Pulpit Furniture

Pulpits are probably the most important piece of church equipment that will be bought. It signifies the level and style at which the minister preaches. Pulpit furniture comes in many different styles, sizes, and prices. Budget is important, but getting an item that truly works with the style of the minister is more important. If a minister wants a simple wooden outlet, his choice is at his discretion, just as a preacher who wants an etched glass outlet. It is all up to the individual teaching style of the minister. Another thing to consider is how the furniture will flow with the rest of the church's visual look. All church furniture can be purchased at the same time to ensure a perfect match, but this is certainly not necessary.

If a congregations worship center is a multipurpose room, keep in mind where the pulpit would go when the room is being used for something else. Lightweight, portable designs are available. Above all, the minister needs to pray and council with other ministers before choosing pulpit furniture. Purchasing pulpits is a very serious decision because of its signification. It would be a bad investment to make a decision and a year down the road realize that it doesn't fit the minister or that does not fit the purpose needed. The minister or preacher should think about what he would like to carry to the front of the room. This would include his Bible, sermon notes, a glass of water, and maybe even some props. Does he want these items hidden or in view? Will he need a light on the stage? Simple evaluations like this can change the direction of the purchase and enable a more concise decision.

Not only does the stage look signify the style and the authority of the minister, but it is typically also the 'home' of the church Bible. This is the place that the church's Word of God will 'live' until a change is made. A symbolic representation of the bible is to have a stone pulpit. Some people choose this because the Word of God is said to be the rock and our foundation, thus a stone pulpit signifies its strength. . Integrating the opinions of the rest of the elders and decision makers within the congregation is also important. "Forby wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: And in multitude of counselors there is safety" (Proverbs 24:6). Whatever style of pulpit furniture is chosen, it is important to feel comfortable with the decision. Visiting other churches and 'test driving' their pulpits to see what is comfortable is also a good course of action. Praying diligently about the purchase is wise and God will bless the efforts.

Church altars are the point of the church building where congregation members and attendees can bring their prayers, praises, and confessions to God. Altar supplies can turn this area of a church into a focal point for congregations. Majestic crosses shine to signify the salvation of Gods people through Jesus Christ. Candles glow so that people can remember that God is present as worship continues. The bread plate and the chalice consistently draw the attention of the crowd to the amazing sacrifice that Christ made on the cross for the sins of the world. These supplies help people to acknowledge their faith and distinguish their identity as Christians.

This area of a building is beautiful simply because of what it represents. Arrangements of flowers located on the altar can signify life. Offering plates portray the offering of Christ's life for His people. Each of the altar supplies that are displayed has significance and a meaning for Christians. The pieces of art, decoration, and beauty attached to church altars are symbolic of Christ's demonstration of love for His children, and their dedication to Him.

Though not all churches boast the same decorations or supplies, most choose to place a cross at this point to pay reverence to the Holy God. Altar supplies in the form of a cross are usually wooden or brass; however, many of today's crosses are made from other materials such as pewter or stone. Candles or candelabras are also a very common decoration with the candle holder or candelabras coordinating with the cross at many church altars.

"For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread" (1 Corinthians 10:17). Whether a congregation practices communion every Sunday or one Sunday per month, altar supplies are needed. A communion table cover will be placed over the communion items in order to keep them pure until they are consumed. Napkins also cover the bread plate and the chalice so that the elements continue to be sacred before the Lord.

Many other materials or supplies will be used to decorate this area of the church. Often, linens cover the church altars in order to protect the wood. Some churches will change the cloths throughout the year as the church calendar changes. A different color cloth will represent seasons such as Advent, Lent, and Pentecost. Other materials or items may be necessary seasonally, depending on the practices of the individual church. For churches that celebrate different occasions or have varying needs, there are many places where items and materials can be found for decorating and adorning this very special area of the church.

Church Pulpit

Church pulpits are the focal point of a sanctuary or worship center as preachers utilize this valuable tool in bringing God's message to the congregation. When folks arrive on Sunday morning, they take their seat and fix their eyes upon the this dominant marker. Because a church pulpit can become a focal point on the stage or platform, congregational committees take care in selecting one that will not draw attention from the speaker or preacher but will serve as a beautiful reminder that the World of God is present on the stage. "I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee." (Psalm 22:22)

This unique piece of furniture is associated with a specific church purpose, and not just any old podium. Church pulpits are often used interchangeably with a lectern and podium. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary tells us that a lectern is a stand used to support a book in convenient position for a standing reader. A podium is simply defined as a raised podium, particularly for an orchestral conductor. A pulpit, on the other hand, is an elevated platform or high reading desk that is used in preaching or conducting a worship service, specifically a piece that supports the Word of God, our Bible.

Though lecterns and podiums do resemble this distinct piece used in churches alone, they tend to be smaller in size and less ornate. Unlike lecterns and podiums, many a church pulpit display a cross or another Christian symbol on the front. Certain congregations even choose to have their symbol, logo, or name engraved on or carved into this high profile piece.

Some of the newer or more contemporary churches have made the transition from the traditional wooden piece to the acrylic or Plexiglas pulpit. Such church pulpits are chosen because they are thought to be less of a distraction to the congregation since they are somewhat transparent and can make the stage appear larger. Ministers choose these selections so that they feel there is less of a barrier between themselves and their church members.

Although there has been an increase in demand for pieces that are acrylic, Plexiglas, or even granite, the majority of today's churches still prefer the time-honored wooden model. A wooden church pulpit may be custom made from multiple types of wood and stained to match the furniture and woodwork that is displayed in the sanctuary. Designing one that exhibits a combination of woods and stains often becomes a beautifully decorative and unique work of art. Colonial models utilize this contrast of color by accenting a white background with deep cherry or mahogany details.

As with any piece of furniture, the price will vary depending on the style and the size. Wooden pieces may cost anywhere between $1000.00 and $5000.00. Acrylic models are less expensive and may run between $500.00 and $2000.00. Those investigating and considering purchasing a church pulpit might want to begin browsing the companies that offer church pulpits online. There are many different manufacturers listed and this is a good place to get an idea on prices and sizes. Also, be sure and check out any used furniture sites, often churches that have closed or have moved will offer used goods through these broker sites.

Plexiglass pulpits are a great way to transform a regular building into a more personal worship center. When someone hears the word pulpit one generally thinks of a wooden-style podium that is at the front of the sanctuary, usually where the pastor preaches. Plexiglass is usually thought of as the material that is used on the backboard of a NBA basketball hoop. More and more institutions, such as schools, lecture halls, and even churches, are turning to a different design of lectern. Just like churches can be traditional, modern, or contemporary, so can the size, shape, and style of a podium, or in this case, a plexiglass pulpit.

These structures have a more designed and transparent style. The shape can resemble that of an L-shape or in that of a Z-shape. Plexiglass pulpits can be used as a piece that compliments the design of the sanctuary as well. It is well constructed and can have rubber edges that help prevent ruin on the floor's surface and the podium itself. Anyone can shop online for a plexiglass pulpit and choose which design best fits the specific needs. Some plexiglass pulpits can be handcrafted and can take a few weeks to create, while others have the original wooden frame and have plexiglass that serves as the centerpiece. These structures have been important throughout the history of Christianity. In Nehemiah 8:4 it is described how important it is. "And Ezra the scribe stood upon a pulpit of wood, which they had made for the purpose;"

These structures can be engraved with either pictures or words, depending upon specific needs. Plexiglass pulpits have different packages and some contain a sound system that helps amplify the sound when giving a presentation or a sermon. If used in the church, they might display a picture of a dove, a cross, or some other insignia representative of Christianity. Most companies may have a symbol list that anyone can choose from in order to custom fit a plexiglass pulpit.

Some online businesses may have catalogs available for order. These catalogs may show different characteristics and styles and the various uses. Dimensions may be available and that can help determine what size will best suit the congregation. They definitely serve a purpose, allowing the pastor to take his place and preach to the congregation. If not careful, it can become easily scratched. Make sure to be cautious when it comes to handling the plexiglass pulpit and make sure others do the same.

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