Natural Stress Relief

Natural stress relief creates long-term health due to the lack of chemicals, which may have adverse reactions to the body's regular function. Many people believe in a variety of different techniques, but the fact of the matter is that what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. This is due to the unique body chemistry of each person, the nature of the cause, and the severity of the cause. Herbal stress relief can include tea, compresses, ointments, and vitamin supplements. Identifying the stressor and reacting accordingly compliments any treatment action taken. Careful research including the dangers of using natural cures with synthetic medications can actually cause more damage than good.

Children are affected just as much as adults, but in different ways. Just as stress affects different adults differently, it affects children at different levels than adults. Therefore, careful attention must be paid to a child's everyday actions even when life seems normal. As much as adults try to mask problems at home, children can at the very least tell that their parents are upset. Identifying problems in children can be difficult due to their underdeveloped communication skills. Paying attention to their moods, actively participating in their exposure to media and new people, limit negative exposure, be positive yourself, and speak positively about the child. TV shows, video games, news programs, and newspaper pictures can lead to depressing thoughts as well as anxiety about the world they live in. Simple, but not demeaning, conversations about world issues as well as limited exposure can help a parent decrease the effects of world problems. In addition, even some cartoons are dangerous for children regarding causes of anxiety and self-esteem problems. Simply limiting their exposure and filling that time with positive alternatives such as sports, crafts, and cultural events designed for their age group accomplish natural stress relief. Many websites are available with tips, crafts, and activities in order to help parents create that positive home atmosphere. Herbal stress relief may come in the form of aromatherapy even in very young children. With the rising number of candle companies and air fresheners available, solutions can be found for anyone. Lavender, chamomile, lemon, sage, and mint are all scents that stimulate mental awareness as well as calm the body. Simply boiling any of these herbs in a pot can create a whole house aroma.

Changes in diet can aid in the overall way in which a person reacts to life events. Detailed journaling of eating habits, life events, and personal feelings can lead to the discovery of patterns which can uncover causes such as the elevated consumption of fats, preservatives, and sugar. In general, the elimination of all of these will lead to less disease, less illness, and less stress. Filling a diet will organic foods certified by the USDA and lessening if not eliminating refined sugar and trans fats will allow the brain to work at its full potential therefore creating the best natural stress relief possible. Taking the diet a step further by adding herbs to foods and drinks will further aid in the effort against stress. Kava kava, lavendar, valerian, and reishi are proven to help some people overcome further causes of anxiety. All of these calm the nervous symptoms and some even cure insomnia. Unlike prescription drugs, which can take effect almost immediately, herbal stress relief takes time in order to see effects, therefore if the wrong treatment is administered, some disappointment may occur due to the time it takes to switch methods. Many methods can be tried at the same time in order to have a better chance of success, however it will be hard to determine which method is working and which one is not. If something is causing adverse effects toward other health areas then single elimination efforts can determine the troublesome component. Depending on the cause, these treatments may be temporary or occasional which may help a person determine if any adverse side effects are worth worrying about. "That thou wilt do us no hurt, as we have not touched thee, and as we have done unto thee nothing but good, and have sent thee away in peace: thou art now the blessed of the LORD." (Genesis 26:29)

Exercise is a great way to boost all the systems in the body as well as cure a person from symptoms of anxiety. Movement and increased heart rate can release toxins in the body, which can in itself be a natural stress relief. For some people, exercise is the foundation of good health leading to better eating habits, increased social activity, and a more positive look on life. With the blood flowing correctly in the body, neurotransmitters are better fed thus enabling higher brain function. In addition, the body will feel better and fight against infection and disease at a higher rate. Herbal stress relief can include aromatherapy even for adults at work, in the home, and in the car. Perfumes and colognes chosen to aid in the effort toward a calmer environment eliminate the restriction of specific environment. Exercise can include walking around the block after dinner, 30-minute workouts 5 times a week, or somewhere in between. Exercise offers stress relief that can be complimented with soothing music, calming colors in a major living area, and even comfortable clothes. Comfort is the key. Life should not be a compromise, it should be an ideal environment suited for individual needs.

Stress Reliever Toys

Stress reliever toys provide an outlet for management of physical and emotional build up. Everyone experiences an overload of emotions at one time or another, but some people have chronic issues that need attention on a regular basis. With society's increasing demand for doing more with the same amount of time, no wonder the body shows signs of distress. Untreated, stress can take over a person's physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing resulting in low immune system, lack of social interaction, and constant negative thoughts. People who are able to manage stressful situations sometimes use a stress reliever ball to help suppress feelings of anxiety. Many other toys exist including grip strengtheners, video games proven to lower stress, and even a labyrinth. Identifying causes may be the hardest part of the process, but certainly the most important. No one identifies with the same method for treatment, so don't get discouraged if a certain popular method does not work for a particular situation. The important thing is to find a way to at least lower stress in daily life.

Nervous tension is not always negative. Good stresses include promotion, significant move, marriage, and first born child. Bad stresses include money problems, divorce, busy schedule, and unplanned pregnancy. Stress reliever toys only provide a tool for coping, but not a solution to the underlying problem. If the problem is an irritating boss or an unruly child, the chances are slim of these situations changing, so management is necessary. When stress piles up depression may set in due to feelings of inadequateness and hopelessness. Seek help before these additional problems occur. A stress reliever ball stimulates the nerve endings in the hands which then sends signals to the brain. Theoretically this will help balance any imbalances a person may have including chemical. Because each person is created differently, the effects of such therapy vary widely. Used in conjunction with breathing exercises, physical exercise, healthy diet, and a balanced social life, a person should have success in one form or another. Keeping an open mind, remaining positive, and consuming only a healthy diet will greatly impact the positive effects of self-treatment. Many games fall under the category of stress relief treatment. These include: Rubik Cube, darts, crossword puzzles, mobile phone games, Boggle, Diner Dash, Super Word Power, Su Doku, Solitaire, FreeCell, and Hearts. These games can be used with the stress reliever ball or as a replacement. Because stress reliever toys are meant to distract a person, any game, puzzle, activity, or event that accomplishes that goal can fall under that category.

The balance of treatment is different for every person, therefore no perfect equation of treatment exists. Motivation to treat anxiety includes further development of disease and illness, losing friends, and possibly losing a job. These are all realities if anxiety is untreated due to the physical effects of this mental disease. There is no science to the feeling of being cured. By keeping a journal of daily actions and feelings a person can track progress rather easily. In addition to actions and feelings, food consumption and daily environment should be recorded. Some people show high anxiety when faced with a new environment not because of the newness, but rather because of products used to clean and furnish it. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity affects a large number of unknowing people who either ignore the symptoms or are treated for a misdiagnosed disease. Pay careful attention to the chemical reactions to every environment; this is different than events that cause stress. A misdiagnosis may occur if this difference is not identified. Because using stress reliever toys is only a method for treatment, participating in a group is encouraged to show support even if the contributing factor are different. Through this practice support may form, thus increasing the chance of success. If after a period of two weeks symptoms are getting worse or not getting better, a new method including speaking with a professional is advisable. "And the man wondering at her held his peace, to wit whether the LORD had made his journey prosperous or not." (Genesis 24:21)

Decrease in salt, sugar, and trans fat can aid a person in their pursuits to de-stress. Likewise, increase in fresh foods concentrating on poultry, vegetables, and fruits will greatly change the chemical balance in the brain. Chemicals added to foods can actually create stress-like feelings even when nothing indicates a reason for elevated feelings of anxiety. A stress reliever ball can aid in a proper diets effectiveness by adding another component toward total wellness. Understanding the body's natural food selection can be tracked by journaling digestive patterns after eating all foods. Eliminating troublesome foods does not only help a person feel better, but decreases the risk for illness including cancer. Increased water intake is important for flushing out undigested food, but also toxins left by non-organic food consumption. Detoxification of the whole body is available in many forms including a 3-day juice detoxification, which flushes everything unwanted by the body creating a fresh start. This is ideal for someone wanting to take multiple efforts towards wellness in the mind and body. Implementing a regular exercise program into daily life will also help release toxins aiding in the successful management of events that cause anxiety. This does not have to mean training for a marathon. Starting slowly and gradually working toward a comfortable level will help release toxins, which may cause stress. Stress reliever toys can be used in conjuncture with exercise and diet change.

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