Game Server Rentals

Some of the millions of online gamers utilize game server rentals as a way of enhancing their multi-player experience. After completing single-player aspects, people often turn to online gaming in multiplayer mode as a way to continue their participation in the game with an endless variety of other participants. Many players become part of an online clan which bands together to battle other clans for supremacy. Gaming also has its own professional leagues, such as Major League Gaming and The Online Gaming League. Many of the more hardcore gamers even host their own dedicated game server, although some prefer to use the services of professional companies which advertise game server rentals. What is the difference between renting and having a dedicated server? What are the advantages and drawbacks to each choice? These are the questions which this article will begin to explore.

Many gamers choose game server rentals to improve their multiplayer gaming. When an individual rents a server, he or she is purchasing a particular game with a certain number of players. Everything regarding administration is taken care of by the company which provides the server. When the game is purchased, the gamer simply enters his or her own configuration and is normally ready to play within minutes. The gamer is able to take advantage of the company's superior bandwidth and equipment. One company offered Gigabit Fiber links (equal to 650 T1 lines combined) at each of its worldwide sites for optimal performance. Note that even one T1 line can carry about 60 times the data of a residential line. A company may also limit itself to Tier 1 networks, to further ensure that latency (delays in information transfer) will not be a problem. Staff monitor the networks 24/7 to ensure capacity and deal with problems or customer service issues. Not surprisingly, most gamers choose this option.

However, some gamers choose to purchase a dedicated game server. These adventurous souls wish to have more control over their gaming experience. Control or freedom is certainly granted. The gamer has the option of installing any multiplayer game, or even a number of games. Any operating system may be installed, and one can even host his or her own website for clan use or for other purposes. However, all this freedom comes, as usual, with responsibility. All administration of the dedicated server is up to the host. Installing and configuring games, and downloading specific files to customize parameters are also one's own responsibility and privilege.

The gamer needs the right hardware, and especially, the right bandwidth, to accomplish the desired performance. Hosting out of one's house can be a problem, both logistically and legally. Home connections can become saturated at around eight players, or even less. Poor or nonexistent gameplay can result in angry players, especially if he or she has been fragged due to frozen gameplay! Some Internet service providers do not allow servers to run on a customer's private connection. Be sure to check about this before purchasing a dedicated game server. Comply with all terms of the service contract and other legal requirements. Peter has this to say to Christian believers: Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake...For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. (I Peter 2:13-16) If an individual is not willing to put in the time (and money) required to obtain proper bandwidth, build and maintain equipment, and perform administrative tasks, perhaps it is better to choose game server rentals and just concentrate on the gaming aspect instead.

Running one's own dedicated game server can be difficult, yet some individuals thrive on the challenge. Some companies allow the option of purchasing additional bandwidth to help with the problem of accommodating a greater number of players . They also offer some advice regarding administrative problems. Some will also recommend specially designed plug-ins or mods. Control panel access allows one to change passwords and other features. Also, a fresh copy of the server is available with the push of a button if a new administrator has made too many errors and needs to start over. This option frees the administrator to experiment with the technology without being afraid of ruining something. More advanced users can manage all settings using File Transfer Protocol (a standard Internet protocol for finding the easiest way to transfer files) at any time. The administrator has the privilege of being able to set the rules for the gaming experience.

Another benefit of obtaining a dedicated game server as opposed to using rentals is that this process provides one with quite a bit of experience. This may be useful in a career setting. Learn how to use file transfer protocols, manage people and programs, and other administrative skills, and one's resume will certainly be improved. Besides, many gamers would love the challenge of running his or her own gaming kingdom!

Deciding on whether to administrate one's own game or pursue game server rentals is a personal choice. Depending upon one's particular level of expertise, and desired level of involvement, either option could be appropriate. Whether such a challenge is perceived as a chore or an adventure will largely influence the decision. One could also try the options separately for a limited time to see which is better suited to one's taste and temperament. Be sure to comply with all legal obligations, and have fun gaming, which, after all, is the whole point of the exercise.

Unlimited Bandwidth Web Hosting

In a 'must have it now' society, unlimited bandwidth web hosting goes a long way in helping to promote the mindset. The Internet has become an integral component of the business world and almost every quality business or organization has a corresponding website, or operates directly from a website alone. The sheer amount of sites that fill up cyber space increase on a daily basis, and web hosting providers are instrumental in helping everything to run as smoothly as possible. High bandwidth hosting allows fast access and reliable service as well as offering a plethora of benefits that are determined based on the requirements businesses and individuals posses.

In the simplest of terms, in reference to web hosting, high bandwidth hosting deals with the amount of traffic flow that is able to be supported at any given time. The amount of bandwidth that is available is determined by networks connections. The amounts available are measured in bits and multiple bits which make up larger units known as bytes. Bytes are what make up the elements one sees on a computer screen, such as the formation of text and so on. The amount of bytes that a site can support and transfer is determined by the connection type a user has to the Internet. Those who are equipped with a DSL connection are already equipped with dedicated bandwidth between the Internet provider and personal computers, which ensures a continuous connection and fast speeds.

The amount of traffic on cyber space has to be managed somehow, and unlimited bandwidth web hosting is one of the ways that is meant to help direct the traffic and keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Each and every time a user accesses a webpage, the transfer of information takes place and is in need of some form of support, meaning that there must be a source for the information and data to come from and for the ability of data transfer. This is the reason for why occasionally when one accesses a web page have a wait of few minutes is required for the page to download. If a large amount of users attempt to access the same source of information simultaneously, then it stands to reason that there would be delays.

Those who are in the market for high bandwidth hosting should keep in mind the amount of service that us required. Not all sites are the same, meaning that some have more information than others and less graphics so obviously not all would need the same allotments of server space as other sites. Those who are in the market for hosting services should have an idea of how much bandwidth is required so that they can find the best plan that works for them at the lowest possible cost. The types of sites that will require less are most often those run by individuals and small businesses. Usually unlimited bandwidth web hosting deals with sites which are expected to receive large volumes of traffic on a regular and consistent basis. However, this does not mean that smaller businesses can not benefit from the advantages the services offer, however they might be able to save money of they select providers which are geared towards providing for the needs they have, as the Scripture says, "For the stuff they had was sufficient for all the work to make it" (Exodus 36:7).

As web hosting servers are services available on the Internet, there are a lot of sites intended to educate those in need on the different types that should be looked into for particular needs. Bandwidth hosting can seem like the best way to go, however, the service is not for everyone. Fast speeds and the ability to handle large volumes of visitors are simply not needed for every website on the World Wide Web. For those who might not be certain as to how much service they are in need of, there are easy to access guides that fully explain what high bandwidth web hosting entails and tips on determining how much is required based on the goals one has for a web page. The less a customer requires use of, the cheaper the service. Pricing of different plans are all determined on the amount of space required. A wise move on the part of potential customers is to do research and all the types of web hosting available in order to find the service that will provide the level of service one can expect for the amount of money spent on a monthly basis.

The market for unlimited bandwidth web hosting is a competitive one, and commonly servers will sacrifice units in order to save money, or occasionally providers will promise certain amounts of bandwidth upfront just to get customers, and then fail to follow through or charge more than what had been previously stated. For this reason the research a potential customer conducts before deciding on a server can really pay off. Avoiding faulty advertising can be tricky but is not impossible. A few elements a customer should look for in order to make certain that the service stands up to how much is paid for payed are: a one way account, billing set up as pay-as-you-go meaning that only the amounts actually used are charged, and accurate measurements in how much is needed verses how the amounts required. High bandwidth hosting services can provide the space and speeds necessary to promote well maintained web pages.

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