Sunday School Curriculum

Sunday school curriculums may bring to mind many images, mostly from people's positive or negative experiences in the past, with various teaching materials. One person might visualize their hands shaking as they finally sign up for the preschooler's morning class, while others might fondly recall the days of cotton ball Sheep, lemonade and goldfish crackers. Sunday school curriculum can be basic, effective and creative. Furthermore, there are plenty of resources available to guide Bible teachers in the most effective methods for presenting the Gospel to a particular age group.

Many times people over-complicate Bible lessons, when really the lesson need not be complex to be memorable. Therefore, when teaching a Sunday school curriculum there are three basics to remember: keep it simple, quick, and creative. Many teachers try to stretch their lessons into a complicated concept and teach from week to week. Depending on the age group, kids do not have the memory span to remember last week's lesson. Let the age-catered simplicity of Sunday school curriculums relieve the stress of presenting it. In addition, consistent class attendance may not be common, so simple and self-contained lessons may be even more important.

People also often make the mistake of trying to fill the entire time, so they over prepare material, and then try to get through everything before the end of class. Keeping the lessons quick or brief may help relieve some anxiety. Remember, the entire class does not need to be filled with an hour lesson. A child's attention span is short. Most often, the Sunday school curriculum children will remember are those that are focused on fun and concrete concepts. For example, a teacher could incorporate a giant fishing net and Jesus' "fishers of men" concept, and the children can take turns getting caught in the net.

Bible teachers do not have to come up with lessons on their own. There are plenty of resources available through Christian book stores, denominational resources and on the Internet. However, there always is room for creativity in order to best tailor a lesson to the children being taught. As long as the kids are safe, teachers do not be afraid to take risks in planning Sunday school curriculums. If a certain game or activity flops, the class learns and moves on. Sure kids love fun, fun, fun but they are also very forgiving. Talk to the kids and understand their favorite activities, then find creative ways to incorporate their interests in a Sunday school lesson.

Today, kids seem to be facing issues earlier than expected. Therefore, it is more important that ever to have applicable Sunday school curriculum teamed with a loving atmosphere that molds the little ones into Christ like leaders. Most of all, teachers should be encouraged, because every lesson is a seed planted in someone's life. The Sunday school curriculums that are chosen prayerfully can be like Deuteronomy 32:2: "Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants."

Sunday school lessons are available from many different sources and for pre-schoolers to adults, so finding the right material may take time, but it is out there. People will find various options for a Sunday school lesson curriculum, through denominational supports, Christian Book Stores, as well as the Internet. Perhaps the biggest factor in choosing the material for a class is the age group being taught in addition to the teacher's own style of presenting. The Bible instructs to "Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6). While the parents hold the primary responsibility, Sunday school teachers also can influence a child for Christ when using relevant curriculum to teach him about Jesus.

When most people think back to their childhood in church, they probably have vivid memories of their junior church or Sunday school classes. A Sunday school lesson can leave a lasting impression on students or members of the class. The material can be uniquely offered, utilizing a small group or classroom to practice applications and share experiences, because a class or small group membership can be a wonderful place to interact. Using the availability of different teaching techniques, one can have the opportunity to teach valuable Biblical principles with Sunday school lessons, within the warmth of an environment of peers. Indeed, choosing the right curriculum and taking the time to prayerfully prepare can make a difference on lives for generations to come.

When making decisions about the materials that are to be used in teaching students, the instructor should take the time to thoroughly research all of the options. In some denominations, a Sunday school lesson is already prepared, but the teacher can use outside sources to compliment the study. With other denominations, Sunday school lessons are based around certain scripture, but the delivery or the teaching materials are to be selected by the teacher. And then, in some cases, the entire class is subject to the teacher and the material they have come up with. In any case, a teacher will want to bring their own unique personality into the classroom and appropriately address the age and characteristics of the members of the classroom.

When choosing Bible teaching materials for each unique group of class members, think about how they can apply this lesson to everyday life. Be sure and bring real life circumstances into all of your Sunday school lessons. Visual aids and interactive hands on projects can also be helpful in presenting a Sunday school lesson that will have a lasting impression. The Bible certainly does not need to be intimidating, it needs to be experienced, so bring the scriptures of the next lesson into an atmosphere of love, humility, and excellent learning possibilities.

Sunday School Lessons for Children

Sunday school lessons for children will help them to get involved in learning about God and implementing His behavior at a young age. The question is what types of curriculum are considered interesting and appealing? Picture a child for a moment; a new kid to the church. This child has never heard the Good News of Jesus and doesn't really want to be there. The child does not know anyone and is too scared to get involved in the group activities. A new visitor may find that the activities are boring to an eight year old. This is a scenario one should take into consideration when it comes to teaching youngsters about Christ. Kids come from all walks of life and backgrounds, all interested in different things.

As the teacher, it is the job to get the kids engaged and really honed in on the purpose of the message which is the love of Jesus. Through teaching Sunday school lessons for children, an instructor can capture the kids' attention and get them involved in what is being taught. Many have found out that those who include the kids in the lesson are more effective in the long run. For example, say the instructor is doing a story on Giddeon. They can get the kids involved in role-playing. Assigning parts to the kids such as those who are on Giddeon's side-with trumpets and clay jars, a makeshift battle can be made within the church classroom, especially for those boys who need to be active. Other students can be the opposing side each with their own roles and afterward, the instructor can have the youngsters retell the story back in their own words. This can help to check for a real understanding of the story as well.

It is up to the discretion of the instructor though, and if it is thought that a particular story might get out of hand if it were to be acted out as a class, it can be modified accordingly to fit any group's needs. Most Sunday school lessons for children can come in a variety of formats. Some who teach these children come up with their own ideas and projects for their shared classroom time. For others, they look to the curriculum provided by the church. A church might have master school teachers over volunteers who can show them how to write out lesson plans for assistants. This curriculum may include a step by step process with game time, story time, lesson, crafts and songs. The more help is offered; the easier it is to plan a curriculum that embodies the essence of getting to know Christ.

Sunday school lessons for preschoolers are a rich, rewarding and foundational tool for any church education curriculum. For those bouncy, inquisitive and naturally open young hearts, this specifically designed curriculum is tailored to present the Bible in an effective way to 3 and 4 year old learners. A simple, Biblical truth planted in the fertile soil of a young child's mind can yield a champion for Christ in the years ahead. Well-written Biblical material in the hands of a dedicated Sunday school teacher can influence many children.

These specially designed lessons are part of an overall age-graded curriculum that various Christian curriculum and education companies offer to churches for their Sunday school programs. Each company offers age-graded materials that extend from pre-school through the adult age group for any church's education department. Each learner can be taught with the appropriate materials throughout the age spectrum. Just as all other age-graded Sunday school lessons, Sunday school lessons for preschoolers are designed to target their particular learning abilities and interests.

This curriculum is also designed to provide many teaching aids and enhancements such as activities, posters, storybooks, videos, music, games, crafts, and much more. These extra aids allow the Sunday school teacher to present in a very interesting and exciting manner that helps imprint the particular lesson in the child's mind. There are many extra helps for teachers as well such as teaching newsletters, online curriculum samples, charts, and other teaching tools available through any Christian curriculum company. Sunday school lessons for preschoolers are a great way to reach a child for Christ! "But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for such is the kingdom of God." (Luke 18:16).

Typically, 3 and 4 year old preschoolers are just at the stage of learning development that allows them to enthusiastically understand one or two basic principles of Scriptural truth per lesson. Sunday school lessons for preschoolers can provide a format for teaching the basics of God's love, forgiveness, sharing with others, telling the truth and many more important truths. Each curriculum company provides a scope and sequence plan which provides material covering basic areas of the Old Testament and New Testament as well as an orderly approach based on a Biblical time frame. This exposes the youngster to highlights throughout the entire Bible before moving on to the next grade.

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