Worship Songs

While singing worship songs, Christians are offering a heartfelt expression of love to God. Generally speaking, any music that is designed for the human voice and that expresses honor, devotion, and praise to the one true God can be considered Christian worship songs. While singing, Believers are focused on the attributes of God and they are drawn to Him. Ideally, the burdens and concerns and annoyances of everyday life are minimized through personal and corporate musical praise. Feelings of awe, inspiration, love, and joy spring up as songs of praise are sung to the audience of One. Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praise of his people.

Formerly heard only on obscure Christian radio stations, worship songs are now starting to appear as crossover selections of pop radio stations as well. Artists and producers recognize that this music can speak to people in a way that sermons or books cannot. They realize that a great way to evangelize is through the use of Christian worship songs. Even some music that is not necessarily written by Christians or intended specifically for that audience can express godly values and be used in praise and reverence for the Lord. A touching or memorable tune sung by a popular artist can have a tremendous impact on an otherwise unreached soul that may be seeking for answers to the big questions of life.

In some Christian circles, unless the song is included in the hymnal that sits in the back pocket of the chair or pew at church, it is not fit for church use. This is a sad and legalistic view of Christian worship songs. After all, Isaiah 42:10 says, "Sing unto the LORD a new song, [and] his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof." Singing new choruses is encouraged several times in the Bible. Some churches are leery to introduce the newer popular worship songs as they do not want to lose the more traditional, typically older, church members. Some worship directors try to introduce new songs gradually; others offer different services to cater to different musical preferences.

The book of Psalms includes some of the first recorded writings of Christian worship. It's no wonder that many Believers use verses from the Psalms as a basis for their own worship songs. Simple messages of faith, trust, security, obedience, and victory permeate the Psalms and many of today's Christian worship songs.

Music lesson plans are a wonderful organizational help for any teacher and provide an educational instruction plan for this broad subject. For use in a wide array of educational institutions and church music departments, programs for this subject, along with others are offered by a multitude of educational sources. The importance of a daily music lesson plan for the success of any program cannot be underestimated as can be attested to by teachers and educational administrators alike. Not only do pre-formatted programs relieve the educator from the headache of developing a format from scratch, but it also assures that there is no chance for mistakenly omitting any necessary material.

These programs are developed by competent educators who understand the basic scope and sequence of a musical education necessary to cover all the material a learner should absorb at their particular grade level. A multitude of education companies provide music lesson plans for K-12 curriculum with one lesson building upon another using a logical sequence of musical knowledge to instruct. From the earlier grades to the upper level grades, the scope of this education is more finely tuned adding more and more information as an older learner reaches a higher competency.

All important areas of musical education are presented in these formatted programs and appropriately designed for the specific grade. Some music lesson plan programs are designed to present a broad understanding of the fundamentals such as basic theory, history, songs, styles and more through a curriculum-based package. There are other stand-alone music lesson plans available that offer specific instruction on topics such as composing, appreciation, and learning the basics of keyboard or vocal instruction. There is no limit to the options regarding these programs provided by educational resource companies.

A structured program will provide the teacher with a step-by-step daily plan of instruction that will more than adequately fill each classroom period with exciting teaching suggestions. Specific detail as to how to teach a particular bit of information plus interactive tools such as games, drills, crafts, and more are a wonderful help found in an effective music lesson plan. Many educational sources offer downloadable programs as well as printable sheets from their websites. Software, videos, and CDs are all extra enhancement products available as well within many packages.

All effective teaching aids of this nature can be purchased by credit card or credited to an approved account. Some companies offer institutional discounts for churches or non-profit organizations. Teachers may search for music lesson plans through online curriculum stores or ask their favorite educational resource for a printed catalogue. It is important to take advantage of the almost limitless possibilities for music lesson plan packages found in any educational resource company. "Serve the Lord with gladness: come before His presence with singing." (Psalm 100:2)

Worship Bulletin

A worship bulletin can be an important component to a Christian service because it can share information and prepare members for what the service subject matter will be. With written communication in hand, members can enter into a sanctuary with all the information they will need for the church's upcoming week of events and worship. Worship bulletins can also provide scripture verses, meditations, and responsive readings that are used during the celebratory service. They may also include the opportunity for guests to fill out contact information and for others to request prayer from church staff. Multi-functional, written brochures can serve a variety of purposes.

The Sunday morning piece is prime space for church staff and committee heads to make announcements and share vital information about upcoming events. With the ease of having notices and announcements at their fingertips, members and guests can plan their week easily around church events. A worship bulletin can serve as a vital means of information about budgets, volunteer needs, fund-raising, mission's information, and service times and schedules. "open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy" (Proverbs 31:9). Worship bulletins are also a great place to present a churches doctrines and beliefs to any guests that may be visiting, so it should be able to reflect a churches image and values.

Written communications can increase the worship experience by listing scriptures, songs, or responsive readings. The worship bulletin can bring the celebratory service into a truly interactive occurrence with scripture and music that reflects the message of the pastor or speaker. Worship bulletins can also provide a written order or outline of the day so members and church guests can be aware of what is happening during the service and throughout the day and when. Graphics and design work can also be added, visually stimulating members into the overall scripture learning experience.

Brochures used in this way can have many faces, messages, and purposes. Once these facts are realized, worship bulletins can begin to become an important element within a church and during a service. Selecting and praying over a congregation's worship bulletin and the information it contains can add a very special element to the services. There are many professional printers that print this type of material, and there are brochures that can be developed within the church office with special computer software. Taking the time and energy to discover all that a simple newsletter can bring to a special celebratory time and service, will be time and energy well spent.

Choosing an offering envelope can truly be an important decision because offering envelopes can speak of the church and the programs sponsored. These fund support aids can be an essential part of a church financial program, as this aid can help donors understand more about the programs they are giving to. There are many choices to select from, and using these types of envelopes can make giving a simple and hassle free task.

There are a variety of styles and a variety of objectives for systems that collect money. Most churches have an offering envelope as a part of their Sunday, or primary worship, event. These may be included in the church bulletin or inserted into a special place in the sanctuary or pew, allowing members easy access to giving. There are also offering envelopes that are included in donor seeking mail-outs that are used to raise funds for specific purposes. Whatever the need, those raising funds or overseeing a gift program should take careful consideration in design and the purpose of the campaign.

When using an envelope for general church financial needs, an offering envelope that gives the donor ample information about where funds will go can help donors not only make decisions about giving, but increase their giving as well. The envelope can have the actual programs or needs listed on the it, giving the donor options in selections. This will allow the donor to choose one or more programs to give to, and this also helps administration with their bookkeeping.

When raising funds for a specific project or need, using this type of system can make giving an easy task. Mailing out appeal letters and information about a need is a wonderful means of sharing information. Including an offering envelope with the information mail-out can give donors the ease of simply returning a check in the provided envelope. There is no hassle in finding their own envelope or looking up addresses. Marketing research has shown that using this aid included with appeal letters can increase the over-all giving to a project. "Give to every man that asketh of thee: and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again." (Luke 6:30)

The Internet is a great resource when considering ideas for fund development campaigns. There are many different printers and Church resource providers that offer design and ideas for offering envelopes and browsing the Internet can help anyone locate the perfect resource for the church. Make the most of every giving opportunity, and choose financial support aids that give the information needed to share adequately and simply.

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