Church Seating

Church seating doesn't have to be one of a church's most costly expenses, though it is among the most important features, giving people a place to sit back and enjoy worship. Most believe that this is the single biggest expense - beyond the actual building - that a congregation incurs. Typically, churches need chairs everywhere, in the foyer, the offices, the worship center, the chapel, the classrooms, and the list goes on! A church committee looking for reasonable seating options should consider buying used church seating. It is more affordable and can give each room of the building a personality of its own!

Begin by locating churches in the surrounding area to determine which are building or renovating their worship centers. If a congregation is replacing individual chairs with theater seating, committees might acquire enough chairs for all of the Sunday School classrooms. If the other congregation is replacing their pews, integrate their used pews into the decor of the new chapel. Church seating that is no longer desirable for one purpose may become a wonderful blessing for another objective!

Another alternative to buying used pieces is to purchase seating from an auditorium, a convention center, a hotel, a theater, or even a ballpark. The youth group would think it was "way cool" if the church seating in their youth wing came from their favorite college stadium. Sunday school classes that implement lecture style lessons might love to lounge in old theatre seats. One could even incorporate rustic wooden pews with modern wrought iron to add an elegant look to a new atrium. The creative possibilities are endless.

If the possibility of utilizing used pieces seems like a good idea, but there is little or no time to search for it, buy from one of many great companies that distributes new and used church seating. Often, these companies will refinish, reupholster, and re-cushion. There may be a company that offers unbeatable discount prices for used furniture but does not refurbish or refinish. Committees can keep in mind that there are businesses that specialize in giving old furniture the TLC it needs to look brand new!

When in the market for new seats, it may also be time to relinquish what is currently being used in the sanctuary. Consider selling used church seating to a furniture resale company or auction off this furniture to church members as a fundraiser. Committees could also advertise in the newspaper so that other churches have the opportunity to buy. So often we forget that our "trash" really is another man's treasure. "And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of the salvation: the fear of the Lord is his treasure." (Isaiah 33:6) By making the decision to sell pieces in the current building or purchasing another congregation's furniture, prayers can be answered on many different levels!

Theater seating is a more modern option for accommodating a congregation. Though most 'traditional' churches may still honor pews as the best choice, auditorium or theater seating is becoming more popular. This is because of the multiuse of the facilities. Auditorium chairs give these multipurpose rooms the option to become a meeting place, an entertainment area, or a sanctuary. There are many things to think about before purchasing pews or chairs for a church.

One of the most important aspects of buying auditorium seating is the basic engineering of the seat design and its construction. There is typically a 20% increase in capacity versus using pews, for instance, because of the spacing between rows and the certainty of how much space each person is given in which to sit. It is also important to keep in mind the level of customer service and price breaks the company is willing to offer. Learn as much as possible from the sales representative about the reasons that make their company 'top' in the auditorium seating business.

The next thing to consider when buying theater seating is the comfort. If people cannot be comfortable in the seat, they possibly will not come again. This is very important when considering how many visitors and new members of the church pass through each year. Details to consider in the theater seat are lumbar support, fabric choices, and the type of material the chair frame is covered in. The latest technology in chair frame covering is molded foam. Make sure to have all the details of the inner workings of the auditorium seating before making a purchase decision.

The end panels are important when considering which style of theater seating to be purchased. Typically auditorium seating comes two ways: wood panels and fabric panels. Numbers can be added to each one, but with fabric panels custom embroidery can be added. It's almost time to consider cost, but first measurements and parking lot requirements need to be taken into consideration.

After considering all these options it is time to determine a budget per seat. Typically pews cost about $80 a seat whereas theater seats range from $100 to $120 per seat. Costs will be higher when adding things such as custom details, embroidery, and other features. When figuring the cost per chair, make sure to understand discounts given for certain quantities bought and make sure to have adequate warranties. God has presented you with the great responsibility of helping to grow a church. Nehemiah says in the second chapter verse 20; "The God of heaven will give us success".

Church Furniture

Church furniture comes in a variety of styles and shapes these days. Both new and used church furniture is decorating our sanctuaries and fellowship halls. Fitting the theme of the building- can be very important whether it is traditional, modern, or contemporary. Used church furnishings can be "jazzed up" in order to fit remodeling projects the church makes, and save the congregation money that way as well.

Where would one shop for the proper furnishings? What type of church furniture exists? Some churches may be traditional and have long, wooden pews, cushioned seats, and kneelers. More modern churches have furniture that has individual chairs that disconnect from one another, or connect in order to create rows. Used church furnishings can be found and refurbished from churches that may be closing down as well as ones that are looking to upgrade the overall feel of their sanctuary.

There are online businesses that specialize in both new and used church furniture. For example, larger houses of worship that may have theater-style seating can contact a business that concentrates on providing that type of seating. There may also be companies that specialize in designing pews for congregations. Some businesses might even offer you the chance to buy or sell your church furniture and give you a discount when selecting new church furniture.

For ministries who may be struggling financially, there may exist ways more prosperous churches can help. Maybe newer churches that are getting rid of their furnishings and can donate their old ones to the struggling churches. This might be the kind of upgrade the struggling ministry needs to fit their budget.

Not only can smaller churches benefit from donations, but mission projects can as well. All over the world new out reaches are being planted and buildings made. Seating is essential and can become very costly. There may be businesses that specialize in accepting donations from bigger churches and will ship the used church furniture to those countries that need it the most.

Whether its mission related or an upgrade to its facilities, church furniture is a must. Knowing where to look and what businesses have the best offers needed for these projects is helpful. Happy hunting!

Gothic church furniture comes from the period in history circa 1150 to 1550 and was revived in the 19th century when this antique church furniture returned to popularity. Gothic is not just a term to describe the kinds of worship center styled furniture. It was an architectural style predominant throughout the middle ages. When the Victorians revived the style, it was historically accurate, and captured mostly in cathedrals and public buildings. "The rich and the poor meet together: the Lord is the maker of them all" Proverbs 22:2). Elements of the predominant architectural design eventually influenced domestic interiors as well.

The style certainly has a recognizable style today. The design in general includes stained glass and pointed arches. The colors red, blue and gold are commonly used in Gothic church furniture. In instances where this style is utilized, the artists drew on influences from the medieval ecclesiastical architecture most commonly seen in churches and great cathedrals. The colors and design draws from remaining medieval manuscripts including illustrations. Because of the time frame when it became popular again, American churches weren't a huge part of the revival. More established worship centers and cathedrals in Europe caught on more quickly to the distinctive design. Classic examples of the style include Notre Dame in Paris, Wells Cathedral in Somerset, and King's College Chapel in Cambridge. The medieval look that helps accentuate antique church furniture includes open beams in the structure of the building, large, stone fireplaces, and lots of black wrought iron in displays such as candlelight and chandeliers.

The style features ornate wood carvings, usually in darker wood. A worship center showcasing this design would appear dark, lit by candlelight and stained glass windows. The woodwork is the key feature of Gothic church furniture craftsmanship. The lines are straight and clean, but within a simple pew or door, the carvings are extremely intricate and detailed. Gothic is sometimes associated with dreary and menacing. Truly, it can be very beautiful, but only if replicated correctly. Today, antique church furniture can be quite costly. Because the craftsmanship was done so well and so long ago, the pieces go for large sums. It's not practical for a church to purchase authentic furniture, but there are many businesses in the marketplace offering replicas. A pair of chairs could cost approximately $2,600, but to buy replicated furniture will be much less expensive. Nevertheless, seeking a beautiful, old world styles for a worship center can bring back the physical feeling of how great God really is.

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