Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions

There are ecommerce web hosting solutions that can offer marketing support and expertise to those just starting in the adventurous industry of selling goods online. Fast paced and surprising, retail trade on the Internet can be challenging, but there is help available. There are amazing agencies that help the newcomer learn to perfect retail through the Internet. These agencies will not only host a website for their clients, but will also provide mega services to help their clients receive traffic and discover results that pay. Internet marketing can sometimes be complicated, so securing the services of an ecommerce hosting company will prove to be extremely beneficial, saving those who are joining the World Wide Web the headaches and time consuming work of finding a profitable marketing plan all alone. Setting up a new store or online business has never be simpler, faster, or more fun than with the aid and support of those who know this complicated, high-tech business.

The Internet is exploding with ecommerce. Daily, new and excited entrepreneurs join the millions who advertise, sell, and trade goods and services online. And what makes this most exciting, is the explosive number of consumers who are logging on to take advantage of the deals that can be found online. From the comforts of homes, millions of folks from around the world log on daily to find the items and services that they need or want. Research is proving that the numbers of those who shop online will continue to increase yearly, making the Internet the number one medium for commerce. This is an exciting time to consider opening an online store and using ecommerce web hosting solutions to get the new enterprise started with a positive plan of action.

There are many avenues that can be explored when looking for marketing strategies for a new start-up online retail, or e-tail, store. And, there are agencies that will guide their clients down these avenues, while supplying clients with ecommerce web hosting solutions. An ecommerce web hosting company will generally supply their clients with many marketing features that promote products, make purchases easy, and provide safe environments for shoppers. There are aspects to online retailing that are quite different from a physical retail store, so newcomers will want the support and direction that an ecommerce hosting company can give.

Some of the features offered by top ecommerce hosting company favorites include shopping carts software that will analyze sales figures and keep inventory numbers. These shopping cart options can also provide secure shopping for any customers, protecting credit card numbers from identity theft. Features also can include search engine optimization strategies and storefront designs for the web site. Email and even customer service can also be options offered by a professional host company. Clients setting up e-tail stores can select from a broad range of services and support and have an agency provide them with many different options in launching a successful retail store online.

There are literally thousands of different web hosting agencies offering their services and software packages online. Getting to the one ecommerce web hosting company that will prove to be a good partner will not be an easy task. There are a few suggestions for sifting through the crowd, though, and when followed, e-tailers might find this overwhelming and time-consuming work to be simpler. There are Internet agencies that will take a survey of a new retailer's perceived needs and match this retailer with a website host program. These online brokers will take retailers requests and match up five or more host companies that would prove to be a good fit. Online retailers may also want to ask some of the advertised ecommerce web hosting solutions programs to supply a price quote for a basic host package. However, when getting just a basic hosting program, e-tailers will want to make sure that the hosting agency can provide services when it's time to grow! So, be sure and question potential sources about their expansion capabilities and future growth plans.

Christian business people will also want to carefully consider which ecommerce hosting company that they choose to market their retail store online. Being represented by a reputable agency will be crucial when dealing with the public and with sales. Take time to pray about all business decisions and about which agency will be best suited to Christian values and Christian living. The Bible emphasizes the need to cover all major decision in prayer. "Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Begin searching and exploring the various ecommerce web hosting solutions online today. Most find this an exciting time to join the World Wide Web and discover new sales territories. Working through the Internet and generating sales online does not have to be complicated, and as a matter of fact, online selling can be quite easy and enjoyable. And, of course, this is dependent upon working with a good ecommerce hosting company.

Cheap PHP Hosting

Finding a cheap PHP hosting can have astounding benefits to the look and usability of a website. PHP is a server-side scripting language; though this language does not have to be used in conjunction with other internet protocol. These applications can be used as stand alone graphic web software packages. This software interface was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, but now a company called the PHP group has set the standard after which the scripting is patterned. The group's standard is needed, because there is no formal standard or protocol written for this specific web design language. The actual software is recognized as freeware by the Free Software Foundation. Therefore, it would not be hard for an internet designer to find free PHP web hosting services if willing to pay a third party for the bandwidth usage.

What does server-side scripting mean? If a user requests information, the request will be handled by the server and then delivered using HTML. This differs from client-side scripting in many ways. In client-side scripting a user will make a request, and the request will be handled from the user's web browser and answered in JavaScript. The advantage, then, is that a server-side scripting language will access a data base full of information. The end result is the ability to produce highly customized responses, depending on the queries made to the data base, access rights and the user's requirements.

This scripting language is widely used and very versatile. This language application inputs code and produces web pages from that code. In fact, this application can be placed in an HTML document, allowing it to intermingle with the other design languages. For the designers that used the Apache web servers, it is by far the preferred Apache module script language. All of this can be done free of charge. It is easy to see why cheap PHP hosting capabilities only have to include the price of the web server or hosting site. The software application is versatile enough to be used with every operating system and all platforms. "And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech." (Genesis 11:1)

The acronym originally stood for Personal Home Page. The concept began in 1994 when Lerdorf wrote a series of tools for his own personal homepage. He originally used the C programming language to replace the ill-fitting Perl script he was using previously. The script started out as a series of binaries used to display his resume and record how many viewers visited his page. He combined these simple binaries with Form Interpreters to increase the functionality of the original scripting language and to allow his personal home page to interact with databases in order to build simple web applications. Even then, this scripting language had some of the characteristics desired by those seeking cheap PHP server services. This new scripting language could embed HTML, process forms and had Perl-like variables. Later, two Israeli programmers developed the software's parser even further to create what is now the free PHP server language, but just in an older version. Together, these men formed Zend Technologies in Ramat Gan, Israel, which still handles the software available for cheap PHP hosting.

Zend Technologies has reconfigured the core software of the Personal Home Page script. As the updates to the old version came, they were still trying to recreate "new" scripting dynamics under the Personal Home Page protocol. PHP5 is the brain child of all their efforts and research. PHP5 has become the only stable version under development. This newer version has increased functionality and object-oriented programming. This will ensure the user of free PHP web hosting capabilities will be satisfied with the end result, a dynamic web site.

This scripting language is not without its faults. The National Vulnerability Database lists internet sites using this language often throughout its Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures records. More than 25 percent of the software vulnerabilities were on sites that used Personal Home Page as their scripting language. Most of these vulnerabilities can be accessed remotely, far from the software hosting computer. These shortcomings can include: code-injection, cross-site scripting and other application security issues. These vulnerabilities usually result from failing to check data before entering it into a database and other programming bad habits. They can also arise from the scripting language itself, but are not unique to Personal Home Page applications. The popularity of this scripting language will always make the number of web sites affected by security issues seem high.

Finding a reputable free PHP web hosting site will alleviate a lot of the worry over security issues. Free does not always mean without a price. Usually, if the site is offering free PHP web hosting capabilities, it will place ads on your web site. That may not be a big deal. Weigh the pros and cons of banner ads to make your decision. Many times, sites without ads can still offer cheap PHP server hosting services without your viewers having to endure those pesky, blinking banner ads. The free PHP web hosting sites may also offer less customer assistance. Even the cheap PHP hosting sites may limit scripting capabilities. There are times that limiting scripting capabilities may be no big deal. However, limiting the language or code can also mean inability to send or receive email from the site. If you have a home-based business, internet company or any other kind of corporation that does not have a standard store front or land line phone, restricting email usage may prove very detrimental to business. However, it is now affordable to produce a server-side, individualized, dynamic internet site that can act as a virtual store front to the world.

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