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Frames Of The Tabernacle
Exodus 26:15-29

The Frames Of The Tabernacle Bible scriptures located in Exodus 26:15-29 explains directly from God's Word the Frames Of The Tabernacle topic.

Exodus 26:15  And thou shalt make boards for the tabernacle of shittim wood standing up.
Exodus 26:16  Ten cubits shall be the length of a board, and a cubit and a half shall be the breadth of one board.
Exodus 26:17  Two tenons shall there be in one board, set in order one against another: thus shalt thou make for all the boards of the tabernacle.
Exodus 26:18  And thou shalt make the boards for the tabernacle, twenty boards on the south side southward.
Exodus 26:19  And thou shalt make forty sockets of silver under the twenty boards; two sockets under one board for his two tenons, and two sockets under another board for his two tenons.
Exodus 26:20  And for the second side of the tabernacle on the north side there shall be twenty boards:
Exodus 26:21  And their forty sockets of silver; two sockets under one board, and two sockets under another board.
Exodus 26:22  And for the sides of the tabernacle westward thou shalt make six boards.
Exodus 26:23  And two boards shalt thou make for the corners of the tabernacle in the two sides.
Exodus 26:24  And they shall be coupled together beneath, and they shall be coupled together above the head of it unto one ring: thus shall it be for them both; they shall be for the two corners.
Exodus 26:25  And they shall be eight boards, and their sockets of silver, sixteen sockets; two sockets under one board, and two sockets under another board.
Exodus 26:26  And thou shalt make bars of shittim wood; five for the boards of the one side of the tabernacle,
Exodus 26:27  And five bars for the boards of the other side of the tabernacle, and five bars for the boards of the side of the tabernacle, for the two sides westward.
Exodus 26:28  And the middle bar in the midst of the boards shall reach from end to end.
Exodus 26:29  And thou shalt overlay the boards with gold, and make their rings of gold for places for the bars: and thou shalt overlay the bars with gold.

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