Debt Management Tip

A debt management tip can significantly help people who are unsure how to manage their money, credit, and debts. Debt management tips can be found from numerous sources, including Internet sites, credit counseling services, banks, even friends and family. While most are probably legitimate, beware that not all advice is good advice. The best advice is obvious: avoid debt in the first place. Some of the wisest (and, in fact, wealthiest) people buy only what they need, pay in cash, and avoid overextending themselves financially. Although this sounds a bit old-fashioned or idealistic, it is a debt management tip that offers a lifestyle worth considering.

This information is easy to read and even agree with, but actually managing finances well will require persistent effort. Of course, the best debt management tips are ones that agree with biblical wisdom on the subject of finances. Everything we have is really God's in the first place and we should seek to honor him with our resources. "But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day". (Deuteronomy 8:18)

One of the first things to do is make a thorough listing of all sources of income and all expenditures. Include all liabilities, indicating specifically who is owed and how much the balances are (not just the minimum payments). Armed with this information, a person may be able to devise a budget by themselves. The debt management tip here is to look very carefully at where the money is being spent. Many people don't realize how much money is wasted on a daily or weekly basis because "it's only a dollar" or "it's on sale."

Once extra funds are discovered, a person can cut back on spending and use that money to pay down debt. This brings us to the next debt management tip, which is to pay as much as possible on the debt with the lowest balance first. Then when that one is paid off, move on to paying off the next lowest balance. This option gives a sense of accomplishment and motivation. Consider calling a credit counseling service for assistance. These agencies can work with someone to develop a workable budget, help settle debts with creditors, and provide valuable information about other debt management tips and alternatives including loan consolidation and bankruptcy.

Debt management solutions are available to those who are looking for ways to get their financial situation under control. Whether someone is seeking credit counseling for overall financial health, wanting to reduce credit card bills or wanting to consolidate, there is a debt management solution available for everyone. Many are available on the Internet for consideration and comparison.

Unfortunately, we have become a society that lives and thrives on credit. Because the issue of too much credit has become a problem for some of us, we need to seek out debt management solutions. One option is to reduce unpaid balances on our own, either by generating additional income to pay off overdue balances, or to curb our spending in order to apply more of our monthly income to our debt. Once there is additional income, the debtor should apply it to the smallest overdue bill. When this unpaid balance is paid off, the same amount should be carried over to the next unpaid balance, until all financial burdens are clear. However, this financial improvement option requires much discipline on the debtor's part.

Another debt management solution is to consolidate overdue balances into one lump sum. Consolidating is not a means of adding a new loan to existing debt, but rather it combines current overdue balances into one lump sum. While this debt management solution combines current unpaid balances under the umbrella of one monthly payment, this often times is at a lower interest rate as well as over a longer period of time. Therefore, monthly payments will become lower, thereby freeing up cash in the budget each month to begin a saving and spending plan that will help the debtor stay free of money troubles. Debtors can look for financial improvement options of this type through financial institutions, or, for homeowners, by means of a home equity loan.

The assistance of a credit counseling agency is required for other debt management solutions. However, be wary and wise when dealing with credit counseling agencies as there as some bad apples in the barrel. People looking for financial options through credit counseling should avoid counselors that work on commission for putting clients into a financial plan or giving them a debt management solution after a brief phone call. Legitimate credit counseling will offer only viable financial improvement options after a 30-90 minute counseling session, and will not charge more than $50 for setting up an account, nor will they charge more than $25 a month maintenance fee.

There are many viable debt management solutions on the Internet, where web surfers can compare options and check out the company or agency. However, the best financial option is to get out of money trouble in a way that works for the individual and their family. Debtors should consult God on how to maintain a lifestyle on a balanced budget. "Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation" (Psalm 38:22). God always helps us find the best answers to our problems.

Debt Consolidation Plan

Debt consolidation plans can enable a debtor to reassess their financial position, beginning with the use of a budget. Listing all assets and income against monthly expenses can provide an idea of what the greatest financial needs may be. Most creditors have their own established plans of repayment, and when a person finds they can't meet those, they may need a debt consolidation plan. The use of such plan can be the first step toward regaining the financial ground lost.

By evaluating the budget and curbing needless spending a person can develop the most personalized steps available. No one knows each persons financial and personal life better than himself or herself. Working with someone who is a professional financial adviser and a Christian is a great start for starting a support network for the journey to a debt-free life. Having patience and trust in a plan and God are definite ways to see a person succeed. The important thing to know is that there is always a way to make a better financial life.

This route can operate in several ways. Some debt consolidation plans require home ownership and consolidation by taking out what is in essence a second mortgage on that home. With the borrowed money to pay off all unsecured creditors and only the one payment to the second mortgage holder rather than many payments to creditors. The advantage to this type of debt consolidation plan is that the creditor will probably end up with more money left over at the end of the month than before. Some options for a debt consolidation plan are similar in that they operate by taking out a personal loan and paying off the other debts with the same end result. Romans 13:4 says "For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil."

Probably the best option will have someone work with a counselor who will negotiate with creditors and maybe get a reduction in amounts due. The debtor will agree to deposit a certain amount into a fund each month, and the counselor will use it to pay off debts. These debt consolidation plans enable a person to predetermine what they can pay. After researching the subject, someone may discover debt consolidation plans can be the best defense against the crippling debt accumulated.

Credit counseling companies provide individuals with the information and tools they need to better manage their financial assets. Financial counseling services work with individuals to evaluate their current financial health and provide debt consolidation assistance to move individuals toward a debt-free future. If someone is struggling against an ever-increasing tide of bills, hiring a counseling service to assist with debt might provide just the professional help that is needed to break they cycle of financial burdens.

Consumer credit counseling services will confidentially evaluate a consumers current financial situation and assess whether you are a good candidate for consolidation or other debt reduction strategies. Debt consolidation takes all of an individuals current debts and rolls them into one large loan at a lesser interest rate than the individual creditors are likely charging. Counseling services will evaluate the current level of debt and, working with the consumer, come up with a reasonable amount that can be paid monthly toward these obligations. Typically, a counselor can reduce the total monthly debt payout by as much as 40%-60%. Should the individual choose to then enroll with the financial service company, they will then represent the consumer to all creditors.

As part of a consumers advice on debt consolidation and reduction plans, the organization or representative will contact all creditors and inform them of enrollment. Using the money the consumer has paid monthly as part of the consolidation plan, they will begin working with each of these creditors. They will negotiate debt with that creditor and come to an agreement until all obligations have been cleared. These credit counseling services do charge a fee depending upon the complexity of the financial situation; however, the potential savings they net the individual by negotiating typically covers their services. As a rule, non-profit counseling services charge lesser fees than for-profit agencies.

Many people have never been taught how to manage their money and live within a budget. Consumer credit counseling services also provide education sessions on topics like creating a budget and using credit properly. The goal of counseling services is not only debt consolidation and elimination, but also to teach a person how to better manage personal finances so that they might continue to live debt-free. Other services often provide free credit reports, analysis and educational information on building credit, buying a home, and building a solid financial plan. Working with a counselor can help a person to conquer debt and place them on the road to financial freedom. "He that trusteth in his riches shall fall: but the righteous shall flourish as a branch." (Proverbs 11:28)

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