Colocation Solutions

Colocation solutions are sought by many businesses that need a faster, more secure connection to potential customers through their websites without having to go to the expense of purchasing the equipment needed. Companies offering this service actually rent the equipment to customers, provide a temperature-controlled environment and a security package that helps businesses make the most of their Internet connections. The charges for this kind of service begin around $100.00 a month, and more expensive services are also available.

For a company that expects to grow, the move to faster bandwidth connection to the Internet is a must, and colocation solutions provide the means to that end. Dedicated server hosting is another service provided by these companies. They will custom build and maintain servers specifically designed for the client's business. The day-to-day management and maintenance of the hardware and operating system is part of their package, and these companies for customer service needs promise a rapid response as well. Accidents can happen with any equipment (anyone can be struck by lightning), so one of the important features the client should specifically inquire about is how rapidly the company will respond to an emergency situation. Here is where it might be important to find a company within your own community or nearby.

Security for both colocation solutions and dedicated hosting solutions is of primary importance for businessmen, particularly if they are manufacturing their own products (as opposed to being a vendor). Company secrets must be protected with the highest grade security available, and should have constant monitoring. The businessman looking into the services offered by one of the many companies offering colocation and dedicated hosting needs to pay special attention to this feature.

Another feature the average businessman will be looking for in the companies he is considering to handle his colocation solutions and/or dedicated hosting solutions is the ability of the equipment to evolve with the emergence of new technology. Computer and Internet technology is changing at a very fast clip, and businesses must be prepared to advance or get left behind. If the company being considered is not ready for such changes, it will be to the consumer's advantage to continue the search process until he finds a company that can provide the growth capability. Few businesses expect to be doing the same amount of business from year to year. Stagnation is not the way for a business to remain viable. Scripture warns us not to be lukewarm in our faith, "So, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth" (Revelation 3:16), and it is equally important for the business owner to remain passionate about his business and its progress.

Does the solutions company the business owner is considering offer protection against power failure, fire, and intrusion? It should, and this is another important point to get clarified before actually contracting for the dedicated hosting solutions or colocation solutions. Supposing that good systems are in place, and something happens in spite of best intentions. Are technicians available twenty-four hours a day every day of the year? Speed and quality of service could make the difference between small losses and huge losses in the business' revenues. If acquiring these solutions seems complicated, it is. However, most of the companies listed on the Internet as providers have their services spelled out clearly and in a format that can be printed, so that potential customers can see what their qualifications are. In addition, most have a toll-free number to call and talk to a sales person about any questions that might linger after reading what the company has on its website.

One other feature of most of the companies offering the means for colocation and dedicated hosting have in common is the fact that they are prepaid services. They don't hook a client up and ask for payment, but require payment first. This may not be a particularly important part of the package for most business owners, but it is worth noting so that it doesn't come as a surprise. It will also be noted that some companies offering dedicated hosting solutions are really effusive in their claims. They use terms like outstanding, vigilant, exceptionally well trained, dedicated, and technically proficient in their descriptions of employees who will be taking care of your business. While these may or may not be accurate descriptions, any client wants to hear that the company he is engaging is making an effort to give him outstanding service. Sometimes one can only ascertain the level of service after the fact, but there are means of getting a reasonably good idea of the company's reliability. Some offer a list of their clients online, so calling one or two of them would be a good start. Of course, if there is someone personally known to the business owner who is using the company under consideration, that kind of recommendation is the best.

Colocation Service Providers

Colocation service providers offer the next step in web hosting for companies who need more than the typical shared hosting packages. Most hosting companies that accommodate individual and small business sites offer shared server space that is allocated in increments to each customer. Bandwidth and space are usually purchased by the month or year in amounts that best suit each purchaser. For many customers, this method is completely adequate for all their needs. However, for some businesses, shared servers do not provide enough space and speed for their business functions. A colocation service is the next best thing to operating an in-house hosting solution that provides all the storage, speed and options any company may require.

Many companies have reached the place where they no longer can operate effectively through a shared hosting package. Companies that do business through ecommerce and who require lots of data transactions every day will eventually need to consider stepping up to one of today's most popular solutions. "But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day." (Deuteronomy 8:18) For businesses that begin to see over a thousand visitors a day, an upgrade in server functionality is generally necessary in order to operate at optimum performance.

An outsourcing solution for businesses that do not want the responsibility of providing their own in-house technicians, housing, and maintenance may be colocation service providers. This option allows a business to purchase equipment and software that is necessary to function on a broader scale. A professional service provides the rack space for the server, technical maintenance and support, safety features, high speed internet, a climate controlled environment and backup sources in case of general power outages. Providing in-house hosting for most smaller companies is not feasible and for some large companies, it may not be as cost efficient as purchasing a colocation service.

The overhead that is required to provide housing and maintenance alone can be expensive, not to mention the fact that professional technicians must be on hand to maintain, operate and support the system. Then there are the concerns over safety issues that many corporations require in order to protect their internal data. When one of the colocation service providers are used, day-to-day issues are resolved through this outsourcing method of hosting. A colocation service offers space within a large data center which stores each client's server that is placed on separate racks designated per client.

The center is responsible for storage, power sources, security, fire safety and general oversight of the unit. While technical maintenance and support is an option at colocation service providers, a client can opt to provide technical support. In order to avoid extra in-house costs, many clients choose the option of technical outsourcing that collocation service providers can offer as well as data center housing. An all-in-one solution is preferred by many clients and may be more cost effective than providing a technical staff to oversee a client's servers. One of the most important considerations when choosing a data center is the quality of service rather than merely the cost.

While purchasing space and technical expertise can be more expensive than a shared solution, it is more important to consider the quality of a data center than just the expense since a lot is riding on how well a business server functions. A company that decides to go with a colocation service must keep in mind that service providers are located in major cities or metropolitan areas. This can be a plus or minus for a client depending on where a customer is located and what the long range outlook for the client may be. If a customer is located near a data center, access is naturally much easier when it is needed. Also, if a client decides to move from a current location to another, there will be no need for relocating its server since a data center houses the equipment.

Businesses that operate away from large cities will not have as much immediate access to their servers and of necessity may choose to purchase the services of in-house technicians for maintenance and support of equipment. The distinguishing option for most clients who choose a colocation service for their hosting needs is the complete control that it offers. The ability to configure all the functions of a server as well as choose all the appropriate software is very important for clients who want to upgrade their systems for wider business horizons. There are many collocation service providers that operate in the US as well as internationally. For more information and a customized price quote, check out several online sites that offer a wide range of server housing, technical and location options.

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