Ecommerce Web Page Design

Running a successful business requires savvy ecommerce web page design. Ecommerce is a term that refers to the buying and selling of services or products electronically. Electronic commerce can be conducted over the telephone, automatic teller machine (ATM) or the World Wide Web. Whether a company is exclusively doing business over the internet, or it is has a land based retail presence, ecommerce web design specialists can help design its website to maximize user ease and encourage spending. This electronic interface can automatically perform many of the functions generally handled by accounts receivable employees. Electronic sales can be strictly internet based, as is the case in software downloads and virtual purchases. However, selling goods over the internet includes shipment of merchandise after the electronic portion of the purchase has transpired. Electronic transactions between businesses, rather than individuals, are known as Business to Business or B2B transactions. Ecommerce not only encompasses the sales portion of ebusiness, but it also refers to the electronic transfer of funds to pay for the purchase and also electronic bill paying services and other internet financial tools offered by most successful banking entities.

Electronic transactions began in the late 1970s. This was a time when companies began sending invoices and purchase orders electronically, rather than through the mail or dictating them over the phone to the listener who was dutifully taking notes on their end. These electronic purchase orders and invoices paved the way for the rise in ATM usage, telephone commerce and credit cards. Retail became increasingly virtual, on both the selling and the buying ends. By the 1990s electronic commerce had grown to encompass data mining, data warehousing processes and enterprise resource plans (ERPs). Almost anything can be sold, purchased, traded and invested in over the internet. There are entire stock exchanges traded solely over the internet now. A wise business owner would do well to invest in ecommerce web design specialists to put the best foot forward in an economy largely based on successful internet presence.

A corporation versed in ecommerce web page design will also be familiar with the Federal Trade Commission's rules on internet activity. There are governmental regulations regarding email advertisement, web site marketing and customer privacy. To memorize all the numerous regulations would be time consuming and counterproductive. Instead, ecommerce web design specialists can create an electronic retail interface that keeps with the governmental regulations, even as they change. Employing the services of these specially trained individuals can save a company time and money in the event that it inadvertently disregards a regulation or forgets a statute among the many pertaining to advertising electronically. Internet development encompasses many areas of a business's internet presence. Internet design specialists conceptualize, model, plan and deliver information to be used to represent a company via the internet. A web site is a collection of web pages all stored on a server. Together they present content to define a company and deliver the goods and services to the business's clients accessing the site. Each individual web page can be accessed at the request of the computer user, frequently called the end user. Ecommerce web page design will also include the ability to run software that allows for electronic fund transfers, internet credit card validation and authorization or bank account routing capabilities.

The art of developing websites is relatively new. The first individual to create an internet site, did so by combining the technology that allowed emails to be transferred over phone lines and hypertext, which had only been used for browsing CDs until then. This was in the early 1990s. Throughout the rest of the 1990s to the present, internet design has continued to transform. They hypertext originally used was HTML, which is a rigid "language" for design purposes. As technology began to enhance in the area of internet communication and presence, the "languages" available for internet development became more and more flexible. This allowed for greater creativity, more fluid interfaces and an easier end user experience.

Reputable ecommerce web design specialists will create a site for their client that considers the four most important points of development, and addresses each with skill and creativity. The first major concern is the content. What does the business want the site to include? Is the content both accurate and enjoyable for the reader? If the content is too sparse, the user will become confused as to what exactly the company does or can do. If it is too technical in terminology, the average internet surfer will be intimidated and leave to find another more understandable website. This will mean the loss of revenue for the company who owns the site, so choosing a skilled ecommerce web page design firm will pay off in the end. Usability is the second great concern with designing for the internet. This is even truer when electronic commerce is housed on the site. It is counterintuitive to make it difficult for shoppers to spend their money. A wise business owner will pay for a site that eases the purchasing process. The ecommerce web design specialists will work to streamline the credit card authorization and billing address retrieval process to allow the purchase to be transacted as quickly and easily as possible. The appearance of the site is also important to the success of an electronic retailer. The more appealing the design, the longer the shopper wants to continue shopping. "Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding."(Proverbs 23:23) Visibility is the last important aspect that ecommerce web page design specialists will assist with. A company's website should come up on most large search engines. Internet development firms can take proactive steps to assist in a company's internet visibility.

Ecommerce Web Templates

Using ecommerce web templates is a very economical way for small business to get its presence on the Internet quickly, smoothly and most importantly, with a cost that is only a fraction of the expense of an original web design. Web design from the ground up can be costly, particularly for a small business just getting off the ground. The cost of designing and building a small website with three or four pages can be as much as three or four thousand dollars, depending on the simplicity or elaborateness of the design scheme. Adding video or some kind of cool morphing action to the layout can add more cost to the project. The many paged websites for car manufacturers can cost as much as fifty thousand dollars to build.

But for a very small cost, companies have ecommerce web templates that are eye-popping, visually appealing and in some cases, out right stunning. Colors are vivid, creativity abounds in the design, and if a business doesn't mind sharing the same scheme among the billions of pages of the Internet with a few other companies or organizations that are probably very different in scope and practice, ecommerce web templates can be an excellent option. These templates can certainly send the message that a company is hip, trendy, forward thinking and on the cutting edge of its chosen field of commerce. Then upon choosing a web template, the availability of free ecommerce icons can add a very distinctive touch to a company seeking individuality. Free downloadable images such as the Master Card, Visa and Discover credit card logos can be gleaned from various free websites and can be added to the web templates to enhance a company's image and appeal.

To begin with, ecommerce means that you are selling products online. It may be tractors, purses or stereos or a mixture of all of them. How about purses in the shape of tractors or stereos especially designed for tractors? The point is ecommerce conjures up images of a catalogue online with several pages of products to sell. So if a start up business online wants to make an impression, the choice is fairly clear: build one's own website or buy one dirt cheap that has already been designed, add some free ecommerce icons and have a local web designer just tweak the site a bit. In fact, many of the companies offering already built websites can provide the needed tweaking for a reasonable price in most cases. So how about a website for under one hundred dollars, and in some cases, under fifty dollars? Exploring on the Internet, a person can find a plethora of eager vendors to sell some very beautifully designed sites.

When it comes to free ecommerce icons, there a lot of images out there! In some cases, while they are touted as being free, websites ask for a licensing fee if more than a designated amount are actually used. Most sites offering these no cost downloads do not specify if the icons can only be used for private and non commercial purposes. Here are some of the types of free download a person can get: money signs, directional signs (for directing a user to another page?), human form drawings that are kind of roundish in form, almost any object that a person might want to use from electronic equipment items to stars to check marks, balloons, all kinds of arrows, bursts and flames. There are hundreds more than these, but there is a bit of a catch to all these. No one website has a corner on the best designs, in fact many of the free ecommerce icons offered on various websites are only mediocre at best. So if a person decided to use one icon for ecommerce purposes from a number of various sites, they wouldn't match in style and design and the combination could make a website look kind of tacky.

So if a person chooses one of the many ecommerce web templates, there are some really exciting opening action pages that will capture the potential customer immediately. One is called the Flash design, which has a flurry of graphic movement with pictures and words as the site in downloaded. There is the Jooma and Mambo design which are pictures opening up like a curtain has been opened, and the Drupal which opens a pictures as a curtain would fall, and then there is the Swish, which pictures coming and going like the action of windshield wipers. But if action is not one's desire, then there are very specific designs from various designers for cosmetic sales, women's' clothing lines, men's clothing, online floral ecommerce, jewelry templates and many others that are basically ready to open for business after the personalized information is entered. The bottom line is that there are many choices for the budget conscious entrepreneur.

Everyone wants something unique on the web, yet few of us drive three wheeled vehicles or buy clothes exclusively from the tables of designer original clothes. Few of us don't have televisions and most do have silverware in the house so we don't eat with our hands. The point is that most of us don't walk to the beat of different drummers and we do share a lot of the same clothes styles and television tastes. So if our company chooses a design of the many ecommerce web templates that is already floating out there among billions of other pages, who is going to care? You have past cars of the same make and color as yours once or twice in a lifetime and the world didn't stop turning! Maybe having the same good taste as a few other business people isn't so bad after all. "Jesus cried and said, 'He that believeth on me, believeth not on me but the one who sent me.'" (John 12:44)

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