Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

A network bandwidth monitoring tool provides the administrator with a way to monitor the computers and systems that are part of a network. Some of the common activities that are monitored may include a database, application performance, management solutions, events, traffic flow, and workstations or servers. Web site monitoring software has important benefits that provide a company quick resolution of any detected problems associated with the website. Some of these include alerting the company of any unauthorized changes to web pages, providing an overview of performance, helping to increase the efficiency of operations, and providing notification and snapshots of any errors detected. The price of a monitoring service is usually very minimal depending upon the amount of information that is serviced.

Companies that sell products to consumers should be aware of how well a site is working. Potential customers may get discouraged if they have problems surfing the site to the point that it could result in lost business. When this happens oftentimes the potential customer will go elsewhere to make a purchase especially if he or she has become very discouraged with problems in trying to place orders. A network bandwidth monitoring tool can help to remedy this type of situation by providing the site owner with detailed information on possible problems. Being able to track visitors can help the company see where a specific problem with one page could be causing a problem. Pages that are confusing or links that do not work can lose a company money whereas fixing those problems as quickly as possible could lead to an increase in sales and happy customers who return to purchase again in the future.

Statistics are very important for keeping track of visitors that view pages and can be done successfully through web site monitoring software. The number of visitors compared to the number of page views can give a company an average of how many pages a visitor actually views. This could indicate that some pages may need to have more interesting content to keep visitors viewing additional pages or staying on the site longer. Statistics can provide an overall interest in content. Frequently upgrading content can keep a person's interest longer which could lead to more sales. Statistics not only provide how many visitors frequent a site they can also provide where the visitors came from specifically, what search engine or links from other sites. They can even provide the company with keyword search phrases that a visitor actually used to pull up the web page.

Tools can make an administrators job much easier and in the long run will provide the company with some valuable ways to keep up with design and performance of web pages as well as monitoring activities from specific workstations within a network environment. A network bandwidth monitoring tool can add alert to specific jobs, keep one apprised of security issues, and enhance the network system itself. One tool can send messages between two workstations to test the connection between the two to make sure they are working correctly. Anyone who is on the web will no doubt want to take advantage of some of these tools in the effort of providing better service to their customers and affiliates. When dealing with customers using integrity and trusting in the Lord for the outcome will provide a foundation that will stand and prosper. "Judge me, O LORD; for I have walked in mine integrity: I have trusted also in the LORD; therefore I shall not slide." (Psalm 26:1)

A breakdown of all web page components including all images, frames, embedded objects, and all internal and external objects can be very helpful when evaluating services. Web site monitoring software can break down all aspects needed to make sure that everything is working optimally. This can be done through purchasing the software for the network administrator or for using a service that charges for hosting. Using the service is not expensive but is usually based upon the amount of pages that need to be monitored. Some hosting companies charge for only the services or tools that are actually used each month and some charge based upon the amount of time and the locations that they monitor. Using software or a service can both be cost effective because the time to locate problems is much less when using the proper tools that can locate potential problems or identify specific failures.

Software options include web page content, ping tests that test connections between workstations, password protection, domain name server, email server both incoming and outgoing, and file transfer protocol. Web site monitoring software keeps track of all applications and resources. This includes CPU usage, disk space, how much RAM is free, system records, and response time. Companies should consider using this software to ensure that their viewers and visitors will have an enjoyable shopping or viewing experience.

Internet marketing strategies will be much more successful if they take advantage of a system that tracks incoming traffic and takes advantage of using a network bandwidth monitoring tool. With marketing campaigns it is important to know where the advertising is working and where it is not. The use of analyses reports and logs that show plainly where traffic is centered and what is bringing it in helps a company to put more resources into the application that is providing the results. The main things that a marketing campaign should successfully show is the clicks on links, page views, and the number of visitors to each page. This can provide some valuable information as to changes that may need to be made on content and design. Visitors will stay longer on the site if there is quality information and the links lead to what they imply. Viewers who click on a link may get discouraged if the information is misleading or disappointing.

Network Performance Monitoring Tools

Network performance monitoring tools are important to anyone that works on a system whether it is a home-based set-up or a business based system. In a business, network performance monitoring tools are strongly recommended in determining system functionality as well as help to determine why the network is running slow if that may be the case. Network performance monitoring tools in the business environment include a range of important programs. Packet sniffing is not something a person would initially think would help in any application, but in a system packet sniffing it is probably one of the best tools to use. A packet sniffer, also known as a network analyzer or protocol analyzer, will scan the set-up and intercept or spy on all traffic on the system. Some of this traffic includes the supervision of programs that someone is knowingly or unknowingly running on their computer. Based on the information that this tool pulls up a person can see if someone is listening to music online, chatting with someone online, downloading using a P2P program, and various other information. Because of the traffic supervision capabilities of this program it is also great server performance monitoring software as it can help a system admin to understand the amount that his system is being utilized.

Bandwidth supervision has great uses as well. As a server performance monitoring software a person can use the bandwidth supervision to gauge how much someone is using the program as it shows the user what is being sent out to the Internet and what is being received. In a business environment with servers a person typically will see the bandwidth leaving the net more than what is coming in. Network performance monitoring tools will typically include a bandwidth monitor, as it is probably the first indicator of a problem. The first symptom that network users typically describe in a system problem is that the Internet is running slow. For a bandwidth monitor to successfully work a person needs to remove as much hardware between the router provided by the Internet service provider (ISP) and the box or wall jack that the user plugs the computer into. In most cases if a person has a computer whether it be a laptop or desktop that needs to have that computer close to the ISP router and a special cable in most cases this would be what is called a cross-over cable. At this point having the ISP on the phone maybe very helpful if the user doesn't know entirely what is being done. Once the user is successfully able to get the Internet on the computer that is directly connected to the ISP router, the user can start a bandwidth monitor. If the user is having a problem finding a good bandwidth tester the can go a government Network performance monitoring tools site called Argonne NDT. At this site the user can test their bandwidth with the push of a button.

CPU, disk and memory tools will perform a range of services for a user such as monitoring event log messages, SNMP, file analysis, system processes and more. Looking at system processes alone will help a person to keep the server in good working order. Similar to a home based computer a server can have viruses and other forms of malware running in the background and without monitoring software the user could look right past the exact problem that is bringing the server down. Once the hardware monitoring is taken care of, the user will want to take a look at the software applications. There is a range of services that the server can run so a careful choice of monitoring software that encompasses as much of the user is running to reduce the amount of time and money spent on this software. Server performance monitoring software typically will involve many tools like the packet sniffer and bandwidth monitor, but will go one step further to include tools to keep the server in good working order. The software that a person should look for is dependent on what is being run on the server. The purchasing of this software should be made or encouraged by a trusted network administrator. The software that is available on the Internet can range from being useless to useful as well as free to costly. "And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm." (Matthew 8:26)

Having a trusted network administrator will help a person to elevate any wasted time and or money. Even if the user is running just a web server he or she has to have an idea of what the user is running as they have the option of the operating system and the hardware accounted for. For example if the user knows the operating system and having two 64-bit processors they still have to know the version of the operating system and the manufacturer or the processor. Most server services such as web, sql, email, etc. can run on various operating systems creating more options as well as an easier time for service. For example, if a user has IIS and Apache that run as a web server, where Apache can run on just about any operating system and IIS is limited. Then the user also has SQL, also known as SEQUEL, that was originally developed by IBM in the early 1970s but now has its own variants such as MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle to name a few. Once a person has a good idea of what the server has then the user can start to look at server performance monitoring software in a more intelligent way.

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