Church Interior

Church interior design is meant to be functional as well as aesthetic; however, the way people view church interior can influence how the design is defined. If a traditional style church, high ceilings with elaborate stained glass and long wooden pews is customary. The paintings within the church may date back to past centuries and compliment the design of an old, colonial style building.

Modern sanctuaries can differ greatly from those of its older counterparts. Modern churches tend to have a more updated church interior. The design may include plush style carpets that match the fabrics on the pew cushions. Hard wood floors like that of more traditional churches may be non existent because of the comfort and feel of carpeting. Stained glass windows may be replaced with the more up to date look of large windows. The need to bring the outdoors inside by showing the scenery from the large picture windows has also been integrated into some.

Some of the design may include individual chairs instead of the traditional pew. The church interior tries to exemplify comfort and can accomplish that through the colors on the wall and the items that adorn them. Warm neutral colors may make churchgoers feel welcomed. The layout of the nursery also helps to create an environment conducive to infants and toddlers.

The upholstery of the furniture can play an important role as well. Having clean and up to date furniture helps create a functional space and allows others to be comfortable. Also, the choice of window treatments used can become a focal point of a room when done correctly. Again, the overall feel of a church interior design can help to make or break a space.

The first priority is to obviously create a place of worship and love. Bringing warmth inside and out to a church's interior design will help make that a reality. When making these decisions, consult those who will be working there and spending the most time. Get the members input and put it into practice. Try and stay away from drab color and design and consider something vibrant and refreshing. Another thing to possibly consider would be to add features that will have soothing effects. Maybe consider a small water fountain to help achieve the optimum in the church interior design.

Make Christ the focus of the church's interior design. Display symbols pointing back to the cross and will help people to center their hearts on the Lord. Bring together elements, new and old, traditional and contemporary, and apply them to the new church interior. "And the man bowed down his head, and worshipped the Lord." (Genesis 24:26)

Church furniture is a much needed addition to any church and the company through which various furnishings are purchased should be of good reputation and offer quality products. Church furnishings are designed especially for the uses of a congregation in a worship sanctuary. A congregation in need of quality pews, tables, and chairs should evaluate what each company has to offer and how it will impact their church. The goal of a any business providing furniture and accessories to a congregation is to expand the monetary resources of the congregation and save the administration time and energy in the process all purchases.

Many churches are on a limited budget when starting out with a new building or with providing interiors. They are seeking a high quality product with a good value. Depending on the size of the church and its needs determines the type and amount of church furniture available. In looking for a good manufacture or provider, the administration should look for some basic qualities. The church furnishings company should offer guarantees on all new pieces. They should be experienced in dealing with a multitude of churches, denominations, and congregation sizes, and should offer fair prices, great service, quick delivery and a quality product. Any company under consideration should also have access to a large selection of styles, colors, and uses.

Of course, every committee overseeing the purchases of the building's interiors will want to closely examine the products under consideration. Church furniture should be available for viewing by either sending a catalog, a brochure, or having an online website. Some manufacturers offer different upholstery fabrics that can be color coordinated to match carpets or paints. Financing with no interest is a major plus when congregations are just starting out and cannot afford to buy all that is needed. Ideally a portion of the profit should be given back to the Christian congregation by donation, showing good will on behalf of the manufacture. "He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want." (Proverbs 21:16)

In addition to the above mentioned qualities that manufacturers of church furnishings should possess; the craftsmanship should be equally impressive. The craftsmanship of the upholsterers should be of the highest caliber, and the furnishings themselves should be comfortable, stylish, and durable. They should also be extremely easy to keep clean. Many types of people are using this furniture from children to adults, and keeping the pieces in sanitary condition should not be a difficulty. Providers should include, with the furniture, cleaning supplies that work best on the individual products sold. It is advised that the committee making selections or the administration take the process of purchasing church furnishings seriously, so that there aren't any foreseeable problems in the future.

Church Lighting

Church lighting, such as chandeliers, candles, spotlights, and other equipment allow the proper illumination to be used for various services, ceremonies, plays, and celebrations. This technology and equipment is an essential piece to any congregation. Having the proper church lighting fixtures can create an ambiance and a comfort to the worship experience. People within the congregation must be able to see the pastor or speaker up front, easily and without hindrance, keeping churchgoers' focus and attention on the message being presented by the pastor. "For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light." (Psalm 36:9)

Another way illumination technology helps in the sanctuary is when there is need for accent and mood lighting. The church lighting fixtures can create different effects during a play at Christmas or Easter. Church lighting can also play a huge part in the process of musical productions when the children's choir performs for Mother's Day or the men's quartet is singing to an audience. No matter the reason, various fixtures play an important role in creating the right ambiance for those in attendance.

The fixtures used throughout churches can be very helpful as well. For example, the type of church lighting fixtures to use in the nursery is a big decision. For rooms that are divided into sleeping quarters and play areas, the lighting may need to be different. If the nursery needs to be darker so the infants and toddlers will be able to rest easier, than the lights should focus on dimming solutions. If it is important to have bright and well-lit play areas, the church lighting should also incorporate options that will be most beneficial.

Finding the right equipment and technology can be done in a variety of places both locally and on the Internet. Most basic and some specialty church lighting fixtures will be available at a local hardware store. There are also specialty shops available in the local area or online that can help cater to the needs of the new building. If the church has a set style that they are looking for, these stores may have catalogs for congregation or committee members to search to find the right church lighting. These stores may also make it possible to purchase in bulk in order to save money on equipment, tools, and materials. Exploring all available options on retailers and pricing will allow churches to receive the best deals for projects.

Stage lighting involves not just lights, color variations, and making the main attraction visible - it creates the atmosphere for a worship experience. Without adequate stage lighting equipment, it can be difficult to set the tone for a service. Imagine for a moment the dimly lit lights during a Christmas Eve service. As people hold hands and sing Christmas Carols, the dim lighting allows for the illumination of candles to bring a spirit of anticipation and joy into the room. Now, think about the bright lights on Easter Sunday. After we mourn the crucifixion of Christ, the bright lights reminds the audience that light has once again entered into the world as Christ is resurrected. Stage lighting adds dramatic effect to any worship service or production.

In a traditional sanctuary or a more contemporary worship center, the goal is to draw attention to the altar or pulpit area. The congregation should not only hear the pastor's message and the beautiful music resounding from the choir, but also see the pastor's expressions as he delivers the message and appreciate the talents of members who perform the musical presentations. Just think, church members would miss the most precious part of the children's choir performance if they couldn't see little Suzy tugging on her dress while Bobby elbows his younger brother on the front row. Stage lighting equipment makes it possible for church members to take in every single moment of the treasured worship experience.

Those who are ready to install or upgrade their church's stage lighting equipment can find several Christian companies online who will guarantee quality service. They will provide a consultation, make recommendations, and plan the installation so that church's can stay within a budget. So long as the church specifies their needs, the company can easily decide what type of equipment will accentuate their worship style. The company will select units, lamps, color filters, and control boards that will best meet the needs of the church. They will also recommend accessories such as cables, plugs, light stands, and clamps to complement the stage lighting.

Some churches don't have the budget to buy lights for their altar or a special project. In these cases, they can rent stage lighting equipment for a weekend rather than purchasing extensive theatrical lights. Many companies will set up temporary lights and run the lighting boards during a production. This temporary option is also great for churches that are holding an event or production in their family life center or fellowship hall. Stage lighting is available to accommodate any location. In fact, those who want to get really creative can even rent equipment that will allow them to offer a beautiful sunrise service outside! "And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness." (Genesis 1:4)

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