry-minded company that will help find the right vehicle for the ministry need. In addition, look not only locally, but look for church buses for sales online, as many companies advertise there and will sell outside their immediate area.

Sales for small group buses has shown a steady increase over the past several years. One factor contributing to the rise in church bus sales was the fairly recent discovery, after tragic accidents, that the 15-passenger van was extremely unsafe due to its easy tendency to roll during abrupt traffic maneuvers. Since the National Transportation Safety Board has declared the 15-passenger van dangerous, the popularity of the 15-passenger bus has emerged among church ministries. Because of the lower level of gravity there is less likelihood of a rollover, making these the optimal vehicles.

If looking for safe vehicles for a ministry, there are several things to consider. First, find a company that has experience working with various ministries, that can provide references and that understand the special demands and needs of ministry transportation. There are many companies offering church buses for sale, but it's important to find the one that best fits the need.

Second, consider whether to buy a new or used vehicle. Many dealers will offer both used and new church buses for sale, so both will be available to see. Buying new or used might be determined by the budget had for the vehicle, what the use will be, where it will be stored or how long it will be used for and how often it will be used. Also, consider whether it's important that the vehicle be comfortable or visually appealing, and whether or not it be used for long trips?

Finally, consider the maintenance that the vehicle will need. Most offer full warranties, and some offer limited warranties on their used church bus sales. Find out if the dealer will service the bus after the sale, or if it will be up to the consumer to handle.

Church buses for sale are available not only in local areas, but online as well. Many companies advertise church bus sales online, offering views of their new and used inventory with pictures and descriptions. This can help to shop wisely and compare prices, even if it's decided to buy one closer to home. "With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding." (Job 12:13)

A used church bus could be the answer to a congregation's transportation needs for short-term mission's trips, transporting people to worship services, and retreats. When considering purchasing a vehicle, used church buses can prove to be the most economical choice of transportation. They can serve for years, even though they are second-hand. When purchasing a used vehicle for means of transportation of a large group, buyers will want to thoroughly investigate several options with a predetermined checklist of what the bus will be used for and a criteria for buying a pre-owned vehicle. As with all major decisions, proper research and praying to God for guidance will allow the congregation to make the best choice. "Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" (1 Thessalonians 5:17-18).

If a church has been renting and borrowing vans for transportation throughout the last year, then it may be time to consider buying a vehicle. Used church buses can be utilized in endless possibilities. These vehicles can pick up children for the vacation Bible school camp at a church. A vehicle of this nature can carry teens to and from youth camp retreats. From mission's trips that take members across the U.S., to picking up the underprivileged for Sunday morning worship, a used church bus can certainly become a vital part of the ministry.

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can prove to be very economical. Many agencies that specialize in renting buses are ready to sell their rentals after just one year of service. Often, these pre-owned vehicles are almost like new and have been kept in good condition. There is also the possibility of finding a used church bus for sale from another congregation that may be upgrading, or downsizing, needing to quickly sale their vehicle. The Internet offers suggestions and different agencies that sell used church buses. Buyers can investigate and get a good idea of the price market of these vehicles online.

When buying a vehicle, churches will want to know exactly what they are looking for. The number of passengers that will need transportation will be vital. While this number may be difficult to estimate, reviewing the numbers from past trips and the upcoming events that are being planned may provide some insight on this number. These questions can help determine the right size vehicle to consider purchasing. Also, it is a good idea to predetermine what the congregation is willing to accept in mileage and potential maintenance hazards. This can help narrow the market of used church buses and keep the group on target during your search. Once a used church bus has been purchased, it is important to take excellent care of it, inside and out. General maintenance and upkeep will keep the vehicle in good condition.

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