SMTP Email Server

Accessing emails via a SMTP email server is simple and convenient. This is especially ideal for those who travel or are out of the office for a length of time. Other options include accessing email from your ISP's (Internet Service Provider's) program or the company's email log-in program. However, these programs sometimes leave either reliability or privacy concerns unresolved. Also, some programs remove identifying factors from the email address, which may cause recipients to miss or reject the communication. To resolve these problems, an individual can use an outgoing SMTP server to deliver the message.

A SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is used to send the message from the program to a mailserver or from one mailserver to another. A protocol is simply a set of rules which governs a situation or program. Normally a user does not think about the process of sending email once his or her computer or device has been set up. At least until something goes wrong, few care to understand the process. However, if the ISP's server often becomes overloaded, or a customer finds emails constantly being mistaken for spam and rejected, the time may have come to take a closer look at an SMTP email server.

The outgoing SMTP server usually works with either a POP (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). Both protocols are involved with retrieving email from mail servers. The details of the POP or SMTP are usually the realm of the ISP or the IT department. Email services are normally part of a bundle of services an ISP will provide. Once the program is configured and running, an individual tends to forget about how the program works, as long as it does work. (Some people still do not care to know details, as long as everything can be repaired quickly!) However, there are some things to consider in favor of installing a SMTP email server that can run from either your computer or a mobile device.

The best part about using a SMTP email server is that a person can use a single email program no matter where he or she goes or which device is sending the message. Imagine only having to use a single email address for all of the communications which are sent, instead of having to juggle several configurations. Not only is this convenient, but practical as well. Sometimes, if you are using a mobile device and trying to access mail from another ISP, it will not deliver messages that are not coming from one of its own accounts. In one sense this is understandable, for spammers try to be clever and conceal their paths by using a similar technique. However, if a person is a legitimate user trying to send a message, this can be frustrating, especially if an individual has a variety of accounts and devices.

If a person is on the road and can not send or retrieve messages from certain accounts, it can suddenly become impossible to conclude important business matters. Perhaps a person needs to review a set of blueprints to reassure a customer, or obtain permission to finalize a contract. If the access to certain accounts or files is limited, so is a business person's ability to appear organized and professional. With a mobile outgoing SMTP server, a person can send a message from anywhere in the world and use any one of a number of devices or email accounts. Since many businesses have a global presence these days, this is a crucial part of remaining competitive and flexible while conducting global business.

Another spam-related problem is that at times an ISP (and anyone sending emails through its domain) can be blacklisted because of repeated problems with spam. An innocent customer may find that he or she can not send emails. It can be difficult to correct the situation once one has been blacklisted. Less serious, yet equally annoying situations can result from server delays. At times a server may crash or simply be down in order to have necessary maintenance performed. Although no one has discovered exactly why this is so, delays seem to happen in direct correlation to the importance of the message which needs to be sent! Another annoying fact is that the ISP will often replace a domain name with its own server's name. Instead of receiving a message with your brand name as part of the message, this information is replaced by the server's name. This, too, can look less than professional. After spending time and money building up a brand name, does a business person really want clients to receive a message from '' as opposed to ''? Speed-related problems can also occur. When a person sends an email message, this does not necessarily mean that the communication is immediately sent on its way. Instead, the item may end up sitting for a while. Factors which influence this are the amount of load the server is experiencing, and the way the computer is configured for performance. With an outgoing SMTP server, however, as soon as the 'Send' button is pressed, the message is actually sent on its way.

Privacy is another issue which may be of some concern. If someone has access to the ISP's mail program, he or she is able to look at all emails which pass through it. Having an outgoing SMTP server eliminates this problem. In this way, sensitive communications have one less factor of exposure. Some of the servers also allow a copy of the emails to be kept. This is a wise precaution for backup in case of emergencies. Such diligence will help the company earn a reputation for careful, forward-looking work. As the author of Proverbs 20:11 notes, Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and whether it be right. For accomplishing quality work while assuring accessibility, reliability, speed and privacy, having a SMTP email server is definitely a valuable asset.

Email Web Hosting

Email web hosting is an important consideration when making a wise choice among the many hosting companies available throughout the Internet. There are many companies to choose from that offer varying options and features from ecommerce capabilities to a superb web email hosting solution. Online businesses greatly depend on effective communications for a number of commercial activities. In order to stay ahead of the game, it is necessary to make the most out of web mail features that can be used for marketing, advertising, statistics, customer service, contacts and support. Most online stores cannot properly function without stable, adequate Internet mailing capabilities.

Building a great web site, providing terrific products and offering deep discounts are certainly a major part of running a successful online venture. However, before all these options can be made available to consumers, a web site must be published through a hosting company. There are several general things to look for when searching for the right hosting option. Of course, any option must include advanced features for email web hosting. Another important consideration for ecommerce sites is a shared SSL option. Some companies require a client to pay a fee in order to use SSL features that provide customers security for their personal information such as credit card numbers, bank accounts and personal identities. "He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known." (Proverbs 10:9)

It is impossible to conduct ecommerce without this capability, so choose a company that offers shared SSL options at no extra charge. A company that offers a web email hosting solution should also provide impeccable live support. First time e-merchants sometimes overlook this critical factor when choosing among the many companies clamoring for business. Thoroughly check out a company as to its support policies and guarantees as well as do some research on previous clients that have already used the service. Another way to check out a service before purchasing an account is to contact them through the customer service department with a question or concern over some issue.

If they are prompt, courteous and knowledge, it is a good sign that customer support is at the top of business priorities. Look for a company that will answer, clarify or provide some service within a 24 hour period following an initial service request. Online businesses can ill afford to be waiting for a web email hosting solution to get around to providing help for a serious technical problem. While email support is very helpful, there are times when only phone support will ultimately solve a problem. Make sure that phone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some companies even go further in this area and provide forums or chat rooms where techies can gather to exchange information and receive help for certain issues. This can be extremely helpful in developing further ecommerce skills by 'picking the brains' of likeminded experts who are in the ecommerce trenches every day.

Many companies offer free setup and a money back guarantee for a certain amount of time when choosing their particular services. Purchasing an email web hosting package that requires setup fees and no guarantees can be risky and may indicate that a company will stand the test of time. Services that have been in business for a long time are, of course, safer to deal with because of a proven track record in both services and personal commitment. That is not to say, however, that many younger services that have recently emerged are not reputable and do not offer quality. There are many new companies that offer the latest in cutting edge technology, superb support and ongoing advancement in services.

Doing ones homework is essentially the best avenue to take when searching for the best option for web hosting needs. Many quality services offer a web email hosting solution that is more than adequate to meet the needs of most typical ecommerce ventures. Keep in mind several things when checking out the email options offered through an hosting service. Choose a service that offers anti-spamming features in order to have the best communication possible with business email recipients. Also, make sure that an email web hosting service provide extensive firewall and anti virus protection. Many online ecommerce ventures use options that provide access from multiple sources. While this can be helpful in some cases, it is suggested that services that provide secure, safe features more readily insure good communication with clients or consumers. Other features that are important to look for in a service is access from anywhere in the world through a POP or IMAP email account, email forwarding, broad service to all business personnel, a domain name email address, and auto-responders.

The more features available with unlimited access is best for online commercial ventures that need to look toward future growth, global commerce, and travel options. The best web email hosting solution for many businesses will also provide a guarantee that there will be relatively little down time from their server. Quality companies sometimes guarantee as much as 99% uptime for their customers which translates into no serious losses of Internet connectivity for any ecommerce venture. Another serious concern for many large online businesses is whether or not there is proper back up in case of power outages or other disasters. All these questions are important to ask any service in order to find assurance that stability and quality control are at the forefront of their business concerns.

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