Debt Relief Network

A debt relief network that offers consumers laden with credit card debt an alternative to credit counseling, loan consolidation, home equity loans and bankruptcy action is ready to help them completely wipe out unsecured debt in about a year. The plan is a very "in your face" method of playing hardball with creditors and through a series of on purpose confrontations with card companies, uses the lenders' own regulations to put them on their heels, causing an eventual dismissing of all debt. But long before the debt is dismissed, the obligations are assumed in total by the debt relief network in a legal contract and the they welcome the daily legal confrontations with credit card companies that will occur. There is a fee that is paid to the network to begin the process and that fee is a onetime only payment. Then for only the first month, the consumer pays the 2% minimum payment for each charge account plus forty three dollars, and this goes for each separate credit card account.

This is a legal wrestling match with creditors that uses basic contract law principles. When creditors lend credit card money, the contract includes an offer to lend money, the terms for using the money and an implied acceptance by the use of the card. These same three factors are about to be used against the lender; so when the client gets his next set of credit card statements, the minimum payment plus the forty three dollars and the bill is sent to the debt relief network. When the network passes along this minimum payment, deliberately late, included is a statement that says that on the cashing of the 2% check the new minimum payment is ten dollars a month and that no interest, no late fees and no negative reports on credit histories can be assigned to the consumer. It also says that the network will assume responsibility for all the debts and the cashing of the minimum payment check is acceptance of the new agreement. In addition, the cashing of the check also means acceptance that any late payment fees or any other demands will result in penalties to them of between five hundred and twenty five hundred dollars. With the forty three dollars, the debt relief network will continue to send about four months of ten dollar payments for that particular account.

Of course it's not hard to see the gigantic collision that's about to happen. Instead of agreeing to the contract, which the lenders always legally do by cashing the 2% check, they begin violating the terms by adding interest and tacking on late fees. Each lender occurrence of violating the agreement is costing the lender big penalties. The debt relief network will pay the debt at ten dollars a month for as long as the lender follows the agreement, but they never do. Within months the credit card company owes more in penalties than what it was owed on the original account. Then the network asks for relief of the debt or it will go after the lender for the penalties. God reminds us that there is an awful for our sin when the bible declares, "The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Romans 6:23)

It a lot of ways, the debt relief network plan is genius. And when it comes to getting back at lenders who have practiced high powered usury for years, a person wants to stand up and cheer. The incredible toll that year after year of debt can exact on individuals is staggering, including violence, health issues and divorce. But there are dilemmas for those who see this strategy as an unbiblical abandonment of responsibilities. Much of the discussion comes down to whether a person should be subjected to ungodly and anti-scriptural usury. The Old Testament would appear to limit the lender to no more than seven years of a business relationship with a borrower and the interest had to be fair and not punitive. If anyone would say with authority that this plan is right or wrong, the authority would have to come into question, for the quandary may be more about self-inflicted guilt than a definitive biblical answer.

The debt relief network does have some caveats to share with their potential customers. First, creditors may shower the former owner of the accounts with bill collectors. The network says it can get those stopped. The network also warns that the credit report will take a nose dive, a direct violation of the agreement that the creditor made with the relief agency. When the final agreement is reached between network and who are now their creditors, the erasure of all negative remarks and their effects will be completed.

Whether the decision is to use this debt relief network plan or to use credit counseling which is another possible abandoning of obligations, or to work three jobs to pare down the principle, each one has negative drawbacks. With recent days being filled with news of possible depression-like conditions on the horizon, the possibility of greed and power finally being addressed may become a reality. But the fact remains that those who have great riches will always have usurped power over the not so rich. If a person sees this strategy as the chance for the little guy to strike a blow for the whole gang, take time to really investigate the plan. Look for critics, search for legal loopholes and pray for guidance on this most interesting option for credit elimination.

Debt Relief Program

A debt relief program is some type of repayment or discharge of debt program geared toward those who have gotten in over their heads financially. These programs are offered with many different components and many different emphases. Debt consolidation, debt counseling, and debt management services are available to those desiring to get out of debt for good. If you find your personal finances and personal unsecured debt has gotten away from you, a financial assistant may be able to help you.

A debt relief program can take one of many forms. You may desire to hire a debt professional to negotiate your plan to repay what you owe when you discover you can no longer pay the minimum payments required by your creditors. You may choose to deal with your creditors directly by use of debt relief programs. Choosing your plan of attack is the first step toward ridding yourself of the burden of debt you have created by poor planning or poor spending habits.

Getting help can help you keep from having to file bankruptcy by getting a hold of your spending and charging habits. The credit counseling aspects can be one of the greatest benefits of seeking someone to help. A debt relief program should not just help you make arrangements to pay off your debts, but should also help you to keep from continuing in the bad spending habits you have been practicing. These services can be a godsend to those who face the fear and frustration of financial instability on a daily basis.

A debt relief program can help you get back your life. The harassment of bill collectors and creditors will be stopped. The dunning letters jamming your mailbox will also cease. Debt relief programs will give you back the peace of mind that accompanies wise spending and credit use, and knowing that you are once again in control of your money. Getting financial help can positively change your life and bring you back to fiscal solvency in your personal finances.

Working with a financial expert can help you determine to keep your promise to pay your creditors. Deuteronomy 23:21 says that if you make a promise or a vow, you should quickly pay it. There are services that are geared toward helping those who have acquired too much debt to begin a systematic program of repayment that will in the end bring them to a place of return to financial responsibility. Receiving help in time of need can be an answer to prayer to someone dealing with debt in his or her personal finances.

A debt relief company is a business that will help a consumer with reducing or negating heavy financial burden, that is a result of over spending or crisis. There are many reasons that consumers find themselves trapped by a low credit score. There are organizations that are helping consumers with the stress of dealing with bill collectors and with the worries that being in a financial crisis can bring. A debt relief company can help a consumer by negotiating lower interest rates, lowering a principle balance, or initiating settlements. Consumers should be careful to research and ask plenty of questions before entering into a contractual agreement.

When consumers are over-burdened with financial strife, life can be rough. The stress of over due bills and collection agencies' letters and calls can bring about more crisis than the stress of living day to day. There are many reasons that consumers may find themselves further into trouble than they can handle, and these reasons can include unexpected circumstances such as loss of a job, divorce, or even death of a family member. Whatever the reason, consumers will find that debt relief companies are there to help them lower or remove debt from their credit reports. With others there are promises of being debt free within one year. Romans 15:13 says "Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost." Keeping this verse close to mind can help motivate anyone to keep going with a plan to get back on financial track.

Consumers will receive the services of negotiations where the hired organization will contact the credit card companies and other lending agencies that the consumer owes money. The debt relief company will negotiate with the agencies for lowered or no interest rates, credit an account with the already paid late fees, reduce the principle balance or even negotiate for a settlement. Some will even help consumers with legal matters, such as disputed charges. Good debt relief companies will also help a consumer with developing a budget and learning to spend wisely and within their financial means.

If someone is heavy in debt, and is considering employing help, then they will want to be sure and investigate several debt relief companies before signing a contractual agreement. Most can truly help with financial problems, but there are some that will only end up costing the consumer more money with large and hidden fees. Be sure and ask for references and promises in writing when working with any kind of debt relief company or credit counseling agency.

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