Used Church Pews

Purchasing used church pews for a congregation is a money saver when building a new sanctuary, or even remodeling a current sanctuary. Furniture that has a little "wear and tear" can be just as functional and beautiful as new furniture. With a little care and new upholstery, used pews could be a wonderful answer to church remodel or building budgets. Before making firm decisions on what type of seating would be perfect for a sanctuary, consider buying seats that are already broken it - People may never know the difference!

There are many churches that are remodeling or changing their seating format for their worship services. These churches may have perfectly good seats that they are willing to sell to another congregation at a fraction of the cost of buying new seating. Also, some specialized furniture manufacturers may take used pews in as a trade for new ones. These manufacturers may offer the seating at a discounted price. Furthermore, before finishing price-comparisons for the churches' seating needs in the sanctuary, contact other churches and furniture manufacturers to enquire about other options.

It does not take much extra time to purchase used church pews, and the savings in cost will be well worth the energy spent. Buyers should know that buying any used furniture, is buying furniture that is not perfect. While used church pews may not be flawless, for a fraction of the cost of new furniture, they can get the job done well. Furniture committees may not find a broad choice of colors and styles with gently-used seating, but fabrics can be changed, and old furniture can be restored or altered. Therefore, the committee that is selecting the new furniture will want to thoroughly examine whatever they choose to buy before purchasing, thus making sure that the used pews are in good condition, or can be properly restored.

The Internet offers a great way to shop for used church pews. Buyers can research different styles and sizes, determining what their sanctuary size will need for adequately seating their congregation. Once a general idea of what will be needed is decided, then congregations can begin to speak with manufacturers and other churches about finding and purchasing furniture. Buying church pews is an important process, because it is important that the congregation and its guests are comfortable in the of worship for years to come. Then, the people of God can "enter His gates with thanksgiving, and come into into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name" (Psalm 100:4).

Stackable chairs are the answer to a church's seating needs and space problems. They can be used in a variety of places. Traditionally, these seats were predominately choir chairs, allowing for convenience and mobility. But today, churches are looking into the flexibility that these seats can bring to a sanctuary, allowing a sanctuary to serve as a multi-use gathering area. These convenient seating methods are no longer considered to be only choir seating.

Seats used by the choir are for musicians and vocalists that need to be movable. As worship teams change, adding numbers of instruments, the entire presentation of a Sunday morning platform can change. Choir chairs will need to be relocated about the stage, giving musicians and singers a place to sit during announcements or during the sermon. If a church has added a special ensemble for the Sunday morning service, this seating may need to be added to the music area. And, seats for actually choir members can change in number as musical specials are added for those special worship occasions such as Easter or Christmas. This seating method has always given a worship team and choral group the ability to be extremely flexible in their presentations.

Today's Christian churches are entering into new phases of church building use and stackable seating is an important component in this new phase. Many churches today are looking to have their church buildings utilized for more than Sunday morning and evening worship services. As Christianity takes its place predominately in everyday life, Christians find that gathering as family members in Christ is a priority. Fellowship meal times, large Bible studies, seminars, youth events, and banquets are becoming a part of Christian life. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. (1 John 1:7). The church has needed to address these large -scale events with out the expense of major building projects. Stackable chairs, a simple idea with profound results, can be the answer to adding space without adding new building costs.

Convenient seating options not only provide valuable space and flexibility for a church, but these chairs can be extremely comfortable. Stackable chairs now come in various widths, sizes, and pitches to appropriately support your back. This seating option can also be padded and upholstered for extreme comfort and style, unlike past choir chairs that were often utilized. The adaptable chairs are no longer the old flimsy metal seats that folded against the wall. Stylish, flexible, and comfortable, stackable chairs are finding their way into the churches allowing churches to meet the ever-changing needs of their congregations.

Church Pew Reupholstery

Church pew reupholstery will make old worn-out pews look like new again and cost much less than buying brand new seating. A sanctuary needs to present the heart and soul of the church and worn pews can give an impression of a church that is tired and lagging behind. And, of course, there is always a budget to consider, so buying new furniture throughout a church may not be an option. Pew reupholstery can bring just the right measure of freshness a congregation needs to create a new and refreshed ministry.

Buying new furniture can be very expensive, especially for large congregations with a great deal of seating necessary to facilitate the members and guests. There are many churches that spend from $25,000 to $50,000 on furnishing the sanctuary alone, but pew reupholstery is not nearly as expensive. Going this route can bring sizable savings to building or remodeling projects. Church pew reupholstery is generally one-third to one-half of the cost of purchasing new pews. If the church is working with a tight budget, this is a very important option to consider, especially when there are other remodeling projects taking place within the building.

Not only can churches have their seating updated with new fabrics, reupholstering the furniture will involve placing new pads or cushions on pews. Committees may also want to increase the comfort of the congregation by adding a new layer of cushioning over existing fabric, before adding the new fabric of church pew reupholstery. Pew reupholstery is an opportunity to consider making a congregation as relaxed and as stress free as possible while worshipping and praising God. "I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving." (Psalm 69:30)

There are many experts or professionals that will come to a church and refurbish the seating on site. Having pew reupholstery done on site can certainly save time and money, and sometimes there could be no need to interrupt worship services. This process can be started and completed very quickly, often within a week. Most craftsmen will come to the church to evaluate the condition of the pews and to measure them. Then, church pew reupholstery experts can give the congregation a bid, including both the time and cost of the project. The Internet can be a great place to begin a search for businesses for pricing and further information on this subject.

Pew restoration may involve sanding down an existing pew, restaining the wood's surface, reupholstering fabric or choosing one that would compliment the design of the sanctuary. This can be a hard job. Since a chapel seat is long and can be an awkward piece, it may be hard to find a place that does pew restoration. These seats are used day in and day out- faithfully sat in by churchgoers everywhere and need a little tender loving care.

Congregation members and pastors can go online and do a search for refurbishing. There are bound to be businesses that can cater to their needs and reupholster the fabric on a seat. A church that has wooden pews with currently no cushioning on the seats may be able to find businesses willing to add the needed fabric to make a comfortable pew.

Some companies may have an actual refurbishing process. Some pews may need to be stripped down and need new wood to be added. The pew restoration may also require screws and nails to be replaced in the wood's surface so that the piece will be made durable and able to serve its intended purpose. Other restoration companies may determine that existing seats are just too old and must be completely replaced. There are some pews that date back to the days of its original church's structure. Sometimes that can be hundreds of years old. It is important to maintain each pew, polishing it, removing splinters, and making its beauty shine for years to come.

Furniture restorers can provide refurbishing guides and that allows church caretakers to know the importance of caring for a pew. The guides can tell whether or not a seat is worth saving and being cared for and can describe different techniques available when trying to make the seat look its best. These pew restoration guides may even explain if the cost is worth restoring the seat or whether it's better to invest in new ones altogether.

Churches that are facing a time when their pews are looking faded and ragged, may find it worth investigating businesses that are available to make this renewal process easier. Those seeking restorers need to research these companies and see if they have testimonials from other people who have commented on the quality of their workmanship. Pastors can ask other local ministers who handled their refurbishing. After all, the church is God's house. Only the best work should be done to the place of worship. "All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name. Selah" (Psalm 66:4).

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