Christian Website Hosting

There are agencies that offer church web hosting for Christian ministries that are wanting to use a web server that is dedicated to bringing God glory. There are many options available to churches and other Christian organizations looking for a host source for their web sites and these options include different types of hosting services and different agencies that specialize in Christian servers. The World Wide Web is a wonderful place to explain to the world what a church's or Christian ministry's vision is all about. Non-profit agencies dedicated to serving Jesus Christ will also find that the Internet offers the ability to share goals and ministry opportunities easily and at affordable costs. With the millions of people around the world logging onto the Internet daily, every church and every ministry for Christ should take advantage of Christian website hosting and not only promote their ministries online, but take the opportunity to testify of His provisions and goodness to the world.

The Internet has exploded with businesses, agencies, and organizations of all types, selling, promoting, and informing the millions of browsers who are crawling through the World Wide Web. Experts in technology marketing are forecasting that the amount of commerce and exchange and personal communications that are accomplished over the Internet will only increase by large margins in the next few years. The Internet is not only the world's greatest marketing exchange medium, but it is also the world's largest library and information source. Christian organizations that want to be effective and on the cutting edge of utilizing technology to God's glory should consider developing a web page and finding Christian website hosting.

When just beginning to explore the possibilities of getting information on a non-profit organization that is serving Christ onto the Internet, these organizations will first want to consider sharing a server with other web sites. Sharing a server can be very cost effective because costs are shared among the different website owners. A shared server means having the same Internet address as other web sites, so it will be important to make sure that the neighborhood is safe for Christian browsers. This is when a church web hosting agency will be extremely beneficial. There is security in knowing that the cyberspace shared is among others who want to offer materials that not only bring God glory, but that represent good moral character. Some churches and other ministries will have their own servers or use dedicated web site hosting, which is utilizing one entire computer for a large website with many functions. But for starters, those just beginning in Internet promoting and information will find Christian website hosting a safe and secure environment for the good news that want to share and for the visitors who enter into their domain.

With church web hosting services, clients will be able to find a variety of service options available. Some servers offer complete web services, including web design, domain names, and email accounts. There are agencies that offer Christian hosting that will also manage the website and offer marketing options as packaged plans. The options seem limitless and very cost effective. Some server hosts start as little as $5.00 per month. The monthly cost involved will be dependent upon the total services utilized. There are even some Christian website hosting servers that will host for no charge, if a non-profit ministry can prove validity. With the current climate of Internet activity and low costs, there is no reason for a ministry to hesitate in getting a website online.

Through out the Bible, the Lord explains that all things and creatures are made for His glory and pleasure. Our work, our purpose is to bring more and more glory to the Father who has sent His own son to die so that we might live. The Internet offers an extraordinary opportunity for churches and ministries of all kinds to praise the Lord in front of the entire world. Having a web site online will give ministries a platform for explaining a vision, sharing how God is working in the lives of His people, and the opportunity to share the good news of Christ, the Lord. "I am the Lord: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them." (Isaiah 42:8-9)

Many different good and God loving organizations offer Christian website hosting. Those exploring the possibilities of utilizing the services of a church web hosting service should browse the different servers online. Also, speak with technical staff at each and determine which server can best fit the needs of your ministry or Christian organization. And wait no longer, there may be someone out there needing to read what God has done through those who serve Him!

Church Web Design

For the most part, web design services cater to any business or organization that desires to have a presence on the Internet. Many website designs are fairly straightforward and probably represent a rather traditional approach to business or to an organizational philosophy. On the other hand, many website designs are very innovative and perhaps captivating by movement and sound and original graphic layouts. These websites no doubt capture the more "outside the box" thinking by the organization wishing to capture a particular niche market with a more nontraditional approach. It is the very same thing when it comes to church web design. Thousands of churches across the country have fully realized the power of the Internet to reach a myriad of Internet users that would otherwise be clueless about their ministries.

A revolution began in the middle of the seventies when many churches began recognizing the need to become more relevant in how they presented their message. Most were very careful to preserve the message itself, but argued that the way the message was marketed was dated and ineffective. Of course many other churches stood on the other side of the divide embracing a much more confident assurance in the power of tradition and so the great divide became somewhat like the Continental Divide in some religious eyes. When fast forwarded to the late nineties, church culture had fully embraced the influence of the Internet to be an ally in reaching the more than half of America's population that did not attend church at all. As the embracing became more passionate, both the contemporary and the traditional philosophies to ministry rushed to build websites to invite, inform, teach and evangelize the local citizenry, and if someone stumbled across the website in Croatia and could read English, all the better. So now both IBM and the local church around the corner needed web design services but for much different reasons.

For some local churches, designing a website is harder than picking out the color of the new sanctuary carpet. If five people are on that carpet committee, rest assured that at least five different favorite colors will emerge and each color will have passionate committee member proponents and reasons for the choice. Church web design is much the same because for many church members, the mission for their local church has never really been spelled out so that everyone is on the same page. So the questions begin to arise about whether there ought to be a lot of symbols identified with faith, should the site have a lot of pictures about the building, should there be pages for statements of belief, should it be splashy and real sleek looking, should there be audio samples of the music, video clips of sermons, lots of pictures of children, videos of activities or perhaps should the site be more like a brochure, highlighting the history of the congregation and picture of the sanctuary and the pastoral staff, with all this representing a conservative approach? "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost." (Matthew 28:19)

Spiritually sensitive web design services that especially cater to church web design know all this history and are ready to help each individual congregation sort out the important from the unimportant. Perhaps these unimportant might better labeled as pet themes for some members. A local congregation web design for the 21st century is one that will give church committees plenty to think about in terms of what to include and what direction to go. But not matter the choices made a website, unless very poorly designed, can be an asset to congregational marketing and establishing a larger footprint in the community. So what can professional web design services offer a local congregation?

Here are just a few of the possibilities from web design services especially adept at church web design. For example, adding a blog link to the website will give visitors, members and others a chance to share worship experiences, testimonies, prayer requests and other information. Making it easy for office staff to put forms on the website for sign-up sheets, applications and registration forms is very helpful, as well as the ability for members to make contributions, payments, tithes and other financial transactions. The website for a church can make podcasting a standard part of the ministry for say, a weekly commentary on the preceding sermon topic. Some church web design firms include the ability for website visitors to actually send emails from that site, inviting others to view the site or come to an event.

Churches can easily make the mistake, however, that a website alone will drive people in to their fellowship. The same mistake has been made over the years regarding every new approach to ministry that has seemed successful at a local congregation somewhere. Buses, drama, contemporary music, satellite churches with satellite TV, life application sermons and every other approach works some places and doesn't in others, but pastors are often caught looking for the next big secret to be revealed to enhance and create church growth and powerful ministry. The reality is that the early Christian church saw powerful growth without a single bus or a swish website. What attracted people then to the church is what will still attract people today: a group of Jesus' disciples who truly love each other without conditions and who are committed to loving the world of people around them with reckless acts of love and kindness.

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