Ways To Make Money Online

Ways to make money online is a favorite topic of millions of Internet users these days and hopefully few if any of them have fallen for the many scams that are floating around out there in cyberspace. Paying people money to find out some "secret" to Internet wealth is a sure-fire red flag that ought to be avoided at all costs. There are only a couple of real ways to make money on the Internet that are solid and that a person can count on for steady income. They aren't glitzy and they take some work, but they are proven ways to have at least some money coming in. The first of the ways to make money online is to sell stuff.

Now this is a wide open field because anything can be sold, and it has been said in some quarters of the Internet world that people will buy almost anything if they can find your website. In figuring out what to sell, most experts say that it all begins with one's passion. If, for example, a man or woman has a passion for fine bone china from the 19th century, and that china is what the person eats, dreams and lives for, then that ought to be what is sold on a person's website. If it is long haired dachshunds, then that is exactly what should be sold online. Selling something a person has no interest or passion for only means that when the tough times come, the person will give up. When thinking about ways to make money online, remember how many retired people finally end up doing what they have always wanted to do and go ahead with your passion now. Why waste time?

Many people are kind of stuck on the idea of selling things when it comes to sales on the Internet. But there is also the thought of selling services. From cleaning houses to lawn care and consulting, ways to make money online must include the possibility of all the many service possibilities. Again, it's all about doing something a person truly enjoys doing. Why would anyone want to spend sixty hours a week doing lawn care if he loves playing the piano? "The Lord is my rock and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength in whom I will trust; my buckler and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from my enemies." (Psalm 18: 2, 3)

Now this would be a good time to stop and think about one's website and make sure that it's good enough to do some business online. When it comes to websites for business, the rule of thumb is: the simpler the better. If a person has a lot of flash or animation on the website or if the site is complicated to traverse, then the visitors will quickly give up and go somewhere else. But the website must also be constructed is such a way as to gain as high a standing on the search engine's results pages as possible. This is a bit of a complicated issue and it takes someone who really knows how to optimize a website for the best search engine results. The discussion of ways to make money online needs to include not only a website that is business oriented, but also a website that takes advantage of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the other of the really big ways to make money online. If you aren't familiar with affiliate marketing, just think about all the trips that you have taken down the Interstate highway system and the thousands of billboards that one sees along the way. Perhaps a traveler pulls off at a gas station for gas and snacks, attracted by the large high way that juts a hundred feet into the air. But on that same station's property are other billboards advertising the ice cream store down the road. And another billboard on the same station's property shills for the western wear store next door. This is exactly the model for affiliate marketing on the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is based on gathering a number of like-minded websites and sponsoring each other's ads on those sites. Remember the passionate fine bone china gal? She gathered up six hundred like- minded websites from sterling silver retailers to fine living websites to antique dealers and even some upscale travel websites. She worked out agreements with each one to place a link on their site to hers. If sales were made for any reason or product, the host website that sponsored her link would make a profit. And of course she sponsored many of their websites on hers and she could make money also. Of all the ways to make money online, and there are an awful lot of scams and long shots out there on those five billion pages, is to sell stuff and use affiliate marketing.

One of the ways to get more traffic to visit your website though, is to write an interesting blog that people will read. The fine bone China woman began writing a very interesting and sometime humorous blog that told of all her trips around the country to find her treasures. Additionally, she often gave tips to other would-be buyers on how to spot the real and not so real product. The blog was never about buying china from her; rather it was meant to help people get their questions answered about collecting china. Many marketing experts suggest that ways to make money online should include a blog that while it isn't meant to sell anything, can certainly contain links to her website and those of her affiliates.

Making Money Secrets

The idea of making money secrets implies that there is classified, covered, and camouflaged information that is not accessible to most people. In a way; that is true. But, this concept comes with numerous exceptions. The number one secret involves mindset. Mindset, in and of itself, is not a secret. However, the correct mindset seems to illude many people. People who are successful have a common mindset; that is the concept of "thinking success, breeds success." Most people have a tendency of thinking about what they don't have; as opposed to thinking about those things wanted. The first step in the mind changing process is to set up long term goals. Using the power of thought and imagination, one must see themselves having the same types of thought processes of someone who uses sucessful making money secrets. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:9)

Lack is a common thought when someone does have something. Yet, successful people think of what is possible. Certainly, when a person doesn't have a house, thinking, "I wish I had a business." is a normal thought. Yet, those who have plenty of savings have different though patterns. Replacing that old thought with, "I will invest $2,500 this year to start my own business," will start the wheels of a person's mind turning to thoughts of how to accomplish this goal. If a person has a goal of savings this amount of money, that's a good start to learning making money secrets. The next step is to develop a plan to accumulate that amount of money. Also, looking into the types of businesses a person can start with this amount of money would be another step in the process. One the one hand, there is a goal. Then, there is a plan forming to get to that goal. This thinking negates the negative thought of "I wish...." and puts into motion the positive workings of "I will...."

Although, this is such a simple and easy thing to do, many people look past it, because there is the supposition that there has got to more complex than that. No so. The biggest hurdle to making money secrets is the human brain. The brain pulls tricks on people all the time. People often have wrong thinking in that an idea is not the same as something tangible. Successful people know that an idea is just as real as a tangible item. Before a person ever went to outer space; someone had to believe that this was an achieveable goal. Moreover, the personal compute was just an idea in someone's imagination before it became a reality. Instead of saying those things are not possible; the inventors and explorers simple created a plan to achieve it.

There are no making money secrets to speak of individually. There are only mindsets and actions that are taken to create the reality. Simply telling someone to change their thinking is not so easy; though. There must be a fundamental belief in the possibility of achievement of the goal. Small successes will help to build the belkief system that will allow a person to "think and grow rich." If a person truly wants to make money and wants to know the key to attracting abundance into their life; positive affirmations is a good way to get started using making money secrets. A typical positive affirmation may be "I can do it." Simple, but powerful, this affirmation has been repeated by thousands of successful people all over the world. Many of them look in the mirror every morning and say it to themselves. Of course, there are setbacks. A setback is when all efforts have been made to meet the goal and the person falls short. Falling short is not defeat. This is a temporary condition that should be met with more determination, more persistence, and most of all an attitude that failure is not an option.

Successful people have this mindset. No matter what happens, these people do not give up until the goal is met. Once the goal is met, another goal is set. And so on. Many large corporations have started using the same making money secrets described in this article. One well known computer software company started this way. The entreprenuer had a goal of their software product being used on every personal computer that was produced. One problem; they didn't have the software. The type of software was a very special type. The software was called an operating system. As a matter ofact, no computer can actually run without it. This entrepreneur did not make computers nor did was the software their own product; only the idea. The entrepreneur found someone who made such software and purchased it from the programmer.

Then, armed with the software, the entreprenuer went to the largest personal computer maker and offered to allow them to use the software to run their computers. The best part of this person's making money secrets was that instead of selling the software to the computer manufacturer; this person licensed the software for use on each machine. When a machine was sold, the cost of the software licensed was passed on to the consumer. By setting everyday thoughts on what is desired in life; a person is lead right into what they want.

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