Online English Degree

An online English degree is a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate level college education available through Internet distance learning. An education in this program at the Bachelor of Arts level can be pursued in three or four year programs, while completing a residency is optional. Online English degrees can be specifically in education, in language, and in the study of literature. In most programs, the individual will receive personalized instruction and have an advisor that works with them through the time it takes to complete the program.

All programs in the field of English have some similarity in content. Online English degrees will spend some time on the study of what is considered classic literature and texts. These programs will also teach critical and creative thinking and writing, and will focus somewhat on communication and the developing of the ability to express ideas with clarity. Many online English degree programs will focus on professional writing, editing, and journalism. Others will have a speech and communication aspect and of course, people that major in education will learn to teach this subject to students, including teaching both grammar and literature.

With many programs in English, a student can have a specialization or minor in creative writing, journalism, professional writing, or even in film studies and digital media communications. An online English degree can prepare the individual for generally expected careers in education, writing and publishing, journalism, editing, reporting, and desktop publishing. Some more unusual jobs online English degrees can prepare a person for are careers in law and legal assisting, public relations, business and management, and research assistant. The opportunities are various and many for the student having completed a program of study in this field.

The upper level post-graduate study can develop theoretical and historical approaches to literature that incorporate thematic, multi-cultural, and genre studies. If a persons goal is to teach at the college or university level, earning an upper level degree will be necessary. Proverbs 8:11 says, "For Wisdom is better than rubies." Much like this verse, striving to expand educational horizons will also expand a persons level of wisdom. Earning online English degrees can be a good start on developing individual intellect to the full potential and preparing for a life's work that is both personally fulfilling and professionally gratifying. With an online English degree in hand, a student can accomplish those personal career goals that have been put on hold, and realize the achievement of a lifetime.

Online history degrees help people, with a passion for the past, get a college education from just about anywhere through the Internet. These programs make it easier than ever before to pursue studies about anything and everything. Whatever one's interests may be, there is bound to be classes and studies on that particular historical topic. Whether the student is interested in modern history, wars, or ancient culture, an online history degree is one way to enter a career in this fascinating field. It is also a way to better understand God and man. God wants to see us seek out an understanding of His experience with our world. "For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night" (Psalm 90:4).

Graduates from these programs go on to work in many different areas of society. A person with a master's or doctorate can teach history at the middle school, high school or college level. Some graduates with an online history degree go on to work as museum curators or historians. Others work in historic towns and cities like Williamsburg, leading tours or showing tourists how people in previous centuries worked and lived. There are even a privileged few who take their degree to European countries which are rich in historical texts and artifacts, so careers in the field tend to be more widely available. The great thing about this major is that it is so broad. A student in this field can take courses in all different periods or themes, or focus specifically in one topic. In some cases, they can even attach a minor to their online history degrees that might help them attain a specific career.

To find educational opportunities, historians should look on the Internet through a search engine. These tools will bring up a plethora of sites that will provide information about schools that offer online history degrees. Potential students must check out their websites and see if they have this degree available. Another place to get information is through various learning institutions. Some of the colleges and universities in the local area can provide information about the programs that they might offer. Historians should talk with school counselors and advisors about their passions and interests in a particular area of study. They can then proceed to help by finding the best direction when it comes to an online history degree.

Online Music Degree

Online music degree schools open a plethora of opportunities to those that have a passion to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become a professional in the musicology field. Distance educations are offered from a variety of arts schools for a variety of levels. There are certificate, associate, bachelor, master and doctoral programs. Most of the schools that offer online music degrees have an art or fine arts background and have reputations for their high quality instruction. A school can be accredited by the NASM or National Association of Schools of Music. This accreditation ensures that the musical instruction institution has met or exceeded certain uniform standards.

Many distance education programs in this field encompass different majors. Songwriting is a major where the graduate with an online music degree can express themselves through a combination of words and notes. Some of the courses included in the major in songwriting are theory, keyboard, songwriting workshop, melody, lyric writing, songwriting techniques, and style writing for performers and arrangers. Another major offered within a distance education program is Musical Production. This teaches the concepts and technology of the studio and home producer. Common classes for an online music degree in production include desktop production for MAC and PC, sound design for electronic musicians, recording and producing in the home studio, and software classes like Pro-tools and digital performer.

The major of Music Business trains the student to become an artist manager. Courses in this degree program include entrepreneurship, record label business, artist management, musical publishing, the future of the industry and its business, the self promoting musician, and creating a promo kit. The most common type of online music degrees are earned in Music Performance. Music performance is the ability and skill to actually create songs. Classes are usually taught via video lectures, online real time musical workshops and audio tapes or CDs, concepts and methods of performance, basic improvisation, getting inside harmony, guitar scale, amps, and effects.

Christians who are seeking a distance education can find many quality programs that focus on church or worship, and Christian musical education. Church ministries all over the world are desperate for those who understand the concept of creating songs and who are fully committed to creating them and offering them to the Lord. Worship and Praise are commanded by God, and obtaining a degree is a step in the right direction for those who want to enhance their church musical ministry. Careers in this field are seemingly endless. Graduates of the online music degrees program thrive in careers that include musical education, instrumental performance, vocal performance, conducting, composing, worshipping, musical business, instrument making and repair, musical publishing, musical communications, the recording industry, and television and radio industry. Not matter the career, it is important for the professional to remember the Creator of these beautiful sounds and their original intention. "Sing unto the LORD with the harp; with the harp, and the voice of a psalm" (Psalm 98:5).

A teaching degree online is becoming a popular way for people to earn the necessary credentials to become certified teachers in almost any state. They allow students to take classes at their own pace, in their own time, from their own homes. People no longer need to adjust their work and family schedules around rigid class timetables in order to enhance a career. Both current and prospective instructors can find appropriate programs to pursue short-term and long-term goals.

Each state sets its own certification standards for teachers, and these goals often meet these standards. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required in all states; some require a master's degree, at least within a certain time frame after beginning a teaching career. For administrative and college or university teaching positions, a doctorate degree is usually required. Many teaching degrees online can be tailored to suit individual state requirements. Potential students should determine their state's certification standards by contacting the Department of Education and compare them to the online programs. Schools that offer teaching degrees online can also advise potential students as to whether their programs meet state requirements.

Depending on the program, undergraduate students will likely study learning styles, educational theory, and, of course, classes specific to the subjects they intend to teach. Graduate level courses may include assessment and testing, principles of supervision, leadership development, and a student-directed dissertation. In addition to readings and assignments for virtual classes, a teaching degree online will likely require a certain amount of practical experience too. This practicum allows students to shadow other teachers, gain valuable insights from seasoned professionals, and apply what they have been learning.

Whether a student decides to pursue his education online or through traditional classes on a college campus, he should investigate the selected program thoroughly. Check on the school's accreditation, the costs, potential financial aid, and admission requirements. Also, since teaching degrees online vary from one institution to another, inquire about each school's expectations, as well as what a student can expect from the school. For example, exactly how is the instruction delivered? Are there strict deadlines for assignments? Are the professors accessible? Can the degree be earned completely from home or are there hybrid classes (combination of on-site and online)?

If possible, seek out graduates who earned teaching degrees online from the schools being considered. Their feedback could be very helpful in evaluating a school's standards, instruction delivery, and outcomes. Recent news reports have shed light on so-called "diploma mills" that offer little more than a piece of paper with an official-looking seal in exchange for tuition. A teaching degree online should be worthy of a student's time, money, and effort. The Bible tells us that our God is "a God of knowledge" (1 Samuel 2:3). Further education in an honorable goal to pursue in God's eyes when we apply ourselves and work in His name.

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