How To Make Extra Money

Few people don't want to know how to make extra money, especially when times are tough. Since seventy percent of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck, when unexpected bills arrive, there is an immediate cash flow issue, and unless these bills are put on a credit card, an absolute financial no-no, something serious has to give. Making extra money can be the solid answer to the dilemma, but where to make it and how are always difficult questions to answer. When the phrase extra money is used, it assumes that there is already a job in place, and now the person is looking for another source of income. So the issues is how to make extra money in the other approximately 76 available hours a week, not counting eight hours of rest a day.

Most financial advisors will have people begin by looking at their present budget to see where to gain some much needed income. This takes the jaundiced eye of an outsider to accomplish the task. The person having cash flow issues is not usually prepared to make unbiased judgment on what expenses can really be cut in order to find new income sources. When the how to make extra money discussions turn to cutting out cell phones, cable television, eating out, movie rentals, entertainment, turning down the thermostat (in the winter), car-pooling and other drastic measures, these suggestions just aren't real palatable for many people. It takes someone from the outside saying "this is what you have to do to get three hundred extra dollars a month" in order to wake many out of the financial doldrums. And if this is a joint effort by husband and wife, both must agree to the budget cuts or the entire process will be DOA.

But the how to make extra money advice by financial experts doesn't stop at budget cutting in terms of suggestions for making more money. Many are suggesting that personal possessions be jettisoned in order to generate income. The great American dream of owning as much stuff as a person can hold in his garage has turned many people into credit paupers. The beginning of getting some money back is the willingness to begin parting with the stuff we thought we had to have to be happy. A person will live even if the television is a 20 inch model rather than the one hundred and three incher that filled up a whole wall downstairs. A person will live even if there is no boat to go skiing or fishing every weekend. And a person will live even if diamond earrings have to be replaced with costume jewelry from Target.

Making an effort to stop the financial bleeding ought to be job one when a person cannot live on a present income level. Obviously, the desire to want more than one can afford is often the cause of much financial discomfort. But rising costs in almost everything may be another of the reasons for wanting to know how to make extra money. And if a person has cut every expense cost possible and is living on a bare budget without any frills and yet there still isn't enough, then more drastic measures have to be made. It's at this point of desperation that many people become vulnerable to cons and scams on the Internet and even in the local newspaper. Remember that stuffing envelopes with just a hundred dollar investment is a scam no matter where one sees it. And most assembly jobs on the Internet are also scams so run from those things as fast as possible.

If a person has a talent for making things, why not try and sell those items on eBay? Do some research and find out what items really are selling on the leading auction sites, then go into business selling them yourself. Perhaps starting a business helping people organize yard sales, or clean houses on the weekend could be just the idea one needs to answer the question of how to make extra money. There are always people looking for reliable and thorough cleaners. Mowing lawns and shoveling snow are great for young people, but if all the equipment is powered even older folks can do this. If you can teach piano or people to learn how to use the Internet or any other marketable skill, then think about becoming a consultant in an area where you are really gifted. "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." ( Matthew 7:21)

The question of how to make extra money is answered by many people who tout the Internet as the source for all things. And if a person can use the Internet to market oneself with some of the ideas already put forward in this blog, the Web is a great tool. But there are many who have lost a lot of money listening to get rich quick scammers who are quick to tell people how to make extra money by involvement in Internet businesses. Most of these businesses and claims are false and those who are most anxious to make extra income are the ones that fall hard for these phony claims. If you are leaning hard on the railing of expectations, you are very vulnerable to almost any story that sounds good. Please be careful and step gingerly. You know the saying: "If it sounds too good to be true..."

Money Making Tips

Many individuals are looking for money making tips to supplement their incomes. In a troubled economy, people become more concerned about household expenses, indebtedness, and the jittery stock market. They worry about employment stability. Those people who have lost their jobs are burdened with the need to care for their families and the search for employment in a scarce jobs market. On an individual basis, there is little that can be done to improve the nation's economy except to pray that governmental leaders demonstrate wisdom and foresight while making decisions that affect the citizenry. But individuals can, and should, take responsibility for the economic stability of the household. This process begins by taking a careful and candid look at the household's sources of income, every single expense, and totaling all debt. Armed with this information, an individual or couple can take a realistic look at the household's financial situation. If the monthly outgo comes close to or exceeds the monthly income, then steps need to be taken to decrease expenses, increase income, or, more likely, do both. There are money making tips that can help with the "increasing income" option.

One idea for bringing more money into the home is to turn a hobby or passion into a cash-generating venture. This doesn't necessarily mean going to the expense and trouble of opening a store or a business. What it means is figuring out a way to make some cash from a skill, talent, or love of some topic. For example, someone who has talent with a needle can offer to do alterations or tailoring. Another person may bake and decorate cakes for festive occasions. A person with a love for cars may become a weekend backyard mechanic or even buy and sell hard-to-find items for restorers of antique automobiles. These money making tips may not replace a salary, but can help generate cash to pay off debt or meet other financial goals. A person who wants to turn a hobby into cash needs to give serious thought to her skills and abilities as well as what information she knows that might be beneficial to others. As an example, it's possible that an interest and love of medieval history could be turned into some type of part-time job, perhaps as a consultant for medieval fair events or as a researcher for authors writing about this time period. With imagination and creativity, most people should be able to find a way to make money through their hobbies and interests.

Perhaps one of the most important money making tips for people to heed is this one: beware of get rich quick schemes. King Solomon said: "Labour not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom. Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven" (Proverbs 23:4-5). Legitimate business opportunities seldom result in instant riches. But as a person continues to become known for her alterations, delicious cakes, mechanical genius, or indepth knowledge, the more likely it is that customers will seek these services. Of course, the internet is a popular venue for earning an income. Technology has made it possible for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to open online businesses. Some of these grow into large companies, but many remain micro-businesses with tiny niche markets. Just because they're tiny, however, doesn't mean that they're not successful. Actually, an online store doesn't even need to sell a specific product or service to generate cash. Content-rich blogs and websites are often used to earn income for savvy individuals. Anyone interested in developing such a site should look for money making tips that include advice on affiliate marketing, search engine optimization techniques, and passive income generation.

To generate quick cash, family members may gather unwanted items and have what amounts to an online yard sale. This is easy to do through the popular online auction sites. Some people enjoy selling through auctions so much that items are bought specifically to sell. In this way, many entrepreneurs have opened online stores with minimum overhead expense. Ecommerce is certainly becoming an ever-increasingly popular way for people to shop. Taking advantage of this trend means seeking money making tips on such topics as deciding what items to sell, managing orders, building customer loyalty, and proper record-keeping strategies. Of course, marketing is an important part of any business, no matter its size or structure.

It's really not that hard to find legitimate money making tips that will help to generate additional revenue. But the other side of the ledger shouldn't be forgotten. Just as important, if perhaps not more so when economic times are tough, is to carefully examine one's expenses. A plan should be created for decreasing and then eliminating indebtedness, especially credit card debt. Some monthly expenses may be decreased. For example, a cable bill may be reduced to the basics. Or perhaps the time has come to review life and auto insurance policies to see if cheaper alternatives are available. Just the simple process of writing down every penny one spends in a month can often reveal spending habits that can be stopped. Is it really necessary to have a cup of that premium coffee every morning? Probably not. Many households can benefit from money making tips that turn hobbies and interests into cash and money saving tips that, at least temporarily, tightens the spending. This two-pronged approach may be all that's needed to give the household some financial breathing room until the nation's economic condition is on the upswing.

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