Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

Managed dedicated web hosting is necessary for businesses that use the Internet to attract new customers. It is also an excellent tool for nonprofit organizations that want to get their messages out to the greatest audience possible. There are a number of important factors that business managers need to be aware of. One of the first things to consider is cost, and whether the company offers more than one plan. The least expensive is not always the best plan. Also, if a company has more than one domain name, for example, and, the company managers will likely want to put both sites under one plan. In connection with cost, managers will also need to know if the payment structure is strictly a monthly fee, or if it can be paid quarterly or even annually.

Choosing a host requires an evaluation of many factors besides cost. The reliability of the managed dedicated hosting is another important consideration. Some down time is to be expected, but a historical explanation of how quickly they tend to get the process up and running again should be sought. Also, ask if paying customers are compensated for that down time with at least a partial refund of their premium payment for that month. Some firms that offer these services operate as resellers; they co-locate in some other data center without physical access to the machines.

A good customer support team is another important quality to find when determining which managed dedicated hosting outfit to work with. When a company has a problem with the web site, the entire business suffers. Managers will certainly want quick and effective service in order to minimize the disruption to the business. Ideally, the host will have a live chat site where someone's attention is immediately available. Managers can describe the problems in real time and the issues can be fixed promptly. Customer service should be prompt, professional, courteous, and effective. Another question to ask is about the control panel that is provided in the managed dedicated web hosting. It should allow managers to add, remove, and manage several domain names, sub-domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, auto responders, email aliases, and other services.

The new industry standard is for 24/7 availability. Managers seeking a host company should settle for nothing less. Another feature to consider is the availability of an auto installer. Auto installers will save time when installing a forum, image gallery, or content management system. Depending on where the company is in their website development process, they may need to determine and register a domain name. Name recognition plays such an important role in marketing a business, so protecting the website name is an important service the managed dedicated hosting provider should offer. Again, investigate the pricing options of this service. Often, a discount is provided if the domain name is registered for several years at at time, as opposed to on an annual basis.

For the nonprofit organization that wants to get out information about its services or its mission, managed dedicated web hosting is very important. They will be looking for a means of telling how many visitors come to the website in addition to the services mentioned previously. A church, for instance, wants information about its worship services to be posted, and an invitation to visitors that will make them feel welcome. The number of "hits" at the site, as well as the numbers of visitors that show up on Sunday, can measure the effectiveness of their postings. A chamber of commerce or a city will want to invite visitors to see the area's landmarks and attend local special functions through their web presence.

Because it has become such a coveted service, many companies are offering managed dedicated hosting. As with any business decision, consumers need to be cautious and exercise wisdom when choosing a host company. There are sites on the Internet where business managers can read evaluations of various providers of managed dedicated web hosting services. These reviews can be an excellent first place to look. The word of friends or business acquaintances who have had good experiences with various hosts will be helpful as well. Finally, the old standby, the Better Business Bureau will provide any negative reports that have been made about the company under consideration. "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold," (Proverbs 22:1).

Any business can expand their customer base through the use of managed dedicated web hosting. No matter how good the product or service offered is, it won't sell without advertisement. There are a lot of means for advertising at your disposal, but a website is probably the most efficient of all in this day of the Internet.

Managed Dedicated Server

Managed dedicated server hosting can be a great investment for a business's website as well as for the business that want to expand its customer base or use a system to augment its financial processes. With a managed dedicated server, any owner or manager can improve communication and connection among employees and run a major website. Many businesses find that their affairs run more efficiently with a network server in place. Whether the owner is qualified to manage his own program or not, the business person has the option of getting a program that will fit his financial processes. At the same time, he gets the benefit of having an inhouse program and hosting along with little to no responsibility for administration. These systems handle many of the details in achieving smooth operation of the product. For the business owner who already has a server, this is a great option. And if he doesn't have one, he should consider subscribing to a system of his choice. No matter his situation, he should research the benefits and costs of obtaining these systems.

Price is a factor no matter what seeks settles on. Prices for a managed dedicated server vary depending on a number of factors. First, the hosting company plays a major part. Major, well-known companies may be the most expensive, but they are also the most reliable. Trust is a key factor when it comes to picking the right service to work with. A business person puts much of his company's functionality in the hands of the company. Prices also vary depending on how much management business orders. Most companies offer different levels of management with features like support, security, software updates, and monitoring. Some features come free, while other features cost a monthly fee. Higher levels of management vary from $25 per month to over $100 per month. The business person has the advantage of not knowing a great deal about server management yet require little assistance to operate one. This will save him money. However, if this person requires extra management or doesn't have time to be the Internet, she might consider his option to pay the extra money each month for management. A managed dedicated server is great because the user doesn't have to concern himself with the server. The only drawback to purchasing the highest level of management is that it limits the buyer's access. If the buyer has a control panel, though, he will have some limited access, but basically the highest level dedicated gives full administration to the provider.

There are certain features a user will want to make sure he is offered before he purchases anything. It is important that the program be constantly up-dated. Software is constantly changing and viruses are always on the attack. Only frequent updates can assure that the program is fully protected. The user will also want to select a package of managed dedicated server hosting service that will patch memory leaks, improve software performance, and help the program run more efficiently. Make sure the company offers only the best firewall protection. With a managed firewall as part of the package, the website is well-protected. The firewall can log activity and show access to the server, restrict services, and screen outbound traffic. Select managed dedicated server hosting with remote backup. Remote backup will restore all of the data immediately should a problem or disaster occur. A good company will offer a reliable remote backup that requires no special hardware or software.

The Internet may provide a list of managed dedicated server companies to choose from. Not only are there local options, there are also even more options on the Internet. Select the right company not just based on price and packages, but also by quality of service. Look for a company that has been in service for a long time and has a solid reputation. Also, choose a company that provides 24-hour technical support. It should be monitoring the program constantly and repairing problems as soon as they occur. Ask around for recommendations about the best managed dedicated server hosting service. Look online for reviews of different companies. Contact the Better Business Bureau for complaints against the companies you are looking at.

It is important to talk with company representatives of your managed dedicated server hosting. Ask plenty of questions about the services that are offered. Make sure to choose a plan that lasts a reasonable amount of time. Don't choose a package that lasts too long. If you are unhappy with the terms, it will be difficult to change companies. Make sure to understand all of the terms of the service and the penalties assessed should you decide to break your contract before signing on the dotted line. Most important, be sure the package, price, and company all meet the business's needs. Proverbs 3:7 says, "Be not wise in thine own eyes." This includes avoiding outside advice for the business. Each of us can increase our productivity first and foremost by spending much time the the Lord.

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