Free Photo Hosting Websites

Photography enthusiasts can enjoy free online photo hosting and instantly share pictures with friends and loved ones. These sites allow the user to store not only photographs on the web, but favorite video files as well. Most of the sites do not charge any kind of fee and many offer additional features such as slide show capabilities complete with music, captions, or special effects. Some offer the user the chance to create their own personal web site, profile or blog. Users can create themed albums on a variety of subjects and can view the work of fellow photographers from across the globe. For individuals living away from home or for families that are widely dispersed in different areas of the country, the ability to instantly share pictures of important events or even day to day happenings can be a real benefit. Generally, free photo hosting websites contain advertising and distracting pop ups, but most users feel that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. These sites should not be seen as a way to preserve valuable data in the event of a system crash. Some sites that offer photograph storage free of charge have gone out of business, leaving the user and their valuable image files in the dust.

Most free photo hosting websites offer a variety of features beyond just image file storage. In addition to uploading personal digital photographs, consumers can share their work with anyone on the Internet, or they can set up an account that is password protected and allow access only to those family members or friends that they choose. Many account holders on these sites will also set up personal web pages that include bios and blogs. These features also can go a long way in helping users to enjoy communicating with friends and family. Other popular features of sites that offer free online photo hosting might include the ability to share video clips, unlimited image storage, links to other sites, photo slide shows, the option of tracking the number of visitors to a user's photographs, the opportunity for friends and family to download photographs without charge or to order prints, and the option of purchasing personalized gift items that incorporate a favorite photograph.

In addition to these features, many of these sites also help the consumer edit photos through the use of online image editing software. This software can help consumers add text to their photographs, put in color backgrounds, make corrections, crop an image, or incorporate a variety of special effects. Generally, the use of these image editing software products is offered free of charge and also comes with step by step instructions that can guide even the most inexperienced photography enthusiast. The ability to enjoy these features from the comfort of the consumer's own home have made free photo hosting websites extremely popular. Photographs can be used to instantly capture the beauty of this world. The Bible talks about the beauty of the things of God. "And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it." (Psalm 90:17)

Not all websites offer free online photo hosting. There are websites that charge a monthly or yearly fee for their services. The advantages of paying for services that are offered without charge elsewhere might not seem obvious at first. Subscription services generally do not feature any kind of ads or promotional material on the site, and certainly don't allow annoying pop ups. There are generally no limits on the amount of storage that is available and no charge for extra traffic. Visitors can view images anonymously without a requirement to register and share personal information and e-mail addresses. Most online hosting sites that do not charge require visitors to share such information before they can view any video or image files. The image quality on many of these subscription sights is generally much higher. Support service and quick response to e-mail queries is another benefit. Another important issue to consider is the longevity of the site. It is not uncommon for free photo hosting websites to go out of business, taking the consumer's image files with them.

Many free online photo hosting sites offer consumers the opportunity to join online communities that are similar to other social networking sites. The user can create a profile, share information about individual pictures and how they were taken, receive messages from friends and family members, and provide links to other pages that belong to friends and family. Almost all of these services also have an extensive line of photography related products that the consumer can purchase. These gifts can be customized to feature favorite photographs and make memorable presents for friends and loved ones. These gifts could include mugs, notebooks, stickers, address labels, canvas prints, magnets, mouse pads, coasters, keepsake boxes, playing cards, puzzles, totes, jewelry that is photo related, Christmas ornaments, or key chains. Personalized greeting cards that feature favorite photographs are also easily created and purchased. Visitors can also order any of these gifts and even customize the gifts themselves. Scrapbook enthusiasts can create pages online and print them out on their home computers. This service gives the consumer the opportunity to create stunning scrapbooks without the mess of cutting and pasting. Most of these sites also send out periodic newsletters that feature special sales information, coupons and contests.

Cheap Image Hosting

Cheap image hosting is an online business that enables customers to post hundreds or thousands of photos and images online for various commercial purposes. Online hosting is usually the domain of, well, domain hosting. Services all over the globe are ready and willing to help a company not only acquire a domain name, but then host that domain name's website for a monthly or yearly fee. An online image hosting service is somewhat the same thing, but this service is not hosting a website as such, but rather files of photographs. Now the question would naturally be who in the world would want to put hundreds or thousands of pictures online? If the answer was an egocentric Hollywood star or a top model, the answer might make sense, but in reality the answer is not something that might easily come to mind.

Instead, an online picture storage service is usually employed by someone who makes a living at selling objects at Internet auction sites! Cheap image hosting services can provide free or next to free picture parking space on the Internet highway system for those professional sellers of everything from children's toys to vintage records. And it is very clear that buyers would much rather see a product before buying than purchasing something blindly and hope for the best. There are some very big online auction sites where people make very large sums of money by selling items that are another man's treasure. For those who have vast numbers of items to sell, they can send potential customers to their online picture storage service and allow them to view till the customer drops from exhaustion.

When it comes to cheap image hosting or "parking on the Internet," there are some good deals for those who aren't trying to sell the entire state of Rhode Island online. A free or cheap image hosting service have many of the same features that an online image hosting service will have, but will be limited to 256K of storage space from some free services. A person could perhaps sell a small museum full of paintings on a free service, but not the Smithsonian. Yet very large storage capacity for thousands of pictures can be found at some storage services for less than two dollars a month. On the other hand, some retail online picture storage services providers may charge by the per image hosted, with prices varying on how long the images will be parked at the host's website. An example could be twenty cents per picture for thirty days of hosting with no limit to the number of pictures posted.

Another use for the online image hosting service might be for the very popular practice of having a message board in which communicating with others and sharing pictures is a regular activity. A message board is really a forum on the Internet where a topic may be named and comments from around the world posted. For a personal message board, the topic is the person who buys the Internet parking service, usually by the month, and invites other to come and enjoy photos and conversation. These are very popular with the Gen Y set. There are as many as five million message boards across the Internet involving over twenty million viewers, but the absolutely free message boards are not closed by passwords like an online image hosting service might be that also doubles as a message board opportunity. For those who wish to have a message board but want to also enjoy the freedom to only invite specified visitors to the site, a paid image Internet parking site is the answer.

Usually the third group of people using a cheap hosting service would be those who want to share their photos either with the world or with those friends who actually enjoy sitting down and looking a people that they might not even know or care about. While anyone can email photos to any friend or relative, using an image Internet parking service and opening it to any and all viewers can make someone a sort of artist having a global showing for as long as the photographer decides to have the pictures on display. But there are some image Internet parking services that offer much more than picture parking on the Internet. Some allow the uploading and parking of videos and graphics as well as pictures on the web. These sites can help with making slideshows, videos with music and other features.

Many websites offer an online image hosting service for free. Like many other products, the hope by the Internet parking creator is to get the consumer to test drive a free model with a few features and then over time hope that the customer's needs grow or change and an upgrade is necessary, thus securing an actual cash deal in the form of a subscription by credit card. It appears from recent data that the Internet and chat rooms and messages boards and image Internet parking services are more popular with those under thirty than television, and if that is true, business looks good in the future for every present and future cheap image hosting service. Of course, the technology will continue to evolve and other ways of communicating will be developed to eventually over shadow the topic of this blog. For the child of God, it is an everlasting truth that all communication with their heavenly Father only gets sweeter with the passing of days, months and years and never overshadowed.

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