Unix Website Hosting For E-Commerce

When deciding between a Linux website hosting for e-commerce provider and other types of web hosts on the market, such as Windows, it will be important to understand what options each offers and why so many commercial sites choose to use Linux. To date, Linux is known for some of its unique capabilities and its reliability. These innovative systems use a Unix website hosting for e-commerce platform. There is a great debate amongst the Internet technical gurus about which is the preferred server to use, but in the end, both have substantial merits. However, knowing what kind of power will be needed to effectively run preferred programs will help in making final decisions.

Windows is widely used, but when it comes to posting a commercial site that needs security and 99% guarantee of uptime, the Unix website hosting for e-commerce platforms are growing more popular. Linux, the most popularly used operating system within the Unix family, suffers many less frustrating or fatal viruses due to its engineering. A more complicated system, the Linux website hosting for e-commerce operating system can not be socially engineered as easily as its Windows counterpart. Emails must go through a series of executions to be accepted and incoming data is checked and rechecked. While casual computer users may find this a bit frustrating, the process will be well worth the time in protecting against a potentially file deadly virus. The protection could equate to standing in airport security lines. No one seems to mind, if security means the plane is not going to be high-jacked. Security is an important feature for businesses, especially, to consider.

Noted for it's speed and ability to be up and running at all times, the unique systems that run with Unix will appeal to commercial sites that depend upon Internet traffic. Unix website hosting for e-commerce is said to be the number one most reliable operating system available and perfect for businesses that rely upon expert server services. Administrators that tend to lean to the technical side of life prefer using these operating systems. And, the Linux website hosting for e-commerce server is an open operating system. This means that it is quite simple to transfer any files from the Linux to Windows or other operating systems. This does not always work in reverse. When using a Windows operating system on a website, the host service can be from a Linux provider.

The Linux operating system was created by a student at the University of Helsinki of Finland. Its creator was using a small Unix OS, but wanted to create another system that would extend standards. In 1994 the infamous Kernel was launched and the current full version is 2.5. As popularity grows, the Linux website hosting for e-commerce will continue to become better known because the source code is available free of charge. It was created under the GNU, General Public License. Home and office desktop usage is also increasing as more people become familiar with this system.

While many business people do not feel competent in making technical decisions about whether to choose a Unix website hosting for e-commerce, a Windows, or some other type of server, there will still need to be a basic knowledge of comparisons to make wise business decisions. Choosing a good and reliable server is important. It may be a good idea to speak with several dedicated servers asking each what type of hosting servers are in use and why. Make lists of comparisons and note the monthly fees of each. The Linux website hosting for e-commerce may cost more in monthly charges, because it is more expensive to administrate. An server is also only as good as the administration that oversees it. Customer service and support should be considered when making server choices.

When looking into long term relationships with a server and its operating system, take time and prayerfully consider that this relationship will be much like a business partnership. Businesses online are at the mercy of servers, so joining a reputable company that will be around for years to come will be a good investment. Praying for business decisions is Biblical; God's Word explains that He oversees every aspect of life. When frustrated by the world's technical markets, get perspective and go to the Word where the Lord encourages us to make Him a priority. "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt and where thieves do not break through nor steal." (Matthew 6:20-21)

Interested parties should also browse articles online and magazines that are dedicated to computers and technology for further information. Getting informed will always aid in making the best decision when choosing between a Unix website hosting for e-commerce server and other options. And, once the decision is made, there can be complete confidence in the future service offered.

Ecommerce Hosting Companies

An ecommerce web hosting provider is absolutely essential for any person wishing to conduct any kind of business on the exponentially growing Internet. Ecommerce hosting companies provide the most important task in the Internet process, and that is giving its customers an Internet home for their websites. Building a house is one thing, but providing an actual address where the postal service and fire company and friends from out of town can find the location of that house is a whole other thing. These companies could be called website address providers because while a www address is something in a language humans can understand, computers are only designed to understand language steeped in binary code. This special code that gives websites an address that computers understand is called the IP or Internet Protocol.

In most cases, ecommerce web hosting providers can sell a domain name to a user as well as provide an IP address for the domain name. The domain name is the human language address such as www.Schoolbussesareyellow.gov. The website address providers then give this domain name a long coded language that the computer can find with relative ease in most instances. The services these companies give are essential considering that there are hundreds of millions or maybe even billions of domain requests made every day there are also IP changes made every day as well as countless domain changes and additions. All these modifications are handled by ecommerce web hosting providers.

When a user employs an ecommerce web hosting provider, they are paying for four basic actions that server can provide for the Internet user. Initially, the user types in a domain name and the service host looks for the IP address and if the server knows it the user is passed to that address immediately. If the host server does not know the IP address, the service host can ask another host if it knows the IP. During this part of the search, that particular request may occur a number of times and the user may notice a few seconds of delay before the answer arrives. If the hosting service cannot find the IP, the request can be sent to other ecommerce hosting companies, or finally it may relayed back to the user that the site cannot be found. Most all of these steps take place in nanoseconds.

Typically, when a user engages for hire an ecommerce web hosting provider, several additional services are given to the client. For example, when a user places a website on a hosting service, the host typically provides that site owner with fifty or more email addresses linked to the domain name, some providing three thousand email accounts with a highly upgraded hosting service. In addition, ecommerce hosting companies will include things like email forwarding, spam protection, SQL capabilities, access without entering "www" plus site statistics and firewall protection plus web statistics, vacation and away auto responder, SSL encryption, and putting the ever needed shopping cart site capability with the capability to handle up to twelve items per order. These services can also provide web forwarding, which means that if one site has a hit, it can be forwarded to another site. Often companies will buy a number of domain names that might be used in searches for similar products or addresses with the desired effect of landing on their home site. "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord." (1 Corinthians 15:58)

While a web hosting provider actually does provide a number of services for the website owner, the cost of such a service is actually quite minimal. An inexpensive plan offered by an ecommerce web hosting provider can cost fewer than thirty dollars a month which includes the email accounts and other services in the aforementioned paragraphs. Many of these ecommerce hosting companies will also build a website for a client using either pre made templates or custom designing a unique site. Of all the processes to getting on the web, the construction of a website may be the most costly, unless one is very good friends with a web designer. A number of very beautiful and fully functioning templates are able to be purchased from various vendors at very reasonable prices and visually stunning capabilities.

The importance of having someone competent to represent us in difficult situations is a great asset. If a driver causes an accident, an excellent traffic law attorney is crucial in helping to mitigate the situation and if a child is in trouble at school and faces the principal, a mom or dad being there with the student is a good thing to have. Ecommerce hosting companies represent one's business, ideas, or other important issues on the Internet so that others can see what a person has to offer; if that company does its job well, much success can follow and if the company is poor at representation, and then some very negative consequences can result. When it comes to one day standing before God, and the decision comes down to whether we have eternal life or eternal destruction, who will represent the people we love, including ourselves? Standing before the God who is perfect in every way and demanding that all men also be perfect which none of us are, who hosts us in God's presence?

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