Church Projector

Having a church projector can enhance many different types of community outreaches to children and families, using captivating media presentations to inform, encourage, and teach the Word of God. The current culture has grown accustomed to sophisticated means of obtaining information. Church projector systems can be used weekly or even daily for worship services, children's worship services, concerts, missions and evangelism, and other special events. This equipment can be greatly appreciated when trying to show a movie, enjoy a missionary's travels, or hosting a Christian music concert. Systems can be expensive for a community church, but also can provide much to the congregation in way of return on their investment.

The growing trend in media presentations during worship services is making the purchase of this type of equipment a consideration for most congregations. A church projector can be quite expensive but offers many unique features and benefits. LCD church projector systems come with a five-year warranty, have availability of both wired and wireless LAN (Local Area Network), and come with aggressive scan technology. This projector has power zoom, focus and lens shift and long throw zoom lens. A LCD system has a ceiling plate and ceiling mount, installation and care manual, and presentation software included in the package purchase. There are many types of projectors at many price levels, and deciding on the right one for a church is crucial to needs and also budget.

Choosing the right church projector systems can be made easier by consulting a systems integration specialist. Selecting the right package along with screens, mounts and cables can help to make the installation professional, but also cost effective. Equipment can be chosen according to several different variables including the brightness of the room where the system will be used, the size you want the projected image to be, and how far from the screen the projector will need to be spaced. The last consideration technical volunteers with the congregation will want to make is the resolution of the church equipment as it's a good idea to match the resolution of the projector with the video resolution of the computer and other components.

Using media is a powerful way to reach today's generation. Church projector systems can be a blessing to the entire congregation, however. Psalm 30:4 says, "Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness." A church projector can be used for worship and praise, for movies and concerts, and for many other weekly or special events. Projection systems are a very vital and useful tool for evangelism and faith building activities.

Refurbished projectors offer the opportunity to receive a quality product at a much lower price. When gathering information about purchasing a refurbished projector there are lots of things to think about. The most important thing to know is how the item has been refurbished. This will include information about the item before they were repaired, what was wrong with them, and how they were fixed. These facts will allow the consumer to know the background in the event that the product fails.

Researching how a company completes this process will be very useful. Some companies that offer these products simply fix problems instead of completely overhauling the equipment. While this may be helpful in some cases, many times the problems with the machinery will require much more care. Some companies will even tell the consumer where the original product came from and why it was sold. They will then tell offer all the new details of the refurbished projector.

There are some specific things to consider when buying equipment of this nature. The individual must pay attention to the resolution of the refurbished projector. The higher the resolution, the farther away and larger the image can be. This would be important when projecting videos that include viewing small images or details. The individual should not forget about the weight of the refurbished projectors. If the consumer will be moving the product around a lot or hanging it from the ceiling, weight will be an issue. Consumers should also make sure the equipment has adequate mounting material.

Many other important features are important to receive with projection equipment, especially a brightness level. The brighter the refurbished projector can display, the more expensive it will be. Talking with the sales person to find out specifics on a certain product will be important, but the bottom line is to find a projector that has the highest brightness setting for the lowest price. Some other extra things to think about when buying this equipment is the ability to reverse images, compatibility with other electronic systems, and power supply that is flexible to the use of the machine. Buying refurbished projectors can be a great way to spend church money and get the most 'bang for the buck'. Owning projection equipment will heighten performance and possibility within your church. "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD" (Psalm 122:1).

Shipping is another important issue to consider. When purchasing online or through a mail order company, it is necessary to understand the shipping procedures for refurbished projectors. The company should offer some type of shipping insurance or guarantee in the event of damage during shipping. If the company does not offer a guarantee, it is probably in the best interest of the consumer to consult another company.

Projector Accessories

Projector accessories can be found on the Internet and from a variety of businesses. These projector supplies may or may not be categorized into parts. Knowing where to search for these resources can be helpful; especially if one is trying to familiarize them self with what is needed when working with projectors. To begin a search, needed to know is what types of projector materials exist and what kinds of supplies are available for purchase. One needs to know that this type of equipment is a type of illuminator that projects images onto a blank surface or screen. Equipment cannot function if its parts are not working properly. There are various types of machines that exist, typically for school use such as the overhead type.

These overhead machines require materials such as transparencies. These transparencies are seen through paper that teachers and/or students can write on so that it can be seen when projected on a blank surface. There are also projector accessories such as slide types that exist. These machines require projector supplies that consist of slides-little photographs that can go in the machine to show the images on a screen. Generally these were popular among the older crowds, for example, grandparents who go on vacation and want to show their pictures from a slide instead of in a photo album. The diverse attachments can fluctuate in price, especially if investing in many slide pieces for a collection.

Some resources can consist of the use of electronic equipment. Because the projector accessories are needed to complete the use of projectors, laptops may need to be purchased. This will help the equipment to be used correctly and the software allowing the images to be displayed. "Then I saw and considered it well: I looked upon it, and received instruction" (Proverbs 24:32). If a teacher needs to use this type of equipment, other projector supplies can consist of an AV cart, which stands for audiovisual and the machine sits on the cart and can be rolled from place to place to be used, or common headphones, a screen, brackets, and stereo and sound equipment.

To discover the prices and types of materials available, look through catalogs that may be available through a place of employment. If one works at a school, there are catalogs geared toward classroom essentials when it comes to projector accessories. If working in a company that specializes in or is in need of projector supplies, there are catalogs and websites available that can provide this information. It is wise to search out a variety of retail sales centers before making a final decision.

Projector bulb replacement is a costly expense that should be carefully budgeted in church finances before the purchase of a specific machine is made. When a light needs to be replaced there should be a method to follow. This includes which projector bulbs to buy, where the church orders from, and how long it will take to get. These supplies are not cheap and there are many different types, so it is very important to have equipment specific knowledge before making a large order. If your church does not have a plan for replacing lights, make sure that the person doing the ordering does their homework carefully and sets the results of the research as the new church plan for item purchasing. If the machine is old, a significant amount of time may be required to find a retailer who carries the specific accessories needed.

As a rule of thumb, a good idea to have spare supplies on hand. Searching online for the best projector bulb prices is a good way to engage in an efficient use of church funds. If appropriate retailers cannot be found asking other area churches who they do business with for projector bulbs is a good idea. The key is to find a reliable company that offers a low-cost and high quality product. "So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: When thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward" (Proverbs 23:14). When the company is found, recording all their information (name, address, toll-free phone number, name of bulb, etc.), for future purchases should be done so that the next time a light needs to be ordered there isn't a lot of time wasted in more research.

If doing research for the first time for a church, it may be necessary to take the research findings to the church's financial committee. Some projector bulbs are not cheap and the committee needs to be ready to approve the purchase as the supplies are used up. There are certain calculations that can be done to estimate the amount of hours a projector bulb will last. Roughly speaking the life is anywhere from 1000-2000 hours. The life can be can be calculated by dividing 1000 by how many hours a week the light will be in use. This will give the shortest amount of weeks the light will last, thus creating a timeline for re-purchasing.

When a back up has been ordered, the purchase should be contained in a safe place, free from the chance of accidental breakage. A good idea would be to leave the order in its shipping box and store the box on a high shelf, noting the shelf spot so it can be retrieved at a later date. Don't let the 'back-up bulb' become the only projector bulb available for use. It would be a shame to stop Sunday morning service because there were no other back-up projection bulbs. In an age when technology is such an integral part of a successful worship service, it is best to be prepared for certain equipment malfunctions.

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