Music Education

A music education can include a bachelor's, master's or doctorate in various areas within the field leading to teaching careers in all levels of schooling. Whether the area is vocal or instrumental, a music education degree will allow an individual to pass on a knowledge and passion for this great art. Graduates can teach any level of music, give private lessons, or lead a band or orchestra. It all depends on what specific goal the student has in mind for their higher learning in this field.

There are many benefits to getting involved in this beloved art form. Music education will allow students to find a unique contribution to society. Studies have shown that this field can help a public school student succeed scholastically in other areas, including math and verbal skills. The creative and artistic nature can boost IQ scores and can give students greater enjoyment and relaxation throughout their lives. Graduates can just imagine how they will touch students lives by becoming teachers. They will not be merely imparting knowledge to students, but giving them skills and abilities that will transport them to put deeper level of gratification for a music education.

It is a joy for teachers of orchestra and band classes to open the doors to a classroom and enter to find 20 or 30 student, each holding an instrument. Other graduates start a career teaching private lessons, getting personally involved with students. Then there are other whose music education degree will lead them to the college campus where they help coeds in their vocal and instrumental studies. The graduate's goal maybe to work in this field at a church or other volunteer organization. Or perhaps the goal is just to enrich their music education by getting a bachelor's or master's.

Every student should have the opportunity of learning all about this amazing and beautiful art at the preschool, elementary, and high school level. It is tragic when schools and communities cannot find qualified and dedicated teachers. That's why a music education degree is so important. Anyone can earn a bachelors, Masters, or even a doctorate in a music education degree. Each person will enjoy courses in music theory and appreciation. They will also have the opportunity of taking individualized instruction in the instrument of their choice. It is a joy to be involved in a such a special art form. Every student should use their talents to praise God. "Praise the LORD with harp: sing unto him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings" (Psalm 33:2).

A church music degree can help a person not only fulfill career goals, but also ministry and personal goals through a bachelor's or master's from an accredited college. Anyone can imagine how much more effective a ministry with children's choirs could be with the right tools at one's disposal. They can also think of how much more confident a leader would feel when leading an ensemble with the knowledge of musical theory and worshipping. Church music degrees can broaden a person's knowledge so that he will be able to select songs that fit in with his congregation's worship. A degree can also help directors expand a congregation's musical repertoire.

Whether a person is interested in musical worship because that is their career field choice or because they want to enlarge the effectiveness of their current worship ministry, a bachelor's or master's will help. Church music degrees can also help students develop the talents God has given them in a particular instrument or in voice. Most colleges provide opportunities to be part of an ensemble while pursuing a church music degree.

Many of the institutions of higher learning that offer a program in church music will not only help students achieve exemplary work in performance arts, but they also provide excellence in academic training. Both are necessary to receive a well-rounded and effective college training in church music degrees. While earning in a program, students will learn how to integrate Scripture principles, biblical texts, and practical application of singing and musical instruments to the worship.

Some of the subject areas in this field are conducting, worship songs, history of hymns, hymnology, and voice and instrumental methods. Higher education institutions that offer the church music degree also provide the opportunity to specialize in areas such as musical business, philosophy, education, and theory. Classes and performance opportunities are available in both voice and instrumentals in a program.

Musical worship is an essential component to the richness of faith. Without it, our hearts would not be touched as deeply with the words of our Lord. Without music, we would feel dissatisfied and unconnected to each other. But with it, we feel a part of the whole ministry to the church. We learn how to praise and to pray with joy. Students shouldn't delay the decision to earn a higher education. They should go right now and investigate the many avenues toward church music degrees and see how God will use their talents in the music field to help lift up many hearts. "Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart" (Psalm 37:4).

Social Work Degree

Social work degrees and the people who attain them can make a vital difference to the lives of adults and children who need help. The reason that people who receive this higher education career path are highly sought after is because they are a great asset to the mental health field. Sadly, our society has been deteriorating and a lot more professionals have had to be called in to help with various situations. Thankfully, people are receiving the proper training through a social work degree and are able to help the people who struggle and are in need of mental health expertise. How awesome to become equipped and help someone who is hurting through the skills attained when pursuing higher education.

There are many scenarios where a social work degree can be put to work. For instance, child abuse is relatively high in our society and many cases go unreported. However, those cases that are looked into need the expertise and guidance from mental health professionals. They can offer those who struggle with parenting skills and teach them how to love properly and raise children in the right ways. In turn, children can be removed from unsafe homes and put into safer environments where they no longer have to feel afraid. This is a tough job, but those with social work degrees can make a difference and be a hero to a hurting parent and/or child.

Another case where people with social work degrees make a big difference is through drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. People who have received the proper training can be assist those who have addictions in these areas. Social workers can offer counseling and help construct a recovery program to get the addict back on the right track and begin restoring his life. If these struggling people are parents, they can work with their social worker to begin taking parenting classes and learn how to raise a child properly.

Having a social work degree can be rewarding, but the career fields that require them are not easy. Many programs offer the training and proper skills needed to do these jobs successfully. If one knows they want to work with people who are hurting, consider working toward this type of career path today. Romans 15:1 exhorts us, "We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves." This career path can be the key that unlocks a door to a ministry the Lord wants one to pursue. Check into schools that offer social work degrees and talk with admission counselors about their programs.

Social work degrees online can allow a graduate to become a social worker, a person employed in the administration of service, charity, state funded welfare, shelters, advocacy organizations, and religious outreach programs. Studies in this field teach students the value of providing help, advice and resource avenues to those that otherwise would have no way of obtaining this information. These studies are provided by any college that has a human services or psychology department within their institution. A desire to help others is strongly recommended for those entering this field.

Social work degrees online offer an adult learner the opportunity to advance their education for a worthy humanitarian cause and still accomplish their work and family responsibilities. Online studies make returning to school a viable option for many older adults. Some enroll in a social work degree online program to re-educate themselves for a new career, while others enroll for pure personal and professional growth. In order for individuals to function in this society, they must be able to live successfully, fulfilling and financially independent lives. Unfortunately because of dysfunctional or abusive parenting, an individual may never have learned how to accomplish that goal.

Many Christians find it natural to train in a humanitarian field and earn a Bachelor's or Master's. Compassion and mercy are key characteristic traits in a Christian's life. "Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous" (1 Peter 3:8). Allowing themselves to become educated in social work degrees online programs enables Christians to practice what they preach. Many Christians receive financial and emotional support from their congregations to earn social work degrees online. Such studies are similar to Community service and Human services studies. They qualify a graduate to become employed in the Department of Social Welfare usually supported by the state or county tax revenue. A degree in psychology is also helpful when interacting with people in this type of setting.

There are many diverse career opportunities for a graduate of a social work degree online program. They include, but are not limited to, mental health team members, state sociology workers, clinical sociology workers, case management, community organizations, community development departments, unemployment offices, and general counseling or mental health therapy. The job of a social work degree online graduate is to help individuals, families, and communities become self-sufficient and productive members of society, who will in turn teach and train others to do the same. Typically in order to work for a state or government sponsored department, a bachelor social work degree online is needed.

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