Alternative Therapies For Bipolar

Alternative therapies for bipolar stress the correlation between whole body wellness while using nutritional therapies to speed healing. Alternate sources oftentimes will use a combination of therapy, nutritional supplements, and teach self-care through healthy diet and exercise. Diet and nutrition are the main emphasis for natural remedies for bipolar disorder. Breaking lifelong habits of eating poorly and giving in to a sedentary lifestyle can be difficult to change. Many physicians that treat with alternative sources recommend specific types of vitamins, herbs, and minerals to treat the anxiety or depression. Holistic counselors promote mental/spiritual wellness to enhance the treatments for the body. Some of the tools for therapy that are used by counselors include expressions that help to release deep emotional anxiety with art therapy, dance, music, and movement of the body to help the patient become more self-aware.

Massage therapy helps to relieve tension by kneading or rubbing a person's muscles. There are some massage therapists that use Biblical scriptures along with touch to help the patient experience the release of pent up emotions and worries. "And besought Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole" (Matthew 14:36). Other therapists add music to the regimen to help the patient relax along with aromatic therapy that includes incense or candles that offer an aroma that is agreeable to the patient. Natural remedies for bipolar disorder may be a better method of healing for patients who don't tolerate prescription drugs well. Many people who try taking prescription drugs have difficulty with side effects and find that they are faced with either learning to live with the side effects in order to have some relief or decide not to take them at all. A nutritionist might recommend an herbal remedy as an alternative anti-depressant but it is important to make sure that herbal remedies are safe with prescription drugs that a patient is currently using.

Food allergies can cause mood swings in some patients. Alternative therapies for bipolar might involve the patient undergoing allergy tests or doing a self-evaluation on foods consumed. Paying attention to how the body reacts to certain foods may be helpful in determining a possible allergy. Eating too much sugar or caffeine can cause a person who doesn't tolerate them well to become nervous or irritable. Some foods such as chocolate or cheese can cause migraines in those who are susceptible. Foods that are culprits for allergies may include dairy products, peanuts, wheat, corn, chocolate, and shellfish. A wellness plan by a nutritionist will most likely result in observations about diet and lifestyle choices. Since each person has a body, a mind, and a spirit, a holistic physician will want to use therapy that addresses all three. The body and mind both need the proper nutrients and exercise to operate in a whole state. The spirit of a person needs nutrients of a different kind. Reading God's Word, participating in fellowship with other believers, and spending time in prayer all provide food for the spirit.

Hormonal changes should be considered when being diagnosed for manic-depression since they can cause mood swings and lethargy. Sometimes diagnoses are made for bipolar in adolescents due to hormone changes as well as women who are going through menopause, also the result of hormone changes. Natural remedies for bipolar disorder include nutrients that are related to mood swings. Some of those are B complex vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, manganese, and zinc. Having a deficiency in vital nutrients can produce symptoms in some people that are related to mania such as, anxiety, depression, irritability, and fatigue. Deficiencies in thiamine can produce symptoms that mimic bipolar disorder such as, insomnia, restlessness, memory loss, aggression, mood swings, and appetite changes. It might be helpful to do some research and then talk to a professional before starting alternative therapies for bipolar.

Genetic causes for depression or mental illness may be related to biochemical causes such as low serotonin levels in the brain. Close family members may suffer with the same types of mental illnesses. Alternative therapies for bipolar involve the use of natural substances by changing diet and making lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes often include getting plenty of rest, eating a balanced diet, avoiding stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, physical exercise, and relaxation activities. Read a good book or go see a good movie, take a walk, or listen to music, doing activities that help the body and mind relax are recommended. Don't neglect fellowship with other believers, practice thanksgiving, and meditate on God's Word. Other suggestions for coping well include keeping a journal, or keeping company with others who have a positive attitude. Natural remedies for bipolar disorder try to treat the root of the illness with sources that do not involve chemicals. To help a nutritionists pinpoint the missing nutrients in one's diet it is recommended that a food journal be kept for a month. Doing this will help the nutritionists in recommending natural substances for treatment.

Natural Cures For Depression

There are natural cures for depression that some claim are every bit as effective as the prescribed anti-depressants that are commonly used to battle mild to moderate cases of depressive disorders. In countries outside of the United States, some of the herbs used in natural remedies are approved by their perspective governments and often prescribed as legitimate medication in treating these emotional illnesses. But in the US, the FDA has yet to approve the use of herbs and vitamins as a serious treatment for many different illnesses and specifically depression. There are two or three major contenders in the non-synthetic treatments that are meant to elevate mood and these can be found in a variety of drug and health food stores. There are advisory precautions for those who intend on experimenting with herbs as vitamins as a replacement treatment plan and anyone considering taking a natural supplement should, first, consult with a doctor. Those interested should spend a little time researching the different herbal remedies for depression online. The Internet is simply loaded with advertisements that make claims about the results of these substances, but there are objective publications that reveal the facts about what can be accomplished.

Before attempting to treat a depressive disorder with unconventional methods, it may be a good idea to first learn about what happens within the body when there is a victim that is depressed. Natural cures for depression can be more effective when people understand the warning signs of an upcoming episode. Depression is thought to be the result of certain neurotransmitters that are at low levels. When these specific neurotransmitters, which are serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine, are not plentiful, the feeling of well being within a body does not exist. Prescribed medications can elevate these neurotransmitters and the mood generally improves. While this is a theory, anti-depressants have been prescribed for years and are having positive results.

But, there are also theories that believe that an event or traumatic experience can bring on or onset a depressive state. Some people will experience depression for just a season, as with hormonal changes or in a time of loss, and some are considered as clinical with an inability to function normally. Because the word depression describes several different diagnosis and is attached to a feeling of being down or blue, it is truly difficult to accurately diagnose this condition. Also, treatments may work for one patient and not for another. Depression poses a challenge for those in the professional medical care industry. And, because there are so many uncertainties in diagnosing and prescribing, many are turning to herbal remedies for depression to combat the illness.

Some of the most popular remedies that are used in treating emotional disorders include amino acids. Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is showing promise in case studies, but more research is needed to determine what forms of depression respond to this natural substance. Other natural cures for depression include vitamin B. Some studies are revealing that those who experience a depressed mood have vitamin B deficiencies. The most popular herbal remedies for depression is currently St. John's wort, a supplement that increases the levels of melatonin found in the brain. There have been a significant amount of studies that used St. John's wort in treating depressed states and these studies have promising results. St. John's wort is legally prescribed as an antidepressant in some countries. Diet, rest, and exercise can also have an impact on mood and a sense of well being. The mind, body, and spirit react to one another, and when the body is fueled with nutritional foods, emotions can be stabilized. Exercise can also increase the production of certain hormones and feel good neurotransmitters. Rest ensures proper downloading of melatonin, which is essential for a good night's sleep.

The Bible is an exceptional tool that can be used to also supplement any prescribed or natural cures for depression. God's Word has an incredible healing impact upon the heart, soul, and mind of the humans that He created. Because we were created for His purposes and for His glory, He knows what are needs are, both physical and emotional. "Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him." (Isaiah 43:7) Trying reading God's promises to get a positive and hopeful perspective about the future.

When using natural herbal remedies for depression, patients should always consult with doctors before changing any treatment plan by altering drugs or omitting a prescribed medication from the regimen all together. There are some minerals that do not interact with prescribed medications. Certain vitamins can also be toxic when taken in large doses. Speak with a doctor and research recommended doses and supplements online where there are articles and published research explaining the best course of action.

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