Web Based Proxy Servers

Web based proxy servers are a smart way to make sure that personal information remains secure when surfing the World Wide Web. With the recent increase in criminal activity on the Internet looking for the personal information of millions of Americans, people can not be too safe when surfing or doing business on the Internet. Other websites, and those up to no good, like to find out what websites people visit in order to discover what information is being researched, and even try to find out financial and personal facts without the surfer knowing about this. What web based proxy servers do is act as a go between from the home personal computer to the website that is visited. If there is any type of activity or attempt to gather information on an individual, the anonymous proxy server prevents this from happening by preventing a direct connection to the home PC.

There are various types of a free anonymous proxy server and each goes by a different name. For example, there is what is referred to as a caching service that automatically stores the websites a person visits so that they can be accessed there instead of at the website directly without leaving any of the surfers information behind. These web based proxy servers can also provide security functions by blocking undesirable web pages and preventing lethal computer viruses from damaging the home computer. Businesses can effectively utilize this feature when the desire is to prevent users from going to places on the web that should not be visited. These proxies can mask your IP address so the surfer can use the Internet anonymously, thus the term free anonymous proxy server. If someone plans to do business on the Internet then safety and security should be highly important.

There are ways to move among web based proxy servers so that continued security of information can be maintained. The user can utilize the web based proxy server also by having the ability to block pop-ups and to get rid of surfing history. Parents should be particularly careful about the websites teens and younger children visit. An intermediate unit could assist in preventing intruders from spying on the children and the activity when surfing the Internet. Libraries and schools should think about using public intermediate services since a large number of children and teenagers utilize computers in public places out of the scrutiny and watchful eye of parents. Not only would the experience be safer for patrons, but would help to secure computers at these public places. "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 14:6)

Colleges and government institutions most likely already use free anonymous proxy servers to a large extent not only to keep out hackers, but also to enable them to keep a watchful eye for criminals inside the country. There are so many opportunities these days for personal information to be stolen that it helps clients, students and all citizens to feel safer when security measures such as a free anonymous proxy server is put into place. Using web based proxies can help to increase the speed and efficiency of the search mode because all the information is already stored on the unit and not on the hard drive of the computer being accessed. The more one understands about how computers function regarding the Internet the better, so that the proper equipment can be obtained and interfaced with home and public computers.

Companies that handle large quantities of information as the main service of the business would definitely utilize free anonymous proxy servers, as would law enforcement officials across the country. There have been many instances of hackers breaking into huge company databases of information that has been gathered from thousands if not millions of people. Of course, no matter how many type of security measures a company or an individual attaches to the PC, some criminal will most likely find a way to hack in, so technology has the onerous job of continually staying ahead of the hacker curve so to speak. Apparently, the hackers try to stay ahead of the technology curve, so who is to say who will ultimately win out, if anybody. This is why there are now software packages that continually scan computer systems looking for evidence of viruses and security breaches. The sooner the breach is noticed, the sooner something can be done about the situation. So begin researching for good web based proxy servers now.

For the home PC user not comfortable with do-it-yourself security updating, then a call to a local computer fix-it store could be a great place to start. A representative could make a visit to the house, assess the situation and make recommendations for the customer. Most of the time though, obtaining use of a web based proxy server is not a difficult undertaking. All it takes is for the user to search on-line for these services, and follow the directions on how to set it up. It is just that simple. Making the move to begin using a free anonymous proxy server may be the best decision any home PC user could make. Using on-line servers does not have to be the norm, because a technician can install this in the home as well. This way the customer has full control over storage and utilization issues without having to resort to using something out on the World Wide Web. Some just prefer to have the ability to touch and see instead of just sign up and go. Sort of like keeping books instead of going paperless.

Remote Computer Tech Support

Technological advances now provide remote computer tech support options for both businesses and individual users. With all the innovations of the past few years, it is almost impossible for a business to operate without a properly functioning online network. Popular software programs, especially those that sync to some cell phone devices, mean that the desk calendar and the rolodex have practically gone the way of the dodo bird and the carrier pigeon. Secretaries now input appointments onto shared software calendars that their bosses can access while away from the office. Contact information, including phone numbers, email, and physical addresses are kept in specially designed software programs. Some of these programs offer additional features especially created for a company's sales people to keep track of customers or for a legislative office to keep a record of correspondence with the district's constituents.

Email access provides a quick way of communicating with other offices, clients, and vendors. Online web searches allow employees to research pertinent information quickly and expeditiously. When the network goes down or the hard drive crashes, an employee is often completely unable to function. The secretary doesn't know who is meeting with the boss the next day or the phone number for an important client. The sales person no longer has the list of customers for cold-calling. Research from the comfort of one's desk is impossible. Employees are not the only ones affected by a downed network or computer crash. Many individuals rely heavily on the access given them through online services. Practically every entrepreneur with a home business needs consistent internet service. Even people who do not rely on the internet for an income can be highly inconvenienced when it isn't functioning properly or a hard drive stops functioning. That's why almost everyone with a computer can benefit from remote desktop support.

A great many companies now offer remote computer tech support. These companies provide an important service as the business community and individuals have become almost totally dependent on having constant internet access. It's no longer necessary to dismantle one's equipment and lug it to a fix-it store or to sit helpless while waiting for a technician to show up. With remote desktop support, help can be a simple phone call away. Large companies and governmental agencies with their own technical divisions may include software on employee workstations that will allow the technicians to access the computers from remote locations. For example, the House of Representatives for a large state has a technical division. The technicians can, with a click of the mouse from a district employee, access that employee's computer even though the technician is in the capital city and the employee is in a faraway district office. Many software issues can be addressed by the technician without the expense of sending a certified repairperson to the district office. The employee can watch the monitor and see what the technician is doing from her own computer. By linking the House of Representatives' district office computers to a central network and utilizing remote computer tech support, the state is saving money for the taxpayers. Many businesses do the same within their own computer networks.

Technology allows some remote desktop support companies to provide a similar service to individuals. The company tech can access the customer's computer to diagnose the problem. The customer can watch the screen to see exactly what the technician is doing and, as a security precaution, the customer has the capability of taking control of the computer at any time. Pre-installed software isn't always needed to link a customer's equipment to the tech support company. These companies offer a variety of services, but almost all can be accessed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week so that even the night owl may be able to find assistance when midnight glitches occur. Some companies offer ongoing contracts so that the services are available whenever needed by anyone who pays a monthly fee. Others require a base fee for a certain amount of time and then an additional per-minute charge. A free phone consultation may be available to customers.

Individuals and businesses without in-house tech support are advised to compare services and costs before they need assistance. Otherwise, the decision on which company to contract for remote computer tech support may be made in a panic, resulting in a higher than necessary expense and, perhaps, less satisfaction with the service. A majority of businesses strive to provide quality service at a fair cost, but there are unscrupulous people in every industry who are more than happy to take a customer's money without providing the promised service. The Old Testament writer counseled: "When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: To deliver thee from the way of the evil man" (Proverbs 10-12a). Prior planning will help ensure that discretion and understanding go into the decision-making process of finding a quality remote desktop support company that will provide the needed services on a timely basis.

Part of the remote diagnostics may include patching software errors, identifying and removing viruses, and even tracing hackers. Companies offering remote desktop support may offer additional services such as setting up security firewalls, installing backup programs, and providing routine updates and maintenance. High speed internet service is often required for remote assistance. With remote computer tech support, the business community can continue doing what they do best: the secretary will know the boss's daily schedule and the important client's phone number, the sales person can make the required cold calls, and the at-home entrepreneur won't miss any important contacts. Individuals who are dependent on the internet, for whatever reason, will not be frustrated by long downtimes. And no one will need to lug dismantled equipment to a computer store.

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