Affordable Dedicated Hosting Servers

Cheap dedicated web hosting is more possible than the service used to be for those who need the broad capabilities of exclusive servers for their business needs. It pays, however, to be discriminating when choosing an affordable dedicated hosting server since cheap is not always best when it comes to supporting an online business. Many websites that experience a large amount of visitors need the functionality and dependability that dedicated services can provide. Those who need more bandwidth and memory capabilities for traffic or graphic intensive sites may want to explore the options that an exclusive server can offer them.

Dedicated or exclusive servers are only one of the ways that anyone with a website can receive reasonably good web hosting for ecommerce sites, informational sites or other websites that experience huge amounts of traffic. The other option for many webmasters is shared web host accounts that can be purchased through many online web companies. The difference in shared and cheap dedicated web hosting services is not only the money. Shared web hosting is provided through many companies that operate their web services from a server that stores and distributes information for more than one site per server.

Many small business websites, personal websites and informational websites purchase shared accounts from various hosting companies rather than purchasing cheap dedicated web hosting. Purchasing an account from a website host company that provides a shared server for its clientele is usually cheaper. The prices are very reasonable and a customer can pay as little as a few dollars a month to have an account through a company that provides shared web hosting. Hosts that use shared servers to provide web services to its customers usually allot a certain amount of bandwidth and memory to each account.

This insures that each customer account has enough to operate their website with and that any over extension of bandwidth can be monitored. If one is using the services of a host company that provides shared hosting and he goes over his monthly bandwidth amount, he will need to pay a fee for more bandwidth allotment and more memory for the site. Some problems can occur with shared servers that do not occur with affordable dedicated hosting servers. Shared servers provide services for many websites and if there is a problem in maxing out bandwidth and memory allotments, it can cause functionality problems with the server.

A website could experience temporary shut down or other problems that a cheap dedicated web hosting solution could solve. Common sense tells us that anytime something is shared, there is obviously going to be a problem from time to time with overlapping uses and memory functions. However, choosing a reputable host company that has been in business for years is a good rule of thumb when searching for a dependable host. The benefits of shared servers are also positive especially for small companies and personal sites that may only use a minimum of bandwidth and experience a moderation in traffic.

A website that uses many other media features rather than just text always use a larger amount of bandwidth each month as information is accessed by visitors to a site. In these cases, it is generally wise to choose affordable dedicated hosting servers that can provide all the bandwidth and memory capabilities the site needs to service the many visitors that come to the website. Cheap dedicated web hosting is available for a reasonable amount that may pay off in less hassles and more business to a site. Because a business has its own exclusive server, it can bypass the problems with shared servers altogether.

Exclusive host services can be purchased through many companies that specialize in providing customers with the best in quality and performance. For those who want to purchase a stock server, it is not unusual to find one that can meet basic needs for a few hundred dollars. Of course, this is generally very inexpensive and basic service, and will only meet the needs of certain types of websites. Many companies offer customizable services for their dedicated servers and software, making it easy to find the right server. One can find affordable dedicated hosting servers for a moderate range of prices that run up to a few thousand dollars.

Then, of course, there are servers that may 'break the bank', but for companies that do a large scale Internet business and require cutting edge functions, a fully customized server may be the only way to go. Many companies that specialize in exclusive servers also offer payment plans that allow consumers to pay off the purchase through monthly payments. If affordable dedicated hosting servers are the way to go, be sure to compare prices and customer services before making the final decision. "For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteousness; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield." (Psalm 5:12)

Web Hosting Colocation

Web server colocation is becoming a very popular method of achieving better hosting options for small businesses and individuals. Many small businesses as well as individual sites usually have stuck with typical hosting solutions through a company that offers shared server space for multiple users. This is the most common method used, but web hosting colocation is fast becoming an intermediate solution for those who need more but don't have the resources to provide their own in house server and technicians. Colocation provides the option of owning server hardware while placing it at someone else's location and sharing someone else's bandwidth.

Experienced technicians are provided that can trouble shoot and provide support when needed. It is financially effective for many people because it does not cost as much as owning a server and housing it within a company complete with trained IT specialists who manage it. The overhead can be very expensive for these types of dedicated servers, but colocation solutions can actually provide the best of both worlds for some website operators. Bandwidth is one of the most important concerns for those who choose web hosting colocation but do not want nor can afford exclusive bandwidth access.

Using bandwidth through a colocation facility is of course more expensive than limited, shared hosting accounts, but much less expensive than the most elaborate set up available. It is wise to be aware of several advantages to using web server colocation as well as a few disadvantages that are really dependent upon business needs and flexibility options. "A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels." (Proverbs 1:5) Keep in mind that this type of server situation allows the owner of the server to upgrade or change any feature that is needed without having to wait on a hosting company to provide changes.

It also provides housing for the hardware so that owners can have a stable location from which to operate even if other areas are experiencing power outages. Most locations provide back up power to insure stable connections and up time no matter what occurs anywhere else. A business can be relatively sure that they will not sustain any significant down time. Another helpful advantage is that it is not necessary to dismantle and provide set-up at a new location every time an owner moves. The hassle free housing for web server colocation solutions offer consistency of service that can remain in one location no matter what changes occur within a business.

At any given time, web hosting colocation offers convenience for owners who prefer to own their own software and make changes, additions or upgrades in software. This provides freedom from dependence on another hosting manager to upgrade or change software at a time that is convenient to them rather than the consumer. It is also a plus to use colocation solutions since service and maintenance is often provided for a fee, but can be extremely useful when a small business is not ready to invest in hiring its own IT specialists to manage a server. The disadvantages of using web server colocation services can include pricing and location problems.

This type of hosting is more expensive than shared servers that are provided through many companies that can lower their prices because of multiple parties that share bandwidth and space. Also, monthly fees can fluctuate if there is a large disparity of traffic through a site each month that causes a high level of data transfer. A business or individual may not know from month to month what to expect to pay for server fees unless there is a relatively even flow of data transfer each month. The goal, of course, for many websites is heavy traffic that will translate into consumers, so paying more in fees can be a good sign. Another disadvantage for using web hosting colocation services is the fact that most providers are located in large cities which makes it difficult to find a provider at a convenient location for many small businesses.

That can make it difficult to have first hand access at a moment's notice from any business office unless it is near a provider. There are times when it is necessary to have access to a colocation server from an office and it can be difficult to find a provider outside of a metropolitan area. Small businesses and individuals usually can find hosting companies to accommodate all their needs through shared servers, but the recommended next option that can provide more powerful features, space and Internet speed is a web server colocation service. There are many online sources that can provide further information regarding the right hosting for any personal or business need.

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