Reseller Hosting Service

A reseller hosting service is available to those wish to resell unwanted space on a server that had been previously owned. Those who work in such a field take on the role of the 'go between', meaning the person who manages and oversees all the details of selling web space. A reseller is essentially the one who handles the transfer of hosting space between clients and the applicable servers. A customer buys the space from a person in such a position who in turn buys the space from the host, so essentially, the space is resold.

After the space has been purchased by the customer, any further customer service is handled by the service provider. Hosting services are continually updating and providing features that are geared to make the service more accessible to clients with costing significant amounts of money. The market continually evolves and changes must be made in order to keep systems running smoothly. The market can be a competitive one and a reseller hosting service caters to providing more options for people to make money while providing service to clients who desire based on individual wants and needs. People who purchase web space via resellers do not perceive of any real difference that buying directly from a hosting service would provide as they still conduct business with the server albeit not initially, "but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves" (Matthew 25:9).

A reseller essentially is the middle man who will purchase the web space from anyone who wishes to sell and then the middle man's responsibility is to find someone who wishes to purchase the space. Affordable reseller hosting helps to ensure that the space will be filled eventually, especially as web space is of a premium on the current market. In addition to offering space on the World Wide Web, those who choose to resell space can also try out selling other products that go hand in hand with web site management. A few of these tools are those intended for security purposes such as SSL certificates, domain name registration, search engine related tools, and more. All these aspects allow the reseller to earn profits in addition to the profits ascertained from the web space.

Affordable reseller hosting allows companies and businesses to purchase a large amount of space on a server for the purpose of reselling. One might wonder what the point would be, but people are able to make a slight profit on the turn around. Those who run web servers do not mind if space is resold as ultimately they still see all the profits that are entitled to them. There are benefits to an affordable reseller hosting service such as providing customers with the ability to provide different options of service that allow for a better means of satisfying any and all needs that individual customers possess. Other benefits include, but are not limited to, increases in revenue, access to multiple servers meaning more opportunities for sales, promotional materials that are made available only to those who can claim to be resellers, complete control of individual client's needs, full technical support, and more.

There are quite a few advantages that come with acting as a third party as pertains to web space and affordable reseller hosting. Many people like the freedom for creating unique brands by way of images and such which enables the reseller to have more impart more of a personal aspect on the space. True, they are simply selling web space, however, the way in which the space is advertised and marketed is up to them. Essentially, the act is one that allows people to see how they would be as salespeople without the hassle that customer follow up and service can entail, as once the sale has been completed customers deal solely with the server who ultimately owns the space they purchased.

Another benefit to reseller hosting that the person who has chosen to take part in a reseller hosting service can expect to see are the profits without having to manage the expenses and duties that come with running and maintaining servers, the host takes care of all the details including the upkeep of all the physical parts of the equipment such as the servers themselves, the cabinets which house them, the spaces intended for storage and so on. Those who are in the field are able to reach a profitable status at a relatively rapid rate as the act of initial investing is done away with due to the fact that the web space and management system is already in place. The advantages to reselling outweigh the disadvantages which most often are few and far between. Mainly, resellers have to make sure that they do sufficient research into the market in order to know and become familiar with the ins and outs of the business.

The Internet and the commerce that takes place amid the virtual waters on a daily basis have exploded in recent years. Millions of people vie for an opportunity to take part in electronic business if only for the ease conducting business over a computer provides. Affordable reseller hosting is just another of the many options people have for making some extra cash without the hassle of investing copious amounts of time and money beforehand. Those who wish to enter the field should do sufficient research so as to gain an understanding of the market and what customers want, and then be constantly aware of the continual updates in the natural evolvement of the popular market. There are many benefits to reselling, mainly that of not having to physically manage a business, but there are aspects such as prompt customer service and honest dealings that every respectable person who conducts business should keep in mind.

Hosting Reseller Account

A hosting reseller account allows individuals to start their own web hosting company by purchasing a large amount of disk space and bandwidth on servers to sell to others. A reseller hosting package ranges from inexpensive to expensive depending on the plan that is chosen. Some popular features with plans include free templates, technical support, website builder, private servers, free setup, and instant backups. Offers may include a control panel that allows the reseller to create customer accounts. Then customers will be able to log in and create their own sub domains, email addresses and passwords without having to have help. The control panel has many features that include multi language capabilities, redirect URL, instant blogs, support desk, instant forums, web based file manager, instant guestbook, hotlink protection, and more. Customer accounts include website statistics and ecommerce features as well.

Disk space ranges from thousands of megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes for a hosting reseller account. There are many different packages and the main differences between them are the amount of disk space that is offered and the amount of bandwidth that is offered. Bandwidth is the rate data is transferred which is measured in bits per second. Higher bandwidth means that the rate data is transferred is fast. Higher disk space and higher bandwidth means faster loading pages and faster downloads as well as faster upload speeds. Packages online normally range from about $20 up to $100 plus. A reseller can charge anything that he or she desires to clients. The difference between what is sold to customers and what is paid to the provider is the profit made by the reseller. "Can a man be profitable unto God, as he that is wise may be profitable unto himself" (Job 22:2).

Templates are downloadable and include many different types of designs ideal for a hosting reseller. Templates are pages for a website that have already been created that make it easy to design any type of site. These include places for the name and logo to be inserted and have various colors, graphics, and backgrounds that are downloadable. Templates are a feature that is included with a reseller hosting package and it can be a very important one. A well designed website will attract more potential clients which will translate to more profits for a business owner. Templates normally include the basic headings or subheadings that will be needed in setting up a web site. All a business owner has to do is change the text to what he or she wants it to be.

A website builder is another feature that can really make a difference with designing a professional website. A hosting reseller account usually includes a website builder with the capability of setting up password protected pages, allows the integration of a shopping cart so clients can purchase services or products, as well as including the capability of editing the look anytime. A website builder includes a spell checker, the ability to format text, the ability to insert images or files, and create multiple web projects and pages. Text and pictures can be copied and pasted from other popular programs. Navigation links can be reassigned by dragging and dropping. In addition, most website builders have the capability of creating forms on a site so the customer can send an email to the website owner or administrator.

Ecommerce features include a shopping cart, merchant account, marketing, secure severs, and a tutorial that covers how to set these up. A reseller hosting package gives the user everything he or she needs to get the site up and running. A shopping cart is essential because it is in the key element that allows customers to purchase products and services. Without a merchant account customers can not make purchases with debit or credit cards. Most customers use these to shop online and can feel confident doing so if the site has security encryption. Marketing capabilities to help a business take off on the web includes the capability to set up newsletters and banners as well as building a professional looking website. Tutorials help to make the set up of ecommerce features much easier to accomplish saving time and easing frustration.

Website statistics allow the user to monitor website traffic. A hosting reseller account provides the means to track traffic in a few different ways. It is possible to see exactly how many people have surfed the web pages, which pages were the most viewed, the activity that was generated from keywords, the length of time traffic stayed on web pages, and recent visitor activity. Reports are provided on the statistics so that the user can clearly see what is working and what is not. Some even show how many times cookies were blocked by the visitor and how many times the same visitor viewed the site.

Many sites online advertise for dedicated servers or clustered hosting when advertising a reseller hosting package. A dedicated server means that the website is running on its very own server independently from anyone else's. Clustered means that one website shares the space, processing, and applications with many servers. With clustered hosting a website can acquire more processing power and has multiple tiers of security. Resellers can acquire a package that includes either a dedicated server or with a cluster of servers. Both choices are possible with reseller programs. When offering hosting programs the reseller should break down packages by the different options pertaining to server choices.

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