Herbal Treatments For Depression

Herbal treatments for depression are found on several Internet sites, and according to the reports from the FDA, they are quite effective for relieving the distressing symptoms of this illness. The customer should be careful to buy them from someone who will guarantee that the herbs being bought meet the recommended standards. They will be ineffectual if they are not measured correctly. And for the person who is suffering from the symptoms of depression, it's important that the remedy should work. Those symptoms can include any or a combination of the following: Depressed mood; low self esteem; excessive tearfulness; disturbed sleep patterns; disturbed appetite (either loss of appetite or binge eating); loss of libido; fatigue and loss of interest and motivation; irritability and anger; or anxiety and panic attacks.

The cause of this illness isn't clear. No one is sure why some people get depressed and others don't. Sometimes the condition seems to happen because of a stressful event. Sometimes the illness seems to happen for no reason at all. Genes could play a role, as sometimes a depressed state seems to run in families. However, not everyone who has a relative with the condition is going to develop it. It is widely understood that this is a serious medical condition. Scientists believe that the source could be an imbalance of a chemical in the brain called serotonin. If this imbalance happens, it can affect the way people feel. Herbal treatments for depression provide one of the ways in which people can begin feeling better rather quickly, and drugs for depression is another. Of all the characters in Scripture, there is none with more reason for being depressed than Job, but through it all he remained true to his God. "Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy." (James 5:11)

The most common of the herbal treatments for depression is St. John's Wort (an old English word meaning plant); and the second is Passiflora, which reduces anxiety and soothes frayed nerves. There is one company that produces a medicine that combines those two herbs that are often referred to as "Nature's Prozac." Clinical trials showed that these herbs work as well as prescription anti-depressants, and they have no side effects like mood swings, loss of sex drive, or weight gain.

The most important treatment for this condition is not medication. Anyone suffering from any or all of the symptoms of this illness should talk to a professional--a psychologist or psychiatrist--to work through the causes of the problem. Drugs for depression help, but are never used alone. Regular exercise is an effective treatment for the disorder because vigorous exercise raises the serotonin levels and naturally calms the depressed person. Good nutrition and adequate rest are part of the recovery process as well, and there are foods that also raise the serotonin levels, such as oats, turkey, milk, pasta, and other carbohydrate-rich foods. It makes sense that physical good health promotes mental health, so taking care of ones self is a requirement for recovery.

Prior to the current antidepressant drugs coming on the market, there were other drugs that altered the moods of the people who took them. Opium was the drug of choice a century ago, and it was an ingredient in many prescriptions of the time (besides the recreational use that was well known). Barbiturates and amphetamines have each been the drugs of choice at different times during the last half-century. All of these drugs made the people taking them feel better in some way. Drugs for depression do not always succeed in causing pleasant feelings. Side effects from these medications vary from rashes or hives to insomnia or sedation, to tremors, nausea, or diarrhea. Recent studies have shown that these medications are effective in about half the people who take them.

It is wise to remember when dealing with depression that there can be marked improvement without any medication at all, whether herbal treatments for depression or drugs for depression. By doing the work with a licensed professional, the patient can often bring about the desired results. However, that takes time, and when the symptoms are very painful, the assistance of some kind of medication helps a patient feel as though he's making progress a little sooner. This is important especially when the depressed person is considering the possibility of suicide.

There are two kinds of therapy for the disorder. The first is interpersonal therapy, which looks at the patients' personal relationships that both cause the problem, and make it worse. The second is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps people learn how to get more fulfillment through their own actions. The person is shown how to unlearn the patterns in his or her behavior that add to, or are a result of, the depression.

Depression Medications

There are many different ways to approach a treatment for depression and those who are struggling with what appears to be a depressive state will want to gain a better understanding of what causes depression and how to live with the symptoms. Fortunately, medical science has achieved fascinating results in the fields of mental and emotional issues and now there are medical treatments that can address some of these debilitating conditions. But, as helpful as depression medications may be in fighting emotional swings or acute depressive states, there are life changes that a person can implement that help better manage the disease and alert victims of an episode. It is advised that those who suffer with emotional conditions get as much information about what is truly happening in the body, so that they can make choices based on wisdom and God's perspective.

Depression is a word that covers many different emotional and mental conditions. There are also varying degrees of depressive states and different depression medications can be used to treat these symptoms. Most everyone experiences a blue mood or slight depressive state now and then. Women, especially, will experience times of feeling down or unhappy for no reason at all, and this is usually contributed to hormonal imbalances or changes. These states are generally temporary and may not need to be addressed with prescribed medications. There are also temporary conditions that are brought on by trauma or unexpected change in lifestyle. The body is designed so that it slows down when there are traumatic circumstances and these are the depressive states that are related to grief or trauma. Emotional shock can devastate a person mentally and physically. Often, doctors can prescribe medical treatment for depression for a short term period, allowing patients to function until life begins to take on normalcy again.

There are also acute cases of emotional disability, where victims are unable to function at a normal level within their personal lives. Certain disorders, such as clinical depression, anxiety, or Bi-polar disorder require intense medical intervention and treatment. Because of natural chemical or hormonal imbalances within the body, those that are victimized by these severe conditions will need long-term care and treatment for depression to help stabilize the body's lack of producing the necessary components that keep emotions and mental capacity in check. Depression medications can help the body produce what the body needs to stabilize.

Symptoms associated with the most severe cases of depression will include sluggish or slow responses to normal life situations, prolonged periods of sleep, or an inability to cope with even small trials. The symptoms associated with anxiety disorders will include depressive periods but also patients may have an unrealistic view of potential dangers, making them extremely anxious and unable to function. And, with Bi-polar, depressive states may be followed by grandiose behaviors or marked increased excitability. The patient is either in a state of low or blue mood or hyperactivity. Depression medications can treat the symptoms associated with any of the conditions above.

Medical intervention is not the only avenue to explore when needing help with these emotional disorders. First, patients must realize that their bodies are reacting to circumstances, such as the case with grief, or that bodies are not producing necessary hormones to balance emotions. Knowing the root of the problem will help those suffering be able to mentally cope or somewhat understand what is happening. It is vital for those who struggle with depressive states to get plenty of rest daily allowing melatonin to adequately increase. It is also important to give the body good nutrition, equipping the body to properly respond as designed. Exercise can also help for it will release endorphin, which is nature's own prescription for elevated mood control. There are times when depression medications may be prescribed to help the body "jump start" it's own production of the chemicals or hormones needed to regulate mood. If after rest, healthy eating habits, and exercise are implemented there is still an inability to function properly, a doctor should be consulted. However, it will be necessary to receive counseling while on a program of treatment for depression, so that patients may learn how to cope with symptoms and address other issues in life.

The Bible teaches us that God is the greatest comforter in times of trials. He wants to be the source of healing for all illness, disorders, and personal challenges. We see throughout the Psalms that when King David suffered from a depressed state, he cried out to the Lord. "As for me, I will call upon God; and the Lord shall save me. Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me: for there were many with me." (Psalm 55:16-18)

God is the designer of the body. He knew, well before doctors discovered these truths, what the body needed to function in the world we live in. And, we must come to faithful terms, though we do not fully understand, that the Lord has purpose in all things. If you or someone you love is suffering from the devastating illness of depression, know that the Lord has control over the situation. He may use medical treatment for depression, or may choose to miraculously heal the wound, but whatever path He has chosen, thank Him for actively working in the situation and praise Him for knowing what is best.

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