Search Engine Keyword Placement

Search engine keyword placement allows a website to rank higher with search engines (SE) and draws traffic to the site. Placement, density, and ranking are all very important issues when it comes to keywords and keyword phrases. The amount of times that words are repeated can make a difference as to how a SE views the content. Quality content with strategically placed words and phrases can make a site rank higher with search engines. Keyword management software can help to manage placement, density, and ranking with keywords. Words and phrases that are related to industry products and services are the best ones to use to draw traffic to a website. However, using unrelated words and phrases can also draw potential customers to a website that might not normally go there. Sometimes consumers may be looking for one specific item but if they are drawn to an unrelated website that has good information on it they will stay awhile and will probably return later making them potential future customers.

Keywords should be about subjects and relevant information. If a person wants to find out information about plants he or she is not going to type in green and healthy but instead the words or phrase used would be green and healthy plants. If a website sells plants they could use words that describe plants or use specific names of plants to draw traffic to their site. Search engine keyword placement is an important concept to understand when trying to decide how to place words in an article to attract attention. A SE will look for significant words in any given article. An author of the web document may choose to use a Meta tag that identifies the significant words in an article. Some search engines identify Meta tags and use them when looking for relevant information. Meta tags most often appear in the headings, titles, or first paragraph of an article.

Proximity and density are important when using words and phrases for search optimization. Keywords should be as close together as possible in order for a SE to recognize them as relative. Keyword management software helps locate words and phrases they should be in close proximity and are not. The software will also pick up a word or phrase and tell you how many times the word is used in a blog or article. Some people believe that more is better when it comes to how many times keywords appear within a given article but with SEO this is simply not so. Using words and phrases repeatedly and too often within the body of an article will decrease the quality content of that article. Trying to use too many repeated words in an article makes the information sound repetitive and uninteresting.

Blogs on a website can draw attention from search engines especially when there is new content added daily. Quality written articles that change frequently can draw attention as well. Search engine keyword placement does make a difference if blogs and articles contain good quality information that a surfer might want to read. Interesting titles can get attention from SEs and surfers especially with the keywords in the titles. Providing links to other websites with quality information is another good way to optimize a website for searches. Always make sure that any relevant information within an article has a link to more information in case a surfer wants to find out more. If an article is about software then provide links so that a surfer can find the type of software products mentioned in the article or blog.

Software packages that help to provide search engine optimization should contain some features and tools to help accomplish this task. Keyword management software will help generate revenue for clients by identifying relevant words and placing those in such a way that they get results. Some search engines allow free submission of a website to their site and of course websites can bid for top positions in search results for a price. Each SE is different in the way it finds good sites for searches. A good software package will be able to optimize a website to appeal to all SEs. Some may rely heavily on keywords while others will look for links to other websites. "Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things" (Galatians 6:6). Communication is what the Internet is all about but communication and teaching involving God's word is considered a good thing.

Search engines allow websites to make bids on key phrases and words. The top bidders get a spot displayed at the top of a search page. Search engine keyword placement is very important when bidding on key phrases and words. The website should contain the words and phrases that are being bid on so the SE can display the address. With popular key phrases and words the bidding could get very expensive. However, the business obtained from consumers who are looking for the information or products and services might well be worth the cost.

Tools and applications can make a difference with SEO but a consumer should consider the different options online for keyword management software before making a purchase because there are many different ones and they vary in how they work to optimize key phrases and words. Some tools and plug-ins that come with software programs are able to take key phrases and words and build pages around those. Reports generated from software programs can help to locate key phrases and words that are not being used effectively and can provide suggestions on how to use them more effectively and even merge them with other words. A website author should do some research and find a program that will help with all of the different variables involved with keywords and SEO.

Search Engine Placement

Better search engine placement is on most webmaster's minds when trying to design a search engine friendly website. For those who want their website to place high on the list of inquiry results, there are several things that are important to incorporate into any website. The two most basic things to know that insures better search engine rankings for any website is content and proper linking with other websites. It sounds simple and can be achieved but it does take some work to stay on top of the game in order to receive the desired placement.

There are several criteria used by web engines to determine links that fit into the top results. Engines like to see constantly updated, content rich websites. It doesn't have to be just a home page that receives better search engine rankings either. Every page in a website has the potential to receive a top rankings if it provides relevant, and content rich information that the engines love. Content is the one major factor that can propel a website into the top ten listings with search engines. Content and more content is what attracts web rankings systems to a site.

Those who want to be ahead of the game almost from the start with a website should make it a common routine to add new content to the website at least weekly. There are many sources from which to get content that will help you achieve better search engine rankings. One can personally write articles or add articles from free sites that allow others to add their content to a different web page. One can also receive automatic feeds from news services that provide daily updated information about news, sports and weather. A third option is to purchase articles from many informational sites that generate thousands of articles a year for website use.

Not all content is viewed equally by web engines either. In order to get better rankings than most, it is usually best to provide content from articles, forums and blogs that have not been published before. Fresh content is especially attractive to inquiry web robots and a website that provides new content daily or weekly will more likely achieve better search engine placement. Fresh content is important in receiving better placement, but also content that is in keeping with your web site's purpose and function. Search engines are drawn to content rich sites that provide recurring phrases and words that are used in abundance throughout the pages of a website.

Placing content that has important key words that relate to your product or service is necessary when an individual writes or searches for articles to create a search engine friendly site. Thematic pages are important as well in drawing search engines to a website so individuals must keep in mind the purpose for every page in the site. Another important way to achieve better search engine placement is by using links properly within a site as well as getting others to place ones link within their site. One of the most important things to remember when working with links within a site is to be careful to choose links that relate to the particular site. For example, if you have a site that is about automotive parts, it isn't the best strategy to have links to a florist site.

Webmasters should choose their links carefully and with a purpose in mind in order to attract the ever important web engines. One way to get links that are relevant to your site is to exchange links with other sites that have similar products or services. This creates circular traffic which is good for both sites. Also, webmasters should attempt to contact some of the top placed websites in the area of interest. Webmasters can ask them if they will allow the webmaster to link to their site and possibly even reciprocate the link. Top search engine listings such as these can provide individuals with better search engine placement by benefiting from the connection to other busy sites.

Back links such as these can provide websites with residual visitors as well as help them get high results rankings. Of course, back links help everyone so if one has a good site, he or she should not be afraid to approach another site with similar themes. Everyone can win as long as they are not obvious competitors. This all comes back to content, however, and websites that have the best value to back links are those that have rich content within their sites. Always keep in mind that no matter what is done to achieve better search engine rankings, the content must be fresh, informative and truthful in order to be successful.

Another tip to linking success is to submit ones own informative or how-to articles to other sites that primarily offers content. By adding ones own links to all these submissions, the individual can receive visitors back to the origination site. The pay off for webmasters that use content to receive better placement as well as traffic is almost endless. To insure that search engines place the site near the top of their listings, attack web placement with a one-two punch--content and links. "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." (Psalm 37:4)

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