Christian Identity Theft Attorney

A Christian identity theft attorney can help victims gain control of their life after being a victim of fraud and can give direction on important issues that can be done to help regain identity. Identity theft can hurt a person by destroying his or her good name. This can keep a person from getting a job because many employees today check the credit of applicants before they will hire them. A victim will find it difficult to purchase a home, an automobile, or apply for any new types of loans. An identity theft attorney can help victims by giving them advice on what needs to be done in order to restore one's good name. There are some things that a consumer can do to try and prevent identity theft from ever happening. These include checking one's credit report frequently, not giving out one's social security or driver's license numbers over the phone, shredding any sensitive information, and having firewall protection on one's computer.

A person's social security number is their personal identification to the government and to creditors. Gaining access to this number can allow a thief to max out credit cards, withdraw all the funds available from one's checking account, steal retirement benefits, and open up new accounts that go unpaid. Trying to regain identity takes some time especially when the damage is extensive. An identity theft attorney can help victims restore their good name. In addition, a person can find out their rights by looking up the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). "But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up" (Matthew 24:43).

People who are victims should consider consulting an identity theft attorney for a list of basic things that should be done. A person needs to check to see if they have any missing credit cards, personal checks, or debit and check cards. If checks are missing the bank will need to be notified and a stop payment put on the missing checks. For missing credit cards a victim will need to call credit card companies and have them cancel the old numbers and reissue cards with new numbers. Passwords should be changed on any ATM cards. If the crime includes opening new credit card accounts the post office should be contacted to try and find out where the new credit cards were sent. The victim should then put in a change of address from the fraudulent address to their own home address. Misuses of a social security number should be handled by calling the Social Security Administration to see if a new number can be issued. A person should consider filing a police report and consulting with an identity theft attorney any time they are a victim of identity theft.

To help prevent identity theft a person should never give out his or her social security number or other personal identification out over the phone. Some good habits include never writing down social security or driver's license numbers on a personal check or when cashing a check. Another good habit includes shredding any information that contains personal identification numbers or information such as checking account numbers or credit card account numbers. Always shred credit card offers that come in the mail. If a thief gets hold of a preapproved offer from a bank they could easily send it in and put a different address on it. An identity theft attorney will tell a consumer that thieves who practice this type of deceit will take the new offers and try to get them approved under a different address, then charge them up to the max and not make any payments on them.

Consumers should call the Attorney General's office any time they suspect fraud on their person. A complaint form should be filled out and kept on file. This is considered a Federal crime. An identity theft attorney can help the victim to regain his or her identity through the awareness of legal documentation. Placing a fraud alert on one's credit report will help the credit bureau detect any possible future occurrences. A fraud alert tells creditors that a person may be a victim so they can take precautions before approving any new accounts. A fraud alert usually stays on a victim's credit report for at least 90 days but can be extended beyond that for as long as seven years. In addition, filing an identity theft report entitles a victim to specific legal rights. The three major credit bureaus will use the report to block fraudulent information on a victim's credit report. Also, a creditor is not allowed to try and contact the victim for payments of fraudulent debts.

Individuals can do some things to help prevent fraud. One precaution that might help to prevent personal id theft is to carry only what is needed in a pocketbook or wallet so if stolen the thief has limited information. An individual should never carry a social security card with them unless it is absolutely necessary. Another precaution that can help a person from becoming a victim is to equip one's personal computer with virus protection, firewall protection, and spyware software. Sometimes thieves use bogus email addresses and web sites to try to gain personal financial information, account numbers, and passwords from unsuspecting victims. When making online purchases a person should only do so on sites that have security encryption. An identity theft attorney can offer some more advice on how a person can minimize the risks of becoming a victim.

Christian Credit Repair Advisor Services

Credit repair advisor services are important to people who have a poor financial record due to overspending and missed payments on bills and loans, but wish to improve their financial score for future lending. Many consumers find themselves in a losing financial battle when it comes to their histories as a result of tragic circumstances beyond their control or poor money management. In either case, a counselor may be able to assist desperate consumers who are not experts in addressing financial improvement issues. Clearing a financial history of damaging information can be a tedious, unsuccessful process, unless tackled by a knowledgeable parties such as credit repair advisor services.

It is not to say that every consumer who needs improvement cannot just do the work themselves. However, the process can be difficult and frustrating without using the right tools and many credit repair advisor services are experts in offering up-to-date information and strategies of financial improvement. It is not impossible to systematically clear a poor borrowing record with proven financial and legal strategies that many reputable companies employ. Securing the services of a credit repair advisor service can provide a workable plan for restoring damaged finances.

There are law firms and companies that are well-versed in the most current legal methods that can result in removing negative items from one's report. Many consumers have found that it is a frustrating process to deal with the reporting bureaus that keep the financial history of American consumers and seek out a credit repair advisor service for help. Some consumers have experienced a dead end road even after writing letter upon letter and providing documented information to clear up a mistake on their history. A law firm, or other credit repair advisor service that takes on a consumer's challenge, is experienced in dealing with the bureaus from a professional, legal point of view.

Many companies offer a guarantee that they will remove certain items from one's financial report. Some items can more easily be removed by contacting credit card companies and other lenders who may agree to report the account paid as agreed. A credit repair advisor service can provide advice and options for these sort of issues as well as larger issues such as bankruptcy as well as mistakes made by a third party. Some mistakes found on reports are simply mistaken information regarding an account, but it may take a professional to clear the matter up. There are many online credit repair advisor services that can answer anyone's credit repair questions. Consumers shouldn't be afraid to ask for help, especially from the Lord. "Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth" (Psalm 124:8).

Credit repair attorneys can help those, who have experienced financial pitfalls, improve their situation by offering legal help and practical steps. The primary job of a credit repair attorney is to determine which aspects of the situation are legitimate, and which may be overturned. Then they focus on eliminating the mistakes, while helping the client learn how to better steward the money and assets entrusted to them.

People sometimes do not realize how bad their financial situation is until they try to make a major purchase. Whether a person is trying to buy a house, a car or other large ticket item, or trying to get a loan of any kind, the potential lender will check their finances to insure the borrower will be able to repay the debt. However, if someone has too many outstanding bills, late bills or even a judgment against them from a previous payment that they were not able to make, that person may be disqualified for a loan. In cases such as these, people would be wise to seek out advice from a credit repair attorney on what to do.

Many credit repair attorneys offer free initial consultations that can help people evaluate whether a professional is needed to help the situation. If a free consultation is being offered, the person should make sure they come prepared with specific questions as well as accurate documentation so that the attorney can have a good picture of the individual's financial situation. Furthermore, a credit repair attorney might have a guarantee on the work provided. For example, if a client decides to work with them, the attorney might not charge the client unless they can get the situation rectified. In addition, potential clients will want to know what the expected compensation for the legal fees will be. This is very important information because no one wants to be stuck with a legal fee if they are not able to get their credit repaired.

Finding help for one's finances is easy, because there are many Christian people offering assistance to repair financial situations. To find a credit repair attorney, people can look in the local phone directory, or check online to see which credit repair attorneys are in any particular geographical area. Checking with friends or relatives, who may have used the services of one in the past, is also a good place to find information. Finally, committing a journey out of debt to the Lord is the most important facet of improving finances: "For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper" (Psalm 72:12).

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