Personal Email Hosting

Personal email hosting is offered through hosting companies online so that individuals can have a large amount of disk space available for important communications and for sending and receiving large data files. Unlimited email hosting is not only good for individuals it can be helpful to businesses. Hosting provides unlimited technical support, a guarantee of ongoing service, being on a server that is not overcrowded with many other users, and the choice of packages to choose from based upon the amount of disk space desired. Some of the features offered to clients include anti-virus scanning, unlimited disk space, auto-responders, unlimited mailing lists, spam software, and encryption security. Businesses may want to check into other services that are often available with the same companies that offer email hosting such as web and domain name hosting.

Anti-virus scanning software is very important and is a feature that is normally included with any unlimited email hosting plan. Tens of thousands of viruses, worms, and Trojans exist on the Internet. Anti-virus software detects any harmful files that contain viruses before an email is ever opened. The software will need to have the capability of updating with the latest virus protection periodically if not at least once per day because new viruses are discovered frequently. The program will normally scan the email and attachments beforehand and then display a message with the option to open the message and file or to save it. Anti-virus software is pertinent for email users because many viruses are transmitted through this avenue of communication. "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners" (I Corinthians 15:33).

Different packages are available online allowing the client to choose the amount of disk space desired and other features that may be needed. Personal email hosting includes anti-spam and anti-virus technology and some options offer unlimited bandwidth. The bandwidth is the rate data is transferred which is measured in bits per second. Other features may include the ability to import or export current addresses, a web spell checker, larger disk space, auto-responders and automatic forwarding. Quite a few companies online allow the interested party to try the service free for a limited amount of time before making a purchase along with offering different price packages where a person can pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Getting traffic statistics on a website can make a big difference on Internet success. Unlimited email hosting may include a software program that allows for tracking traffic and some companies offer traffic tracking as a separate price from the hosting package. This program allows the user to know exactly where customers are searching, what keywords they are using, and which advertising venues are working the best. A program like this can produce various reports that can help a user see where the traffic is coming from and what times that individuals are visiting the site. A user can see what search engines are producing results. Knowing this information can save advertising dollars by keeping the service with the ones that produce and discontinuing the service with the ones who do not.

Many browser sites offer a free email address but the size of the storage and the amount of bandwidth do not allow for sending large data or video files. Most people can make the free ones work fine for them but those who send large files may want to upgrade to personal email hosting. These usually include at least five email addresses, with so many megabytes of disk space and the accommodation of so many megabytes of traffic within a network. Some plans start as low as around five dollars per month so they can be very inexpensive. The cheaper plans do not usually include the features of auto-responding or the capability of holding a large mailing list but they do have some optional features that can be added for additional costs.

Some plans offered online have spam filters included with personal email hosting. That could be considered a valuable commodity these days because so many people get frustrated with unwanted advertisements. Spam filters can normally be set one of two ways. First the user can set up spam to go into a designated folder or unwanted advertisements can be blocked completely. Blocking them completely normally means that they are automatically deleted so the user never has to see them. Another option with spam is to take advantage of the option to opt out or unsubscribe. This can normally be done by finding the link located at the bottom of the advertisement and clicking on it. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that the advertisements will stop coming.

Web and domain name hosting are available through some of the same companies that sell unlimited email hosting. This allows a business to take advantage of other available services with running a website. Having enough disk space and unlimited bandwidth is important for a website to run optimally so that visitors do not get frustrated with slow page loads. Other web solutions that are available include website design, large database, access to web statistics on traffic, a file manager, and the capability of zipping files. Web pages should be able to work well with plug-ins and other types of software programs normally used to surf the Internet. In addition, security through encryption software should be part of the hosting service so that customers know their personal information is safe from identity theft.

Personal Web Page Hosting

A personal web page hosting service provides the opportunity for an individual, an extended family, or a group of friends to establish an online presence with a website to call their own. A routine internet search will provide a multitude of domain name registrars and web sharing companies that are eager to attract new customers. The pages of results can be overwhelming for the novice or inexperienced user who only wants to set up a personal website. How can she possibly choose the company that will provide the service and assistance she will need? Fortunately, some internet sites provide a listing of recommended companies that provide fast web hosting for minimal fees. These sites will often provide the criteria by which the featured companies were selected or may contain a series of ads that allows each company to tout its own special features or services. These recommendations will probably make it easier to choose a company. Of course, another way to find a reputable company involves no technology at all. Word-of-mouth, the recommendations of friends and colleagues, remains a time-honored way to decide who will get one's business.

Even as one talks to friends and researches online recommendations about a personal web page hosting service, it's a good idea to have in mind certain specifications and needs. A personal website most likely will not need the space and speed of an ecommerce site. Many companies offer free space to members who join their communities or networks. This can be a great way for the novice to start out with a website. For example, a family may want to create a website to help members who live far away from each other keep in touch. The website will probably include a lot of photographs, particularly of such highlight events as weddings and births. Birthdates and anniversaries may be highlighted so that cards and presents can be sent to the honored ones. Family reunions and trips can be planned and messages can be shared with each another. The Proverbs writer said: "Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches" (Proverbs 24:3-4) Families that share exciting memories with each another are establishing a sure foundation for those who come after them. And this type of website doesn't require expensive design elements or money spent on monthly fees to a host provider.

One downfall of this type of website, though, is that the member may not have a dedicated domain name. Instead, the website address will begin with the community or network name with the individual's unique identifier placed at the very end. A long website address can be clunky and inconvenient to share with others, especially if it has all kinds of strange characters. Expecting others to memorize the lengthy URL will be quite a challenge. For a small monthly fee to a personal web page hosting provider, the individual can secure a dedicated domain name. This can be a challenge, too, because so many names have already been purchased. It might be hard to find an appropriate name for the website. The provider may offer the opportunity to purchase domain names or the person may need to go to a domain name registrar and register the name. The host providers usually make it easy to transfer domain names to their services, however.

Naturally, speed is an important factor in choosing a provider. Everyone wants a fast web hosting service as we become very impatient if we have to wait very long for an internet site to be accessed. Another important issue is that of shared space. Providers are not consistent in the amount of space provided to their customers so individuals need to have some idea of how much space they need for the website they intend to create. Choosing a provider with multiple tiers of service can be a good idea. This allows the owner to upgrade to a plan with more space and features (though it will also cost more) should the need arise.

Perhaps one of the most fun aspects of choosing a personal web page hosting provider is the creative aspect of choosing the website design. Many providers offer a wide variety of templates that can be customized to create a unique website. Knowledge of HTML (hypertext markup language) and codes are not needed to design an innovative website with these templates or some type of site building software program. The individual can point, click, drag, and drop to add elements to the design. When everything looks just right, the website can be published with a single click. Changes are easily made whenever the individual feels so inclined. Often, providers will also include additional features, such as a guestbook, blogging tools, a form builder, and image gallery. At least one email address should be included as part of the monthly package.

Individuals are encouraged to choose a fast web hosting provider. Though the initial plans for the website may be only personal, there are opportunities to sell products and services. Perhaps an individual collects glassware from a specific era. She creates a website to share her hobby with others who also have an interest in glassware. The website includes a message board where visitors can talk about their collections and share ideas with each another. A series of articles provide important information on taking care of glassware, identifying patterns, and spotting reproductions. The website owner also writes book reviews and posts them online. She wants to include a link that allows readers to purchase the reviewed books. This is possible by signing up with affiliate programs. Many major corporations provide affiliate programs that allow individual website owners to earn money when a visitor clicks on a link from the individual's site that takes the visitor to the corporation's site. A hosting company that provides access to affiliate programs can be a real plus to the individual.

A personal web page hosting company, especially one that offers exceptionally fast web hosting, provides an inexpensive means for individuals to create and maintain unique websites. Whether the purpose is to keep faraway family members in touch with each another or to share a hobby with other aficionados, the monthly fee is a minimal price to pay for the priceless benefits of staying in touch online.

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