Full Service Web Hosting

Full service web hosting has a lot to offer for clients in need. Businesses, organizations and individuals that are in the need for web hosting services would be wise to look into companies that have a variety of options and features available, and less than exorbitant prices. Such services most often include options for a single user to have multiple accounts, domain name registration, options for web design and free consultations, a plethora of resources, unlimited access and support for any problems or questions that might arise all at relatively low monthly cost.

Many people who strike out into the cyber world for the first time might not necessarily know everything that is necessary to succeed and stay afloat in the virtual waters. For this reason some full service web hosting services, are just that, full service, meaning that they offer all that is needed for a business to get off the ground and to become as successful as possible. One way in which this is accomplished is that in addition to hosting many services have options for web design as well. A website's popularity is dependent on a good, quality layout that is easy for visitors to access and which provides straightforward information. The problem many site's have is that they suffer from either a poor layout or they simply do not have enough details and leave potential customers with more questions than are answered. A decent layout in addition to tasteful graphics and easy to use features such navigational tools all go a long way in promoting a websites credibility and popularity.

Web design is important, and a few of the key elements needed for success are details that help a site to stand out from the rest and support available when the need arises. These are achieved by incorporating custom, one of kind designs with relevant artwork and tasteful phrasing, and by offering a full range of IT support that is straightforward and helpful. Many a business web hosting service will offer a full range of features that aid clients in effective set up and management of a single or multiple websites. The key to success is by offering customers what is required to gain a lead in the virtual world, and this is accomplished via knowledgeable information and assistance from people who are familiar "in all manner of service in the field" (Exodus 1:14), and know what is required to run a successful organization.

A quality business web hosting service will have specific options available to potential customers. For example, for a low monthly fee clients should have the ability to have multiple email accounts, sufficient space allotment on the server, and other such options as needed. Most hosting services cater to the customer, meaning that they realize everyone has unique needs and not everyone will require the same package. For this reason there should be several packages available for customers to find the one that fits the best and will help them to accomplish goals. Those who are interested in full service web hosting should take the time to research the different services available on the market and look for one that provides assurance that needs are met. One way some services achieve this purpose is by offering a free trial period, usually incorporating about one calendar month. If for any reason the client is not satisfied with the server, they should be able to receive a full refund.

The Internet is expansive and can prove to be daunting for those who are in search of a business web hosting provider. However, those who are willing to put in the effort of researching the different services available have a greater chance of finding one that not only fits needs but a tight budget as well. The competitive business web hosting service market helps to keep monthly costs down, and also paves the way for more benefits to potential customers as companies do their best do drum up interest in the hopes of gaining clients.

There are hosting services which claim to take care of everything, allowing a customer to focus on the other areas of a business that might need more attention. A few offer assistance in the set up and management of a site, email and webmail options, multiple users and databases, the overseeing of proper security measures such as SSL certificates, and more. In addition to toll free customer support lines, quality services also offer extra options such as flashy graphic design and provide links to previous work so that a potential customer can see an example of the work they can expect to receive themselves. Many sites included testimonials from satisfied clients which can go a long way towards assuring people that the business is not only legitimate, but fully worth the monthly cost.

A quality business web hosting service understands the need for security in a day and age where hackers abound. The ability to provide assurance that a client's information will remain secure is not only important, but necessary. Most hosting services know that in order to cultivate trust with clients they need to provide the necessary security measures, which is why services are included such as SSL certificates and other security certificates, individual accounts amongst users, full customer support, and so on. A secure server can provide the peace of mind that many are in search of in a sea of uncertainty. Full service web hosting is the answer to many website affiliated questions and the solution to running a profitable and lucrative portion of cyber space.

Website Hosting Packages

Website hosting packages are available online and vary depending upon disk space, bandwidth, and other options worth considering. Companies that provide web hosting services provide space on a server so that the site will appear on the Internet and can be accessed by users. Web hosting packages that are offered free online do not normally come with much disk space and do not include many other features or options that may be available. Packages that are sold often include services such as email, database or multimedia services, and technical support. They are generally priced based upon the amount of disk space, bandwidth, the level of management support, and whether they are on a shared server, dedicated server, clustered, or on reseller hosting. Email options usually start with at least five email addresses. Disk space is measured in megabytes or gigabytes and bandwidth is the rate data is transferred which is measured in bits per second. The disk space and the bandwidth are important considerations for optimal website page loading.

A dedicated server means that a website is virtually running on its own server and can be independently rebooted without affecting anyone else's site. A dedicated server will run independently from other customer's websites, have its own copy of the operating system and other software. Website hosting packages include the option of being on a dedicated server, a shared server, or clustered among several severs. Dedicated servers are going to be the more expensive option. The cost may vary depending upon the level of management by the service company. A fully managed dedicated server will be more costly because the service includes a fully managed system where the service company handles all updates to software and any technical problems or issues that may arise.

Server management normally includes operating system updates, application updates, technical support, firewall services, security auditing, antivirus updates, any backups or restoration to hardware or software, database monitoring, intrusion or security attacks, and software updates or configuration issues. Website hosting packages will vary based upon the type of server or hosting services and the amount of management that is needed. More management means paying higher costs whereas no management will be the least expensive option. Providers who provide fully managed support are totally responsible for the server to stay up and running as well as being able to recover data as well as backing up data. "But they paid no attention and went offone to his field, another to his business" (Matthew 22:5). Just to be on the safe side a website owner should find a way to backup important data in case there is a problem with service.

A dedicated server provider often has several options available to the client for how the server is managed on web hosting packages. These include fully managed, managed, self managed, and unmanaged. A fully managed server requires the provider to monitor the system continually and perform updates, reboots, security patches, and any upgrades to software such as the operating system. A managed option means that the provider will perform some tasks and the client will perform some tasks when it comes to updates, support, and monitoring. A self managed plan requires that the provider perform monitoring and maintenance but the client will take care of everything else that needs to be done such as updating software and technical support. An unmanaged plan simply means that the provider does very little to maintain the service. The client must take care of maintenance, software upgrades and updates, security patches, and any other types of necessary tasks.

A shared server means that a website will share a server with other customers but has its own partition or section. This is the most economical option available with web hosting packages. The provider manages the servers, installs the software, keeps software updated, and provides technical support. Shared servers are implemented by either name-based or IP address-based. Name-based allows multiple names to be used on a single IP address. IP address-based is configured by one IP address which is dedicated to one user. Name-based servers share the security certificate whereas IP address-based has its own security certificate. IP-address based shared servers are going to be more costly then name-based shared servers.

Clustered hosting is handled a bit differently from shared and dedicated options. Clustered technology allows a website to be clustered over a platform that does not limit its operation to one server. Instead it shares the space, processing, and applications with many servers. A website owner can purchase more processing power whereas the provider only has to change settings or add new resources to accommodate those changes. Website hosting packages that offer clustered hosting offer multiple tiers of security which provides better security over other methods simply because any security attacks are dispersed over a large pool of servers.

Reseller hosting allows an account holder to sell use of hard drive space and bandwidth to a third party. A host can purchase the services for one price and then resell them to others for a profit. Web hosting packages that offer reseller options often do so to web design firms, web developers, systems integrators, and web hosting entrepreneurs. Most providers do not dictate the prices that a reseller charges to their clients. A reseller is normally responsible for maintaining his or her network infrastructure and dealing with customers but the hardware, software, and technical issues are left to the server provider. So a reseller does not have to have a lot of knowledge about hardware or software issues since he or she is not responsible for maintaining those on a server.

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