Dedicated Email Hosting Server

A dedicated email hosting server provides exclusivity to users who need the full power, memory, speed and features that only this type of hosting can provide. There are many ways of securing hosting through shared, virtual, or colocation providers, but sites that transact large amounts of data may require a dedicated mail server hosting solution in order to process its traffic. Dedicated servers are generally recommended for web sites that see over 2,000 or more visitors a day in order to provide adequate service in general and multi-faceted features for business purposes in particular.

Mail services are provided through all other means of hosting, but in order to receive the benefits of exclusivity to an account, a dedicated email hosting server is necessary. Dedicated options will cost more than other solutions initially, but in the long run, may provide the much needed space and service that only comes with exclusive use. There are also out-source communication options that can provide service to small businesses that need the full features of a corporation but don't want the hassle of owning a dedicated server and maintaining it. Many email hosting services provide mail security, software and other hardware associated with these choices.

The account is managed by a web mail company with all maintenance and service provided by competent staff to insure quality, professional service for any business. Many corporations and businesses prefer, however, to provide their own in house dedicated email hosting server as well as their own IT team to conduct all data transactions through web mail. Features such as anti-spam and security protection are very important to many corporations as well as communication access distribution among employees and other specified parties.

For companies that manage 100's of communication accounts and corporate web mail addresses, it is imperative to have hands-on management of dedicated mail server hosting to not only provide better service but to also insure privacy and security. There are many online sources that provide information and hardware regarding specifications, purchase, set up, management and support for any dedicated email hosting server solutions anyone may have in mind. Before investing in dedicated server hosting, be sure to thoroughly access the needs and features that will be required for any business or enterprise. Not all situations really need this type of hosting, so make sure that there are adequate requirements before investing in exclusive services.

Experts suggest that exclusive email options are not necessary for businesses that have under 4-5,000 users. Also, understanding how much space a company actually needs for data storage is important. Anything over 60Gb of space for storage usually requires dedicated mail server hosting in order to accommodate the large stream of data that occurs each day within many corporations. Another thing to consider is the type of back up system a company or enterprise is willing to put in place in order to protect its data and security interests. Other concerns are the type of software that is required that relate to spam and security issues. As with any purchase, it is also important to check out all agreements and service options that are available for any server requirement.

One issue that is very important when choosing to use a dedicated email hosting server is whether or not a company chooses a managed or unmanaged facility. Dedicated servers can be purchased and set up according to company specifications, but may need to be maintained and serviced by IT professionals that are hired by each respective business. This is an unmanaged dedicated server option and will require the attention of high tech specialists to be effective. Hiring IT specialists to maintain, service, and program a system can be very expensive for some companies that are not quite to the stage of exclusive server management.

For companies that want the power house option of a dedicated mail server hosting features, a managed situation may be best. Managed options provide professional technical staff that are well versed in every operations of email hosting management and can provide services for a fee to any company. It is quite amazing to realize the expertise and knowledge that can be found among those who are skilled in computer technology and who can provide incomparable service. "What is man that thou are mindful of him? And the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour." (Psalm 8:3-4)

This can prove to be a more efficient and cost effective way to manage and service the hosting set up that is required by moderate to large companies who do not want to pay for full management of their own servers. Most providers of email hosting offer options that can be customized to any company requirements. The best in web mail features such as POP3, email forwarding, security, auto responders and spam filtration which are only a few of the many available. For more information regarding dedicated mail server hosting options, there are many online sources that offer complete details for every requirement.

Dedicated Exchange Server

Corporations are discovering that using a dedicated exchange server is not only more secure but cost effective. In the information age, providing efficient business communications via a fully integrated email system is vital to the success of both small and large corporations. Databases contain huge amounts of private information about employees, clients and constituents; and most companies are unable to secure this kind of data independently. In the event of a computer failure or virus, corporate data and vital email communications can easily become compromised or disrupted. However, through utilizing an offsite hosted exchange server, corporations can rest assured that vital data and corporate communication remains secure.

In addition to ensuring the security of corporate emailing, a hosted exchange server enables businesses to work smarter, not harder. Through the ability to access a greater public or community storage space for shared documents, employees can stay abreast of shared calendars, task lists, contact lists, and maintain control of important shared documents. Greater collaboration via a more efficient email system translates into increased productivity and higher net profits in the long run. A hosted server not only increases functionality, but it allows corporations the flexibility to add mailboxes as the business increases. With 500 MB disk storage space, an entire department or employee group can be connected to a single CPU with as many mailboxes as needed. As corporations expand and hire new workers, mailboxes are added with ease and greater efficiency. Public folders allow groups, teams, or an entire company 24/7 access to vital corporate communications.

In the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, it is imperative that busy company executives and employees take time to rest, reflect and rejuvenate. While a dedicated exchange server makes corporate email communications easier and more secure, workers and CEOs perform more efficiently when mind, body, soul and spirit are at peace. Major companies implement recreational venues, such as gyms and exercise classes to help employees unwind during part of the work day to return rejuvenated for greater productivity. "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Matthew 11:28-30).

Administrative assistants love working with a dedicated high-powered CPU which offers the ability to send out mass emails at the same time without incurring error messages or alerts for spam. Instead of repeatedly typing email lists to send to different workgroups, messages can be sent to several addresses simultaneously with an almost unlimited number of lists for distribution to warehouse personnel, administrators, and staff. And if businesses are worried about spam, an integrated server offers spam and virus protection that will keep harmful "bugs" from infiltrating and destroying an entire system. Hosted exchange servers are monitored 24 hours a day and virtually impossible to hack.

Housed in highly secure data center storage facilities, dedicated servers can take the worry out of the system failure normally experienced with in-house servers. A hosted CPU is usually housed offsite in a highly secure data center with backup power sources and superior environmental controls. In addition to top security options, hosted exchange server providers offer communication packages with multiple email accounts, storage space for shared corporate documents, calendars, contact lists, assignments and activities; 365-day data backup; and 24-hour technical support.

In a tight fiscal market, corporations with limited funds may wonder if a dedicated exchange server is affordable. The answer is yes; a hosted exchange server doesn't have to be expensive and providers usually charge a minimal monthly fee. Windows-based servers start at under $100 per month and come with a 2.0GHz CPU loaded with 512 MB ram and a 160 GB hard drive. Moderately priced Windows servers can top $250 per month, but these workhorses are Pentium 4s with a 3.4 GHz CPU packed with 2048 MB ram and a 4000 GB data transfer. Windows servers feature automatic network backup of edited data, which is compatible with Linux and Unix operating systems. Top of the line servers can cost as much as $800 per month, but the Mercedes Benz of CPUs is well worth the monthly outlay to secure corporate communications and provide as much as 5000 GB of data transfer. Data security with network backup is available for an additional fee, usually less than $50 per month, depending on system requirements. A Linux server is priced slightly under Windows servers; but both are comparable in their ability to offer full automation of secure backups.

Corporations interested in securing a hosted server can browse the Internet for providers or inquire about servers used at small and large companies that have a similar worker population. Businesses should check policies and requirements to ensure that a server is compatible with existing operating systems, can be easily integrated without exorbitant expenditures of hardware and software; and one that provides continuous security and protection against fires and natural disasters. A dedicated exchange server should be dedicated solely to a specific company. Providers which promise uninterrupted network connectivity should be capable of preventing other sites from monopolizing server resources, which can cause businesses to go off line or sites to fail. Most importantly is a hosted exchange server's ability to store, retrieve, and manage important shared documents and corporate data without compromise. Small and large corporations may find that an offsite dedicated server may be the best business asset they can buy.

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