2u Rack Mount Servers

A rack mount chassis framework is used by companies to house a configuration of computer equipment. The rack itself is the standard metal frame, which may be made of aluminum or stainless steel, which holds the server and other devices. For example, the vertical system may also house hard disk drives, modems, switches, and routers. Racks can also be used for storing audio and video equipment. Manufacturers of these metal frames follow established measurement formats that have become the industry standard. In computer terminology, the amount of vertical space used by a server is called a rack unit or a U-space. This has been further shortened to the letter U. In the world of computer geekdom, a single U equals 1.75 inches (or 4.45 cm.). This is a vertical measurement. Therefore, a customer who is interested in purchasing 2U rack mount servers will need a metal framework that is two times 1.75 inches, or 3.5 inches, in height, to house those servers. In computer lingo, a full rack is forty units with each unit measuring vertical 1.75 inches. The shelving structure is designed to vertically stack the various components.

Some computer hardware vendors recommend the 2U rack mount servers for most small and medium-sized companies. This size will handle most of the computing application and internet needs required by such businesses. Though a very small company may not require the additional power and features of a server of that size, a 2U rack mount chassis may still be a cost-effective purchase. This is because the vertical audio port on some motherboards is too tall to fit into a 1U rack mount chassis. The taller audio port requires the extra inch to fit securely into the framework. Most servers, whether they are 1U or 2U rack mount servers, or even larger, are designed to fit the standard size of the framework established within the industry. As in other industries, standardization allows companies to choose from a wide variety of vendors and provides the vendor a large pool of prospective clients.

For a simple example of how standardization improves the ease of buying and selling, think back to the early days of hard drives when some computers came with a drive requiring a large floppy disk and others used the smaller hard plastic ones. This caused frustration when people with one kind of disk needed to transfer information to a computer that required the other type. Eventually, the floppy disk went the way of the dodo bird. With the advent of CDs, the small disk also seems headed for extinction. But isn't it interesting that CDs and DVDs are the same size? Because they are identical, at least on the outside, the computer hardware only requires one drive to accommodate either type. Though the ancient Hebrews did not know anything about the heights of standard servers or vertical audio ports and had never heard of disks, floppy or otherwise, they understood the importance of standard measurements. Consider these few verses: "A just weight and balance are the LORD's: all the weights of the bag are his work" (Proverbs 16:11); "Divers weights, and divers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the LORD" (Proverbs 20:10); and "Divers weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good" (Proverbs 20:23). As an aside, the word "divers" may be translated as "different."

Because the framework of a rack mount chassis can hold so many different types of computer hardware equipment, it is often referred to as LAN (local area network) or network furniture. Some people interchange the terms rack and cabinet when discussing their hardware configuration, however, the terms actually mean different things. As already stated, the rack is the framework, or the shelving structure, housing the equipment. A cabinet is just what the name suggests -- the door and side panels that surround the metal framework. An attractive cabinet provides aesthetic appeal and hides the mass of metal, panels, and wires that make up a framework and, for instance, the 2U rack mount servers and other devices a small company needs to stay in business in the competitive marketplace. Most cabinets do not have a back. This allows easier access to the back of the hardwire devices and allows airflow.

Online sellers of these shelving structures may provide charts of the different sizes and their capabilities. This allows customers to select the housing framework and casing that will best fit their company's needs while staying within the allotted budget. A grid-like chart may provide such headings as the following factors: CPU types, number of drive bays, number of card slots, the depth, and the hot swap power option. The rack mount selections will be listed along the side and the appropriate number or a check mark (for example, regarding the appropriate CPU types) will be placed in the correct box in the chart. This enables clients to quickly see which of the options fit their requirements according to the listed factors. Air-flow is very important when housing servers because, as anyone who has sat too long with a laptop knows, they get hot!

Most small and medium-sized businesses need to assess their computer software needs to effectively determine the types of hardware configurations which will best fit those needs while also providing capacity for future growth as the company becomes more established as a serious contender in the marketplace. Comparing the costs and features of 2U rack mount servers and cabinetry is a good place to start when evaluating shelving structures and computer hardware. Many vendors simplify the evaluating process, as stated before, by providing excellent charts that showcase the products they offer.

Rack Mount Server Cabinet

A rack mount server cabinet is manufactured by particular companies which offer a wide variety of cabinets and shelving units specifically designed to store networking and server equipment. Many types can be found that fit the needs of a large consumer base. Cabinets come in various sizes and have ample space for storage and allow equipment to be accessed with ease and efficiency. These storage units are a must for those with large amounts of equipment and not a lot of storage space. Organization is important especially in order to prevent wires from becoming a tangled mess and valuable electronics from becoming covered with clutter.

Shelving that can be easily mounted onto a wall are just one more piece of well thought out storage unit that the company provides, in addition to a rack mount server cabinet that can be as large as needed. There is a model that is designed to house large servers and sits on the floor allowing the users much convenience in accessing the equipment as possible. The company also offers tower cases and tabletop versions of storage cabinets, as well as general pieces that are often found in rooms dedicated to network and server pieces, such as power strips and hardware needed to attach important pieces together and specialized desks that make ideal pieces for classrooms.

Many choose a rack mount server cabinet due to the fact that the pieces are well designed and crafted with optimum storage and safety in mind. Many of the server cabinets feature fronts with doors that allow for the unit to be closed. This not only acts a way to maintain a neat and tidy workspace, but provides an extra layer of protection for the expensive equipment and hardware housed within. Server cabinets are able to be customized meaning that they are designed to fit the specific measurements and storage capacities for any and all who require them. The pieces are made to efficiently house servers from several well known companies which goes a long way in allowing the customer to find a piece that will best fit qualifications and the size of any space.

Server cabinets are crafted out of strong aluminum frames that can easily hold a substantial amount of weight. This is imperative as equipment and hardware can easily become quite heavy with only a few pieces. The units feature casters that allow for ease of movement within a space and stabilizer bars for when a unit needs to remain stationary if in danger of tipping over. Any additional screws, panels, shelving, power strips or mounting hardware is available as well. Shelving within a rack mount server cabinet is versatile and easily adjustable. Additional trays and drawers can be added allowing for even more options for efficient storage. For those with a substantial amount of equipment to store there are additional features such as the addition of fans to help keep electronics from overheating, to added security measures for the protection and safekeeping of pieces from dust and potential moisture. A special feature about such cabinets is that the pieces usually come in standard grey or black but can be painted in custom color at an extra fee.

Data center services are intended to aid businesses in the management and maintenance of data information technology and tools. Many of the services available offer clients a streamlined manner of the sending and receiving of information which can be critical to business which relies on network systems. Some of the most common areas addressed by data center services are ways of securing information, the efficiency of well run and managed networks, the recovery and backup of critical information, and the most efficient ways in which particular companies can get the best results possible.

Data center services allow businesses to pinpoint with accuracy the best and most efficient way of dealing with problems and solutions as related to technology. There are services available which offer preliminary assessments in order to ascertain the areas that require the most attention or maintenance, and also draw up strategies that apply directly to networking issues in an effort to keep information flowing and provide the best connections. The act of keeping people connected with information that is invaluable is imperative. There are many services that are specifically intended for just that purpose. Technical support is readily available to those in need and can be just what is needed to save a company much time and money that can be spent into ensuring safe and adequate data transfer. Occasionally, those involved in the management of networks and equipment can become bogged down with confusing technology. One of the main goals of such services is to offer tech support and advice intended to keep networks running smoothly.

One of the most important aspects of data center services is that those in need can be provided with a safe and secure location for the storage and operation of expensive equipment. Those with limited space of their own can greatly benefit by taking advantage of the space provided and the security measures taken by such companies for the safeguarding of information and equipment, and the many options for technical support from experts in the field who are readily available when needs arise. Centers provide the convenience and security needed for success in a day and age where hackers and viruses abound, "For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy" (Psalm 61:3). The management of data is important, but of equal importance is the managing of the equipment and hardware that is imperative to information transfers and the networking world.

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