Distance Learning PhD

A distance learning PhD can be a way for someone to achieve personal enrichment in a career by reaching a higher level of education. This opportunity may enable a person to see professional advancement and to further a current position. A distance learning online PhD will allow someone to pursue an education from the comfort and convenience of a home or office computer. Taking advantage of a program of this nature will allow anyone to achieve higher education with great opportunities for advancement, monetary gain, and self-fulfillment.

These programs will include a rigorous curriculum that the individual will complete in the privacy of their home. They will interact with highly experienced faculty in the course of work. The format of the lessons creates relevance for current work by tying a person into the latest conversation in their chosen career field. There will also be opportunities to interact with professional peers across the country. Through earning a distance learning PhD, a person will gain advance theoretical and practical knowledge and further leadership skills in their field.

No matter what area of study a person is pursuing, there will be numerous opportunities. This is possible in the fields of teaching, consulting, counseling, and many other areas. Through a distance learning online PhD a person will be able to interact with exemplary faculty and peers in a way that will give them the added knowledge and skills to achieve in an environment that will maximize the learning experience. The individual will receive valuable feedback to give them an edge in research, in examinations, and on their dissertation. The instruction is self-paced, and there are no physical requirements for attendance. A student may be able to graduate within 12 to 18 months.

By developing an informed strategic viewpoint through this program, a student will be able to advance their career, receive the promotion they have desired, increase the enjoyment of their current position, and get the satisfaction of being a highly educated professional. While in the distance learning online PhD program, they will be able to explore new concepts, interact with others while sharing new ideas, and make discoveries in their field. The colleges and universities who offer distance learning PhD options provide advisers and faculty to help guide students through the coursework.

Programs of this nature will take a variety of information into consideration when admitting a person into the PhD program. A distance learning online PhD program will consider a persons past education and professional experience in the qualification process. This means that the student will receive credit for the good work they have done in the past, possibly shortening the amount of time it will take for to receive a degree. Another advantage of a distance learning PhD is that the individual will be able to work on the advanced degree without quitting the job they currently have. "But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another." (Galatians 6:4)

PhD distance learning is available from a very large number of colleges both in and outside the United States, and in any field of study imaginable for those who would rather not have to travel to a campus for classes. If one already has a bachelor's and a master's degree, but want to advance further, PhD programs are offered in abundance. A degree through the doctoral distance learning program will elevate a psychologist to the level where he or she can offer helpful therapy for clients. Some of the PhD programs of study available are: Arts and humanities, health and medicine, business, science and technology, social sciences, computers, education and teaching, public policy, education and leadership, and human resources management.

One can find a list of colleges that offer doctoral degrees, and then the specific disciplines they address. Some offer very limited courses in their PhD distance learning programs, while others have a long list they make available. If looking for something in health care, for instance, the lack of other degree programs won't matter if the school only offers health care and business in their doctoral degree programs, as long as the student can rest assured that the school is accredited. The most efficient way to locate the school that will be best may be by searching for the PhD programs first, then see which schools offer those courses.

Different schools have different requirements for their PhD programs. Since a dissertation is required for any doctorate degree, it is important to know how much authority the dissertation committee has over what the graduate student does. Most PhD distance learning programs require 36-40 hours, but that could be expanded by the dissertation committee in some schools, so careful research by a student is very important before signing up for a doctoral distance learning degree. To take part in a doctoral program can be a very satisfying experience, or it can be frustrating. If the dissertation committee doesn't like what was written they can tell the doctoral candidate to start over, or if they feel that the candidate needs more hours in a particular aspect, they can require that too.

The frustrating aspect of attaining the approval of the committee can be likened to the hypocritical leaders of biblical times: "for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in" (Matthew 23:13). Regardless, to complete the process, a candidate should try to continue towards the goal of a final dissertation if with no other attitude than to play the strategic game of wits with the committee.

Another important piece of information for a student to ascertain is whether there are any required hours on campus. If there are, then the distance program might best be confined to campuses in one's locale, unless travel is not a problem. A doctorate degree carries with it a certain level of respect, so whether a person is seeking it through a PhD distance learning program or on campus, it adds prestige to one's resume. For some, a PhD program is simply a "want to" in their lives, while others need it for advancement in their careers. For either, a PhD program can fill that need.

Distance Learning Graduate Programs

Distance learning graduate programs are growing in popularity as college graduates, who already have a career, are deciding to go back to school to enhance their skills and earnings or to totally change careers. A master's degree can drastically broaden the earning potential of a worker and open many doors for moving up the ladder in the work force. Enrolling in a distance learning graduate program provides flexibility and choice as to how long the student wishes to study and offers some choices in scheduling within the online education format. They are not confined to a daily classroom on-campus, and do not have to move from home or quit a job to enroll in a program. These programs are 'user friendly' in that they are designed with the achievement oriented student in mind since most students who are pursuing master's degrees are serious minded and usually involved in a career already. A distance learning graduate program relies on the student's integrity and dedication to complete the chosen degree in a more self-sufficient way than a more traditionally educated college student.

These online programs are designed to instruct students through media formats, such as video, and the internet as well as short, on-campus classes lasting usually a week or weekend. These classes are sometimes required which provide hourly credit in a short amount of time, allowing some on-campus study. Some distance learning graduate programs provide videos of the classroom instruction taught by a professor, which allows a good visual understanding of the material. Computers with appropriate software and system requirements are absolutely necessary in order to accommodate any requirements such as ability to participate in discussion forums, chat groups, web cam productions and use email. Cyber libraries are available in some online educations providing great access to research materials. Other materials such as required textbooks and learning aids are also part of the learning material either supplied through the distance learning graduate program when the student begins studies or are informed as to what materials are needed to purchase. An approved proctor who administers exams for the educational institution and mails them to the appropriate professor usually monitors the testing of material.

Most of these educations offer master's degrees in business, education, psychology, religion, the fine arts, sciences and much more. The most popular distance learning graduate program degree, whether online or on-campus, continues to be the MBA because of its broad application to so many relating fields of finance, marketing and global trade. Many other graduate degrees are particularly appealing such as the M. A. in Counseling; a degree that so many psychology undergraduate students pursue because a professional career in psychology demands graduate and postgraduate work in order to be a licensed professional. As students determine their educational needs and present circumstances, consider the positive options that distance learning graduate programs can provide. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge:" (Proverb 1:7a)

Distance learning master degree programs are offered in a variety of subject matters from many educational institutions for those that wish to be recognized as a specialist in a chosen field, but either because of the commute or a job, cannot physically learn in a classroom. The graduate level of education is a highly sought after educational achievement. On average, the national median income for those that hold a Bachelors degree is $66,992. This figure rises significantly to a median of $77,935 for those who hold a masters degree. Getting to this advanced academic level through a distance learning master degree program can be done in as little as 12 months. Traditionally, the graduate degree can be obtained in 2 years, but that is changing due to the advancements in technology and the offerings of online programs.

These new types of education programs are widely available via the Internet and home correspondence courses. They usually involve a thesis to be written as a major component in awarding the degree. Students can participate in the distance learning masters programs on a full or part time basis, whichever is more convenient depending on the career goals. Statistics show that 50% of students in these programs are majoring in Business. The next popular major for distance learning masters is Education. Research has indicated that 67% of students who pursue a graduate degree wait three or more years after receiving a bachelors degree before returning to school to advance their education.

Many returning students are finding that current employers are more than happy to offer tuition reimbursement for academic pursuits, as long as the advanced degree pertains to their current area of employment. In some cases employers will pay for an employee to receive a distance learning master degree upon signing an employment contract for a predetermined amount of years. Financial aid is widely available to those that enroll in distance learning masters programs accredited by any of the regionally accrediting agencies. Private student loans are also made available and easily attainable for students. Most loan programs, whether private or government funded offer a deferment period and a grace period. This enables a student to complete their graduate degree without the burden of additional financial pressure.

A graduate degree is a sign of advanced continuing education and is becoming as commonplace as a bachelors degree. While many students are continuing their traditional education directly after graduating from a four year university, there are adult learners that find it difficult to attend classes, work and raise a family at the same time. The distance learning master allows a returning adult student the luxury of attending class from their own home and on their own schedule. With the growth of the internet, many educational pursuits that were not conceivable in past years are now being made possible. It is to our advantage to utilize the technological advances being offered. If someone were to predict 40 years ago that an advanced degree could be earned from a living room, they would not have been taken seriously. Today, over one quarter of advanced degrees are distance learning masters. Still, this decision requires a lot of prayer from the future student. They should consider God's will for their education and follow it. "Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness" (Psalm 143:10).

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