Ecommerce Web Site Development

Ecommerce web site development was sorely needed by the "Much Too Short" Shower Curtain Company located in a state where the headquarters could not be found very easily by horse or helicopter. The curtain merchant took great pride in the fact that once customers bought the much too short shower curtains it manufactured, customers would quickly return to purchase both the oversized bath mats and super absorbent bath towels that were such a hit with smart homeowners. With its twisted logic, the curtain business had gained a sort of a following with an eclectic gathering of customers who had gone so far as to put the Much Too Short Shower Curtain Company logo somewhere within eyesight for both family members and guests to view with admiration. In recent months however, business began to slump when a new rival company came on the scene, the "You're Not Kidding It's Too Long" Shower Curtain Company which touted very extra long shower curtains, the excesses of which could easily serve as a bath mat. Because so many of the eclectic crowd had suddenly embraced this new idea in shower curtain design, ecommerce web site development was crucial to the too short design line of shower curtains remaining in business.

When the president of the too short curtain business called an ecommerce web development company that was not located in a place where horse and helicopters couldn't find it and explained his dilemma, the ecommerce web development employee on the other end of the phone was stunned to hear such gnarly logic, but was eager to help this struggling ecommerce venture to get a new foothold in that market of rather weird customers that first embraced such a too short concept. As the two people chatted, the president of the too short company began to understand why the company's one page web design wasn't attracting new customers. Her next door neighbor had just graduated from a mail order school of web design and had put together a one page website that featured a large picture of all the Much Too Short Shower Curtain Company employees standing out in front of the main building waving hello to the camera. A phone number and the local sheriff's department address was below just in case somebody wanted to come and have a friendly walk through of the company's facility and needed directions but no one had ever done that in the company's history.

A website that draws in customers must be well thought out with a number of important facets to its design. The employee of the ecommerce web development company broke the successful web design components into easy to understand terminology. She explained to the curtain merchant president that first, a website needed all the spelling to be correct and that the site must be textually rich in content. That meant that the copy had to contain as many as words as possible that pertained to the Too Short Curtain Company's products so that as people typed in various search words looking for makers of unique shower curtains, the Too Short curtain maker would emerge as an option to view. Phrases like "too much water on the floor, somebody has to clean this mess up, its only water not maple syrup, this bath mat can handle four gallons and half a curtain is better than nothing" needed to be a part of the website. Plus key words like flood, slippery, drywall, broken and bone also needed to be included in the copy.

Additionally, the ecommerce web site development of the Too Short Company had to include cross browser compatibility because more than one browser was popular with today's online searchers. Other suggestions for the Too Short company president included the use of alt to be included in HTML imaging so that if the picture on the website did not download properly, a text description of the picture would appear. Next, the ecommerce web site development company employee talked about the importance of an About Us page, which would help potential customers relate to the people at Too Short. Sharing the company's philosophy, perhaps some pictures of employees at work and the curtain merchant president, and directions to the curtain maker's facilities were important to new ecommerce and even drop in business being developed. Even though the curtain merchant president of Too Short was a little hesitant to let people know who they really were, she could see the advantage of becoming more visible.

Finally, the ecommerce web development company employee gave two more excellent suggestions about the Too Short website. First, there needed to be included a FAQs page which answered frequently asked questions. Questions like, "Does the company recommend drywall repair companies?" or "Are there independent lab results confirming your bathmats can hold four gallons?" are important for people to be able to quell any fears of doing business with a business like Too Short. And lastly, the employee for the ecommerce web development company suggested a testimonial page where stories of happy Too Short customers can be shared with potential customers. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us of sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9) A website that looks like a brochure isn't going to make it in the world of the 21st century, and the need for a professional web designer is of high priority for any organization.

Ecommerce Web Site Designers

Competent ecommerce web site designers specialize in building first rate Internet stores for just about any business concept imaginable. While designing any type of web site takes certain technical and creative skills, ecommerce web site development requires mastery that is in a field all by itself. A multitude of beginners have attempted to build their first commercial site from scratch with just a simple editing program and nominal knowledge of Internet business structures. This strategy has worked for some who have invested hard work into creating an online storefront through hours of technical learning, hit or miss attempts at programming and sometimes, wasted resources. Many others have chosen to hire a professional who can design a productive web presence while they concentrate on the marketing aspects.

An online business must make a good first impression because most potential customers will not come back for seconds if their first look is not visually appealing. It is true that the product is what is ultimately important, but just as a brick and mortar storefront conveys a certain message, so does an online store. A well-built store infers to the customer that he or she will most likely receive good service and a quality product. A shoddily built Internet venture will convey a less than satisfactory experience as well and possibly sub par products no matter how great the deal or product may actually be. Ecommerce web site designers understand that a good first impression more likely insures that potential customers will expect a pleasant experience while shopping and will continue on to purchase the product.

There are many issues that website developers must keep in mind when creating an ecommerce site for any client. Functionality and consumer appeal are at the top of the list for ecommerce web site development specialists and their creative check list will include load time, lay out, navigation, content, and all financial transactions. Most website designers stay away from lots of flashy intros and graphics that will slow down the load time for customers who attempt to visit a commercial site. Typically, if a consumer has to wait several seconds for a page to load in their browser, they will move on to another ecommerce site that is quicker to use. Impatience is an earmark of the 21st century consumer, so most ecommerce web site designers are wise to accommodate contemporary consumer's need for immediacy. "...add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and patience godliness..." (1 Peter 1:5b-6)

A visually appealing lay out is very important in offering a great first visit for smart consumers who have many sites to choose from while they shop. Effective ecommerce web site development will provide a hook or catchy header that will grab the attention of any passer by. A good header should be the first thing a visitor will see when the browser opens to any online store and will many times be the deciding factor regarding whether or not the visitor will continue to explore a store. Bold colors, patterns and busy layouts that can irritate a customer's vision or readability should be avoided. Lighter shades of backgrounds with a dark or black color font are usually best. Good design will also include lots of white space within any lay out. A novice designer might consider this to be a waste of space and be tempted to fill every nook and cranny of a website.

Professional designers, however, know that white space can be almost as important as the words on a website. Too many font styles can also be problematic for good design tactics and using only two or three very readable fonts is generally best. Ecommerce web site designers also spend quality time developing the navigation plan for any effective online store. Sites that are not easily navigated and quickly accessed are generally abandoned by frustrated visitors. Simple, clear and easily understandable navigation features are very important within the overall design of any Internet business. The content that is chosen for a quality online store is another important consideration when building a website. The main content is generally targeted at a consumer's needs or wants in relation to a product or service that is offered.

Most good online stores provide information that is casual in nature and easy to read by everyone. Even though many Internet users are typically well educated and understand some of the online procedures for commercial transactions, most do not want to spend a lot of time reading from a computer screen. Information that can be quickly and easily read will receive the most attention. Professional ecommerce web site development will also provide turnkey business transaction capabilities for a any commercial venture. Fully functional shopping carts and payment gateways are essential to all commercial ventures that operate online. Business owners that choose to hire ecommerce web site designers to design and build their business websites can benefit by receiving well-built commercial sites while concentrating on other aspects of ecommerce.

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