Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School supplies are available in a variety of forms, giving each unique program the opportunity to meet the needs of attendees. If a church is planning on hosting a children's summer Bible event, then VBS supplies are essential. Those who are new to this type of planning and who are heading up the VBS, will want to become educated about the various Bible aids and supplies on the market. To make the entire process easier, leaders will want to gather plenty of volunteers to help in coordinating and leading the programs. The focus of the study and the goals of the summer programs will help in guiding which effective materials to purchase and from whom to purchase them.

Let's say that the committee has decided on a theme that deals with a safari. The program will need to get VBS supplies that will help support this fun jungle theme. These Vacation Bible School supplies might consist of palm tree decorations, curriculum suitable to this type of teaching and the aids might include anything as small tape and sing to videos that correspond with the lessons.

The most successful programs not only have coordinating Bible materials, but also have coordinators! Plenty of people need to share in the responsibility of hosting a successful event. Some programs set up separate stations for different activities. These stations might include a game person and this person could be in charge of finding their vacation Bible school supplies, giving them the opportunity to choose a game or project that they will enjoy participating in. By allowing volunteers to actively take part in selecting specific aids, volunteers take ownership in the entire summer project.

There are many different suppliers that offer Bible materials for all age groups and these suppliers can be found through a number of different distributors. VBS supplies can be found at a local craft store or Christian book supply. The Internet might also be a good place to search for materials because many Bible material publishers also have complete programs that cater to children of all ages, and these programs include curriculum, tapes, craft ideas, and leaders guides. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

Another station that may need specific supplies is the story area. The people in this station would be the primary storytellers for the day. They would be dressed in garb and act out scenes from the Bible stories that correspond with the week. So, say that you were doing a story on Daniel and the Lion's Den. VBS supplies that would be needed are material to make the costumes. Using furn and effective Vacation Bible School supplies will help create a fun environment that draws kids into the story and the entire week, teaching them important applications from God's Word.

Vacation Bible School ideas have grown from a simple afternoon of games and lessons, including a Kool Aid break, to complete children's camps with an entire fleet of activities. Finding the ideas for VBS can help churches create Vacation Bible Schools that are exciting, dynamic, and powerful in their presentations of the Bible and the Gospel message. Holding these activities gives churches opportunities to reach out to families in the community as well as the opportunities to teach children and youth biblical values. Churches can find great curriculum and ideas through the local Christian bookstores or on the Internet.

Because Vacation Bible School has become a large outreach opportunity for churches, getting vacation Bible school ideas is an important step in creating an event that will make an impact on the attendees and the church. VBS has evolved over the years to be a large-scale event that offers a learning environment that meets many different learning styles. Games, snacks, Bible time, sharing time, dancing, singing, and group dynamics have all been incorporated into new VBS programs. Entire churches are transformed in decor, as the best ideas for VBS include decorating rooms and hallways to match the theme of the week.

This is a great time to build a relationship with families in the community that may be in need of a church, or would otherwise not attend church. When looking for Vacation Bible School ideas, be sure and choose curriculum that is kid-friendly, making the most of an outreach possibility. Ideas for VBS could also include a parent orientation, or a large closing event where the parents are invited to come and watch, or even take part. This is an opportunity to meet with parents and extend them the invitation to come to or join the church, and simply to "use hospitality one to another" as God's Word tells Christians to do (1 Peter 4:9).

When searching for a fresh idea, people can check out the many websites that offer VBS resources. The Internet provides tons of information about getting a VBS started, financing, recruiting volunteers, and much more. There are websites with ideas for VBS that can instruct on choosing a theme and carrying this theme throughout the entire program. Other helpful information will include scheduling, food preparation, and safety issues. Taking the time to research Vacation Bible School ideas will bring many options and creative ideas for getting a churches Vacation Bible School off to a good start.

Bible School Curriculums

Vacation Bible School curriculum is readily available from many sources to make a church's summer program exciting and fulfilling for both the children attending and their families. VBS, as it is often called, is considered by many churches to be a vital part of their community outreach. Whether it be an African safari, a train ride to the North pole, or an imaginary journey to the moon, the right Vacation Bible School programs are key to providing an experience that will draw the children in, and often cement them into the life of the church.

The VBS theme and lessons that the church chooses will be instrumental in helping achieve the overall goals. Most church's offer such children's events for evangelism, drawing both children and their parents from the surrounding area. Promoting Vacation Bible School programs through community announcement boards or neighborhood visitation can be effective means for drawing in those families.

The typical VBS plan will establish a goal for the week, involving both scripture memory and Bible stories. Each day typically consists of both large and small group activities that are age-appropriate. The average Vacation Bible School curriculum will include music, arts and crafts, games, and snacks. Often, a large group gathering will begin and end the day with a rotation of activities for small groups, taking up most of the VBS time.

Books and materials can be a costly component of a church's VBS week, but it can be adjusted according to a church's need. Making copies of teacher instructions, ordering only what is necessary and returning unused materials, and asking for donations from the church family are all ways to cut costs in a Vacation Bible School program. Many churches advertise through the weekly bulletin and ask for snack and craft item donations that can help keep costs low. They could also buy items in bulk or charge a small fee for registration. Some churches will even organize play productions through Vacation Bible School programs and charge a small fee for tickets to see the kids in a show at the end of the week.

Finding a theme that meets the needs of a church's VBS week can make this outreach very successful. Vacation Bible School curriculum and programs can make a church more visible in the community and enable them to impact the neighborhood in a positive way with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many churches find this evangelism tool to be among their most effective. "Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the LORD" (Psalm 34:11).

Vacation Bible School material can offer the opportunity for children and young adults to learn about God, meet new friends, and have fun. The items used in these church programs have evolved over the years to provide an adventure in learning about God and His Word, as they include games, stories, crafts, music, and scripture study. Vacation Bible School materials can also provide an opportunity for outreach in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ for those who may have not heard, or may have not yet taken the opportunity to accept Christ as their way to salvation. With the broad range of information and programs available today, churches can offer an exciting way to learn and live the Word of God to their own children and youth and to the children and youth of their community. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).

The programs offered through these summer church programs have grown over the years to create more of a camp atmosphere. Some Vacation Bible School material will allow children and youth to be taken away on a Safari Jungle in search of the secret treasures of the Word of God. VBS campers can join a select corps of an army of Christian soldiers, experiencing "Bible Boot Camp" with ropes courses and mess hall type snacks. Today's Vacation Bible School materials have pulled together music, snacks, crafts, and Bible lessons into one theme that will leave an everlasting impression upon the attendees, helping them apply all that they have learned on a daily basis.

The curriculums offered through VBS can also include a component for those that may be new to Christianity. Throughout the course of experiencing the Vacation Bible School material, children and youth can be learning valuable lessons in God's grace and mercy, presenting the truthful need for a Savior. And, most Vacation Bible School materials will write into the curriculum the perfect place and time to present the gospel of Christ to those who may not yet believe. VBS can be a wonderful opportunity to extend the salvation of Christ to young ears.

There are many programs available from a variety of sources. Denominations may write and publish their own, or Christian publishing companies may offer a selection of Vacation Bible School materials. The Internet can be an excellent place to start searching for programs suited to the needs and size of the group. It is necessary to be sure that the Vacation Bible School material chosen is friendly and welcoming to those outside of the church family, as VBS is a wonderful outreach opportunity. To start the search for material for your church, the coordinator or church staff member must simply type "VBS" into any online search engine. The ideas and suggestions found on the Internet are endless.

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