Gastric Bypass Surgery Insurance

Those who are overweight will discover that gastric bypass surgery costs can be high but it can be an effective way to lose weight if one is a candidate for this type of procedure. Oftentimes gastric bypass surgery costs are covered by insurance. However, as with any surgical procedure, bypass surgery is a life-changing decision and not one to be made quickly. Anyone considering a serious operation should make sure and prepare both mentally and physically. Gastric bypass surgery is also known as bariatric surgery. This type of operation will dramatically limit food and calorie intake. The lower calorie food plan is what causes such notable weight loss. The number one need for a gastric bypass procedure is morbid obesity, which can be a life threatening illness. Obesity often creates other health problems such as type II non-insulin diabetes and hypertension.

Morbid obesity is usually considered a medical necessity for gastric bypass surgery and will then be covered by surgery insurance. However, the patient may be requested to show that he or she has tried to lose weight through alternate means prior to using gastric bypass surgery insurance. If he or she chooses not to use insurance or insurance doesn't cover the procedure, the costs can be high, reaching more than $20,000.

While gastric bypass surgery costs can be high, the need to control morbid obesity is of great importance to one's health. The human body is to be handled with great care by monitoring the amounts and types of food taken in, as well as how food is used. Once a body has approached the morbid obesity range it is very important to attempt to get the weight under control. If after trying various ways to lose weight, a person is still struggling with severe obesity, this is the time to consider gastric bypass surgery costs and benefits. Insurance will most likely cover the operation once it is proven that the patient has attempted to lose weight, is considered morbidly obese and struggling with or has other health complications.

Most gastric bypass surgery insurance is available for a person that is 80 to 100 pounds overweight or has a serious illness in addition to being overweight. The gastric bypass operation involves using surgical staples to restrict the size of the stomach and the amount of food it will absorb and digest. A medical professional and nutritionist will educate each patient on the types and amount of calories allowed during each phase of recovery. Gastric bypass surgery costs are expensive, but if after trying many avenues to reach a healthy weight one may come to the conclusion that this is the route to take, its important to weigh the cost of the operation and the cost to one's health if a person is unable to achieve an optimum healthy weight through other means.

Before considering this procedure, it's important to talk to a doctor, do research and fully understand the lifestyle changes it will require. Part of recovery from the procedure includes learning just how much or little each patient's stomach will now be able to consume without making him/her sick. Meals will be considerably smaller than they were prior to the procedure. Another unique factor about ones food intake after this operation is that patients won't be able to eat food and drink liquids during the same meal. Drinks will have to be digested before or after eating each meal. As with everyone who is trying to keep their body at its healthiest, exercise is of utmost importance once the medical professional approves exercise. There may be reasons that physical activities need to be limited. When marking progress in recovery, try to find new ways to reward oneself with each step of the goal that is achieved. Instead of food as a prize, try taking in a movie, purchasing a music CD or spending time with friends. A benefit of learning new ways to reward oneself is that new hobbies and interests may develop.

Obesity is a growing health problem in today's society; at an all-time high in some areas of the country. Our fast-paced lifestyles and super-sized meals make it too easy to eat on the go, eat unhealthy and eat too much. Taking time to think about what is being eaten and scheduling a walk everyday will help those struggling with weight control to get on track to a healthier lifestyle, making gastric bypass surgery insurance an unnecessary cost. If a person is severely overweight and considering this surgery, the ability to exercise more easily, have more energy and feel healthier is the reward after the recovery. It will take time to lose the weight. All the extra unhealthy weight won't fall off right away, but weight will come off fairly quickly. As with any weight loss strategy, success is up to the individual and how committed he or she is to this new way of eating and way of life.

At times life may seem daunting, but taking care of ourselves is so important. The entire human is a treasure to God and family and friends. "For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." (1 Corinthians 6:20) Getting healthier will feel like an uphill climb, but doing the best for the body will allow better health and also the ability to do more for others. Gastric bypass surgery insurance will prove to be a good thing if all other avenues have been explored. If after careful consideration this path is chosen, those wanting this procedure will want to achieve these health goals.

Gastric Bypass Financing

There can be many challenges to obtaining gastric bypass financing including difficulties in dealing with insurance restrictions as well as finding outside lending opportunities. Bariatric surgery is very serious and can require as much as four days in the hospital along with weeks of recovery. It can also be a very expensive procedure. While many insurance policies may cover this operation, there can be a number of qualifying factors. For example, a patient will usually need to provide documented evidence of failed attempts at weight loss through less drastic means. The degree of obesity will come into question as well. Only those who can be categorized as morbidly obese will generally qualify for coverage. This means that the patient will need to be at least eighty pounds or more overweight.

Such qualifications are part of the standards of medical necessity that most insurance providers will insist upon. Some policies may agree to pay for the operation, but will only do so by reimbursement that may come months later. When this is the case, the patient will usually need to find some kind of outside gastric bypass financing until the insurance reimbursement check arrives. These reimbursing providers will wait to send payment to make sure that the patient follows a specific regimen after surgery and actually looses weight. Failure to do so could cause the insured individual to forfeit coverage for this procedure.

Some of the expenses that may be needed when obtaining gastric bypass financing could include charges for the hospital stay, doctor's fees, anesthesiologist fees, laboratory charges, radiology charges, and a number of other expenses. All told, the cost of the procedure could run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Usually, a patient can be advised as to the amount of money that they will need to pay out of pocket for the operation before any surgery takes place. There are a number of different types of insurance policies that may cover the costs of this surgery, eliminating the need for outside gastric bypass financing. Preferred provider policies may provide coverage so long as the patient chooses from a list of medical professionals that is supplied by the insurance company. Indemnity insurance policies will require the insured individual to pay twenty percent of the cost while they pay eighty percent. Deductibles may apply as well. Some policies will fall under the category of managed care. It can be more difficult to obtain coverage with these organizations since they will have the most stringent medical necessity standards.

In some cases, Medicare may offer coverage for bariatric surgery. If coverage is denied, it is possible to appeal the decision. If it can be conclusively proven that the coverage for this procedures is a matter of life and death for the insured individual, many insurance providers will relent in the face of a persistent and persuasive appeal. For some, a less invasive procedure may be available. Gastric band surgery involves an adjustable band that is placed around the upper area of the stomach. This surgery can be less expensive since the hospital stay and the recovery time are shorter. It may be easier to obtain gastric bypass financing for this procedure.

Many weight reduction centers will offer potential patients help with obtaining gastric bypass financing. Financial counselors are available at many treatment facilities and these counselors can help patients deal with insurance issues. They can also help bariatric surgery candidates see whether or not their health insurance policy will cover the costs of the operation. If no coverage is available, these counselors can work with patients and lending organizations to obtain gastric bypass financing. Since the terms that are associated with both insurance coverage and lending opportunities can be somewhat confusing, it can be helpful to have a trained professional lead a potential patient each step of the way. The Bible recommends that believers share an abundance of love with others as a way to model Godly behavior toward their fellow man. "And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you." (1Thessalonians 3:12)

The costs of follow up care will need to be considered as well. This care could include meeting with nutritionists for advice on a healthy post surgery diet. The need for follow up visits with the surgeon and other physicians is also important. In many cases, a bariatric surgery center may also help a patient put together a program for cardiovascular exercise following surgery and recovery. Many health insurance plans will make provisions for payment for these ongoing services. Continuing to work with a patient as they adjust to their post surgery body is very important and should not be overlooked simply for cost saving reasons.

When seeking outside gastric bypass financing, a patient can apply with lending agencies that specialize in coverage for procedures of this nature. Bariatric treatment centers may be able to help patient locate and apply with potential lenders. The terms for this financing can vary but some providers so not charge patients interest for the first twelve months. Payment terms can stretch from one year to five or more years. Deferring the first payment for a few months may be an option as well, giving the patient a chance to recuperate and get back to work before assuming a monthly liability. Whatever choice a patient might make, finding a means of payment for this life saving procedure need not be an impossibility.

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