Yahoo Directory Submission

By listing their web sites through the Yahoo Directory Submission process, web site owners can increase the awareness of and interest in their sites. Flipping through the local directories printed on over one thousand pieces of yellow paper is a thing of the past. Even leafing through a book shelf full of encyclopedias is an obsolete and inefficient way to find current information. Instead, a computer user can now run a Yahoo Directory Search to locate the web addresses of the companies they are interested in and discover the internet location of all the information they are seeking. Not only does this sort of internet clearinghouse replace these older types of research and location devices, but it also assists in making sense of a world wide web that houses too much information to be usable without some kind of organizational method.

If for instance a mother was researching the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed of dog to see if it would be a good fit for her family of five people and one other dog, ten years ago this woman would drive to the local library to check out dog books. If she wanted up to date information, their mother would travel to the local grocery or department store and purchase a dog magazine. After exhausting these avenues, a diligent mother might look in the local business directory to locate pet stores for advice and breeders for purchase, should she decide on this breed. Sound exhausting? Yes, and more so should she decide against the breed and have to start her research from scratch. On the other hand, simply entering "Pembroke Welsh Corgi" as a search item would yield pages of web site addresses. Among these internet locations, the researcher would find information on the breed, blogging sites to inform the family about the "word on the street," veterinary and dog trainer articles, locations to purchase a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the surrounding area and much more.

She can tell quickly, at a glance, whether or not the information (Pembroke Welsh Corgi purses at a discounted price) is of no use. Years ago a library research ran the potential of producing quite a bit of needless information to be sifted through. Moreover, if this type of internet research directory does not yield her desired result, it is easy to simply type in another yahoo directory search term such as, Boston Terrier, to begin a new research topic. A desktop environment is not the only place to enter a Yahoo Directory Search. This mother of three can research the family dog to her heart's content from her mobile phone or hand held device.

The intent of Yahoo Directory Search is to accurately categorize and organize all the available content on the web to help make the search experience as productive as possible for internet users. Almost ninety-nine percent of the entries in this directory are provided by the free crawl process. However, there are several ways that a content provider can submit his web address and content directly as a Yahoo Directory Submission. This web site address is then categorized and listed among the other entries. Once a web master submits the internet address for entry into the directory, the site is then reviewed for the next seven business days. After the review, there is a yearly fee of inclusion. However, this fee is nominal compared to the increased traffic to the site as a result of the listing. After review, the site will be categorized intuitively according to the content and available categories. However, the site owner can also suggest other applicable categories to be reviewed. After the category suggestions are approved, the site will then also be listed under the new category. Most listings can only have one or two categories, depending on the content of the web site.

As a client, the website owner can edit their listing on Yahoo Directory Search any time they wish. They can also edit their mailing or billing address. If the URL of the listing changes this information is also vital to the reliability of the results, so that can be easily updated as well. A Yahoo Directory Submission must be accepted and placed within the search for at least two weeks before any changes can be made to any part of the listing. Changes will not be made to correct listings just to enhance the entry. The staff of reviewers does not have time to reply to ever change request, so if the web site owner's request for an entry change does not appear within three or four weeks, it has most probably been denied for not meeting deadlines.

To increase the web site's traffic even more, the owner can upgrade to a sponsor Yahoo Directory Submission. Sponsor entries are placed at the top of the list of search results. This allows the web site to reach up to 85 percent of the internet users. For an additional fee, the owner of a web site can use this searching tool as an effective marketing tool. Using internet searches and listings in this way is called Web Marketing. Web Marketing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, with quantifiable results for the business owner with a healthy web presence. For this reason, the additional fee to become a sponsor entry would be well worth the money. "And I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven: this sore travail hath God given to the sons of man to be exercised therewith." (Ecclesiastes 1:13)

Yahoo Search Engine

As Internet searching tools go, Yahoo search engine is one of the largest providers of Internet exploration that is available today. Yahoo Search was a simple web directory in the beginning. It did not become a searchable Internet tool until near the end of the 1990s. The engine itself was aided by other entities until 2004 when Yahoo web search began to stand on its own independently. Since then it has grown to one of the largest Internet search tools that are available on the Internet. Another related feature is called Yahoo Answers. It is a forum for users to ask questions on a variety of subjects and post answers as well. The Bible talks about the importance of searching the scriptures for vital information about God and eternal life. "Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me." (John 5:39)

There are a number of categories for anyone who is using the Yahoo search engine. Users can simply click a link to specify a category and narrow down the type of hits that any searches might yield. If a user opts for the image category, the query will return only images such as illustrations, logos, icons, or photographs. The video category will return only appropriate video file links. Problem solving computer programs, or algorithms are used to pull up the links to Internet sites that best meet the search's criteria. The directory category is maintained by staff rather than a computer program. This category supplies lists of web sites that relate to a particular topic. In the local category, responses are limited to businesses or sites that are local to the area. Some of the sites in this category may be sponsored links. News is a category that returns information about current events. Shopping on the Internet has become a very popular pursuit and the shopping category of Yahoo web search can help a consumer find products and services. This category may also yield some sponsored links.

Simple searches in a Yahoo web search are conducted when a user types a word or phrase into the box and hits the enter key. This will trigger a list of Internet sites that could answer the user's question or meet their need. Advanced searches help the researcher to be more specific in their requests. A typical web search can generate hundreds of thousands of hits. The number of hits is generally listed in the upper right area of the page. At the bottom of the page may be a list of possible related searches. Some businesses pay for featured placement on the page and are identified as such. Results can come in a number of forms including PDF, HTML, XML, RSS, URL, or cached. A PDF is a portable document format and needs to be opened by a PDF viewer. Whenever a portable document format file is returned as a result, a Hypertext markup language file, or HTML formatted file of that page is offered as well. HTML basically means text that includes hyperlinks and is the format generally used for web pages. Cached files are copies of old web pages that search engines sometimes save. These files are often returned as results in many searches.

The most successful results from a Yahoo search engine can depend on many factors. When selecting the key words that will be used while searching, careful consideration should be used. Generic words will produce general results, so specificity is important. For example, a researcher will be better off using a phrase like "first edition novels by Mark Twain" rather than "used books." Some words can have several applications. If a researcher uses the word "painting" when he is looking for information on the Mona Lisa, his search could return results that range from semi-gloss house paint to spray on tans. Any words that are used in a Yahoo web search can have significant meaning. Helpful additions that could aide a user in narrowing down thousands of possible results are the plus or minus sign. A searcher who is interested in a Tiffany lamp would want to put a plus sign between the words Tiffany and lamp. This will avoid having to sort through multiple pages about jewelry or ordinary household lighting. The minus sign can help generate more specific results as well. An auto aficionado who is not a fan of the Ford Mustang might be best served by choosing the words "car-Mustang." This will bring in hits on web sites that do not refer to that particular sports car. This type of searching is called Boolean.

Words such as "or" can be used to similar effect. If more than one topic is of interest, the word "or" in all capitals will reflect that. When searching for a phrase in which the word order is important, such as information on a literary quotation, placing quotation marks around the entire phrase will locate that information quickly. When a researcher is utilizing a Yahoo search engine and they are interested in locating web sites that have a specific word, such as "cat", in the URL address, simply entering "inurl:cat" will produce such sites. Other shortcuts could include entering key words such as "weather" used in conjunction with the name of the city in need of a forecast. The same is true for words like "map" and "news." A simple zip code will pull up yellow page listings for that area. The word "define" will yield dictionary web sites.

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