Alpha Lipoic Acid Products

Alpha lipoic acid products are a natural way to treat skin problems with contents found in many foods and even properties naturally produced in the body. Like most natural remedies, the FDA does not approve or has not taken the time to research the benefits. Many benefits make ALA a widespread cure for many health problems. This product acts as an antioxidant and boosts the production of cells which slow the aging process by decreasing the chance of hardened arteries thus reducing the visible signs of wrinkles and debilitating decrease in movement of stiff joints. In addition anti-inflammatory agents further decrease irritation of the joints. On a different note, these products when ingested may remove toxins consumed in foods.

With a rising interest in today's society of looking younger and feeling better as the aging process runs its course, an astronomical amount of products have hit the marketplace. Understanding the ingredients of each product and the truth of claims being made by the company selling it can have a great impact of what products a person eventually buys. Though products of this nature have the possibility of helping the visual signs of aging to slow, no clinical study has proven its effectiveness. However, a less common use for these products is to reduce the effects of brain complications associated with diabetes and arterial sclerosis. Alpha lipoic acid cream has not shown consistent enough results to warrant any company claiming any successful effects. As companies research and modify their product clinical studies will surface proving effectiveness in the appropriate areas. Due to the competition of a developing market, prices of these products are not always affordable, especially when it is necessary for daily application over an extended period of time. Over time these products become popular the price will go down, but until then the choice for health goals versus financial resources should be seriously considered. Whether a person is financing creams, lotions or pills and procedures, the money most likely will be spent toward looking and feeling younger. But in all Israel there was none to be so much praised as Absalom for his beauty: from the sole of his foot even to the crown of his head there was no blemish in him. (2 Samuel 14:25)

Many Now products have come across the shelves promising to be the cure-all when in fact the statistics a company is able to produce is subjective to the human or non-human research rats. Because everyone is anxious to create that cure-all product quality and accuracy is compromised. People who practice good daily maintenance for their body will most likely produce the same results as those who are attempting to reverse already apparent effects of aging. These options range in composure and the percentage to which actual beneficial agents are present. Furthermore, because the FDA does not monitor these companies, dishonesty may lead even the best researcher to a false product. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day (depending on activity) will ensure the longevity of skin, organ function, bone strength, and mental awareness. A person consuming healthy water will experience a much lower level of health problems than the person who doesn't drink at all. These options may eventually prove effective in aiding healthy lifestyle on a quest to slow the aging process, but unless synthetic agents are used within the product it is uncertain of the actual benefits. Natural cures for anything show less accurate results due to their response to the natural way the body responds to certain substances thus creating an inconsistent platform for research.

In addition to drinking a healthy amount of water every day, a person should evaluate diet and exercise habits as well as the use of sunscreen. Research on different brands of sunscreen show how to calculate the strength and amount of which brand of sunscreen is effective for an individuals skin type, activity level, and geographical area. Even a person who eats whole grain bread, lean chicken, and salad every day may be putting their body at risk depending on where the food comes from and of course what they use for condiments. Organic food products will limit the ingestion of chemicals and other toxins used when growing or raising food. Antibiotics in animals lead to disease in humans and pesticides lead to chemical ingestion putting a person at risk for all sorts of problems, but most specifically cancer. If the immune system is in working order then the instance of thin skin and wrinkles will lessen, thus reducing the need for these products. The thought of changing eating habits toward organic or natural foods scares most people due to the cost of upgrade. Most organic foods are comparable and thought should be given to the less frequent need for OTC medications as well as doctor visits when a person is not feeding the body chemical. Exercise may not always fit into a busy schedule, but changes in habits which lead to deceptive exercise is reasonable no matter what kind of schedule a person has. Walking to the grocery store, mailbox, or on a lunch hour increasing activity without committing to 30 minutes a day at a gym. All these steps lead to better overall health thus these products in their quest to make a person look younger. Alone, this product may fail, but used in conjuncture with a healthy lifestyle a person will look and feel younger.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Cream

Alpha lipoic acid cream is a skin care product that is among the many dozens of different skin maintenance items that sit on the shelves of so many drug and health care stores. Items include such products as collagen replacement products, aloe vera creams and topical amino acids that are all supposed to be of benefit to the skin in different ways. Of course, the most sought after effects of any skin care product after helping with dry skin would be the removal or at least the reduction of wrinkles or signs of aging. Because the claims of so many products are unfounded or at least only anecdotal, there may no way to really judge the effectiveness of skin care products, but there are some things that can be known about these products in general. ALA+ is found in certain foods and is produced in the human body.

A number of natural food sources exist for LA that are quite common on the food tables of America. These include broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, spinach and in beef organs. LA lotions, which is the topical medicinal agent, along with its pill form, fights free radicals in the body that are linked to certain diseases. The following positive effects of ALA are already recognized: ALA is a strong antioxidant; it has an ability to remove toxic metals from the body, and is an anti-inflammatory. LA also helps prevent some aging process issues such as hardening of the arteries and joint stiffness as well as helping prevent wrinkled skin. It has also been shown to be a significant value in helping to negate the neurological complications of diabetes and hardening of the arteries. It is in this particular usage that LA may prove to be most helpful.

One of the most popular treatments in Europe for the pain, burning, itching and tingling of the skin due to diabetes is alpha lipoic acid cream. The cream has been in use "across the pond" for many years. There is also some proof that the ALA lotion or the pill form may also speed the removal of glucose from the blood and may prevent damage to the liver caused by diabetes. But the most useful purpose of ALA is for the treatment of neuropathy which is the loss of sensation usually occurring in the feet first. There may be those with diabetes that feel helpless and quite alone in the fight against this disease. Here is a wonderful prayer to God when feeling overwhelmed: "Hear my cry O God, attend unto my prayer; from the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I for thou hast been a shelter for me and a strong tower from the enemy." (Psalm 61:1-3)

Loss of feeling can occur in every part of the body, including internal organs. Sixty to seventy percent of all diabetic patients have neuropathy issues. There are a number of causes for the disorder including the length of time someone has been in the situation, and whether or not the person has been a smoker or uses alcohol in large portions. Additionally, if a person has susceptibility to nerve disease due to hereditary issues or if there is already some mechanical injury to the nerves such as carpal tunnel syndrome, there is more likely to be the possibility of neuropathy. And while sixty percent of those who have neuropathy issues can find a least some relief from ALA, there are still a number of patients who must look to other forms of pain relief.

When ALA lotion does not work on foot or hand pain for the individual, other pain therapies are looked at, such as anti depressants, anticonvulsants and opioid such as Oxycontin. These strong drugs may also have side effects so if they are recommended by your physician; make sure you discuss all side effect issues. Even such things as acupuncture, biofeedback and physical therapy may help some. Something called a bed cradle can keep sheets and blankets from touching sensitive and painful feet. Even certain therapies that once might be considered completely off the wall are being looked at. Electrical nerve stimulation, magnetic therapy and laser or light therapy may also be future therapies that have been found to work.

So the medical community does agree that ALA lotions seems to provide some alternative pain relief from drug/chemical pain relief options for those suffering from peripheral nerve damage done.. This may especially help in the hands and feet where stabbing and fiery pain are often reported. Dosages of the pill form have not been established by the medical community because there is yet not enough research completed. However, several universities are pointing to encouraging reports of its effectiveness in early trials and clinical tests. Much more is yet to be learned.

Websites by no means suggest or endorse the use of ALA lotions for any medical usage unless first discussed with a physician. And since this substance is considered a very powerful body agent, overdoses of it may actually harm the body. Instead, do some intensive reading on the subject and be able to talk intelligently to your doctor. There may be things you know that he or she does not. If you do not like the advice you hear, get a second opinion.

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