Google Desktop Search

The Google Desktop search software enables a person to make searches among his or her own computer's files in much the same way that one would perform a regular search on the Web. This program is made by Google for Mac, OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. The software also searches through emails, music, photos, chats, and web pages recently viewed, as well as various other Google Gadgets. An important part of the Google Desktop is the Sidebar, which can hold several Gadgets and is only available with the Microsoft Windows version of Google Desktop. This free Google toolbar even comes with alerts for new emails or customized news reports.

After installation, the desktop search software begins indexing all of the files on the computer. This may take several hours for the initial installation. Afterwards, additional new files will be indeed as needed. During the first indexing period, Google Desktop has a limit of 100,000 files per drive. If a person has more than this amount, the other files will be indexed later. The program will only index after the computer encounters a pause in use of at least 30 seconds. Therefore, the indexing is not likely to interfere with a user's regular work. However, the various types of files will be indexed soon after viewing.

Software from the Google Desktop search program can index many different kinds of data -- email, web page history (from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox), documents from Open Document and Microsoft Office formats, instant messenger transcripts from AOL, Google, Skype, and other types of multimedia files. Some file types may require the use of plug-ins in order to accomplish indexing. The choice of which types of data are indexed is left up to the user. Users can begin searching for files as soon as the program is installed. Results can also be returned in an Internet browser on the desktop search home page, much like a regular search.

The free Google toolbar is named Sidebar. This is an important feature in the desktop. It can hold several Gadgets (useful, smaller applications like a clock, weather report, various alerts, stock market quotes, etc.). Stationed off to one side of the desktop, the toolbar can be repositioned and resized to a certain extent. The Sidebar is part of the Microsoft Windows version of the Desktop search program. It comes already installed with the following Gadgets: email, scratchpad, photos, news, weather, and webclips. A whole gallery of other choices is available, and the user can customize the Gadgets as he or she prefers. Sidebar is personalized automatically, although a person can make changes as needed. The Sidebar can be set to Auto-Hide mode, where it will only appear if the user moves the cursor over towards the side where it is located. If not on Auto-Hide, the Sidebar will take up about 1/6 to 1/9 of the screen, and other windows will be resized. However, the Sidebar can be resized instead to take up less space. The feature which makes sure that the free Google toolbar is 'always on top' can be disabled, for sometimes the Sidebar will temporarily overlap onto maximized windows.

Using the Google Desktop search software gives easy access to your computer and the Web. By making one's computer searchable, the user does not have to organize files, emails or bookmarks manually. When searching, a person is brought to a page showing the most relevant results. Each result includes the file name and a brief portion of the file, with search terms highlighted. One can filter for certain types of items, such as photos or files, by using links at the top of the page. If desired, search results can be previewed right in the browser instead of opening up another window or waiting for the whole application to open.

A snapshot of files and other items is created by the Google Desktop search program when they are viewed and these are stored on the hard drive. Therefore, a person can use the desktop to find items which were accidentally deleted. An advanced search form is also part of the application. It is possible to investigate by file type, use exact words from the document, or restrict the search to a specific time period. Better security features are regularly being developed. Users are warned when they are about to visit a site which might be attempting to steal personal information or install malicious programs, so that he or she can decide whether to enter the site.

Scripture says that "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." (Proverbs 25:2) A good deal of the fascination which people have with the Internet is due to the ability it affords to explore and discover information about areas which are interesting to the user. Applications which aid in these endeavors are almost certain to be well received. Designers of the Google Desktop search features seem to be attempting to meet the needs of individuals who utilize their applications. They even created a website where users are encouraged to interact with applications which are still in development, and leave comments and observations. Altogether, this feature, along with its free Google toolbar, is a firm step toward supplying customers with the applications that are most necessary for a positive and enjoyable Internet experience.

Google Search Engine

The Google search engine is part of a world-wide phenomenon that has made keeping track of most events, people and objects a thing of almost instant gratification. Google is the largest Internet informational hunter in the world and many hundreds of millions of inquiries occur each day on each of its more than fifty thousand servers. Over fifty PhD like computer engineers keep the systems forever running and continuously upgraded. Over 135 million users visited the domain name in just one month of 2008. Begun as a Stanford University project in the late 1990's it moved off campus and became one of America's shining examples of capitalism and entrepreneurship. While other search engines use keyword searches for finding and retrieving particular websites, the company uses an algorithmic system based on human concepts of what is important to rank searches found for desired topics.

The company name has become axiomatic for an attempt to find out something about someone or something. It is everyday language to hear some say, "Hey, I Googled you today and found out that..." or "I Googled this word and guess what popped up?" Only the strident non aficionado of computers would not know the term. It is to computers what the Golden Arches are to hamburgers.

The Google search engine has also added a new tantalizing option to the everyday computer user's abilities to keep instantly in touch with everything going on the world. The Google desktop search can be downloaded to a desktop and immediately begins to offer a sidebar of up to the minute headlines, an analog face clock, an instant gateway to Google search and other items. The gateway makes it possible to always have a same page search capacity, no matter what other program is running. The Google desktop search also allows for searching emails, files, pictures, music Web pages viewed and the incredible lineup of what are termed "Gadgets. Pages and pages of these downloadable programs from cooking ideas to games to calendars to pictures to cartoons and everything in between are part of the gadget selections.

One of the most helpful features of the Google search engine is the ability to build custom search engines for very specific purposes, and can be educational, non-profit, business, blog or special interest group. That means that any group can build a special engine to look for all the topics or items within that group's special interest area. From everything orthodontic to all organic cooking and California bike trails, building a custom engine can expand the horizons of members, volunteers and customers. And in addition to the custom engine, businesses or organizations can put specific ads or logos in that search engine. "In my distress I cried unto the Lord and he heard me." (Psalm 120:1)

The Google desktop search, a query's answers will include emails and documents already in one's own files. The program also includes the indexing of all files to allow for very rapid informational hunts. IN addition, the program also creates cached copies of files and can often retrieve deleted items. The program includes warnings that certain websites might steal identity or plant spy bots or worse. With some security concerns with the Google desktop search program, a simple click will disable the search capability temporarily

Because the Google search engine uses a number of human factoring algorithms in deciding how to rank a site, experts have been trying to crack the reasoning behind the performance of the Google engine. Many experts agree that about 95% of the factors making up the algorithm are known, with about 5 % still wrapped in shrouds of secrecy. For example, keyword use in the title is extremely important, how much other pages point back to the first page, how much the website is linked to other sites and other criteria. There are some negatives also to the way Google behaves. For example, if a website cannot be crawled for information because a server is down, the website can drop quickly on Google's ranking. If there is a low level of visitors to a site or if links to a website are mostly from spam sites, the rankings will drop.

In today's world, if an organization or business or idea is at the top of the Google ranking system, the absolute dnouement of advertising and bragging rights has been accomplished. The ranking done by a company that sifts through a trillion web pages and places a Mom and Pop store or a small business located in the middle of nowhere on its first page is a mind blowing experience for Mom and Pop and the out in the sticks business. Surveys have concluded that 85%of all visitors never move beyond the first page of Google's rankings and only ten percent even look at the tenth ranked listing so a first or second ranking by the Google search engine is the nearest thing to merchandising perfection a company can receive. Rankings seem to be everything in today's society and it's not too difficult to look today on any of the major news websites each day and find the "top ten this" or the "top five worst" that. For whatever reason, Americans love comparing and listing and ranking so that it can be said that the best tasting was experienced, the worst was avoided, the most effective was used and the most hated was gossiped about. In many minds, God ranks sin, some above another so little ones are okay but the big ones are the problem. But it's not the sin that God has a problem with but rather the condition of the heart that creates the sin, causing God to bar all from heaven without the Savior, Jesus Christ.

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